5 Least Viewed OUAT episodes (so far) of the Entire Series

We love Once Upon a Time, but not all episodes are going to be stellar. We dug down and found the bottom 5 of the episodes (Of all the seasons so far) that had the fewest viewer numbers. Buckle up, Oncers this will be a bumpy ride.


Here we go:

5. 4X17 “Best Laid Plans” U.S. Viewers 5.48


4. 4X21 “Mother” U.S. Viewers 5.31


3. 4X20 “Lily” U.S. Viewers 5.21


2. 4X18 “Heart of Gold” U.S. Viewers 5.17


1. 4X19 “Sympathy for the De Vil” U.S Viewers 5.12


Note: We got our information from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Once_Upon_a_Time_episodes

Were you surprised at any of the episodes listed? What do you think of the list?

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OUAT Cast Movie/TV Connection Quiz 08.20.15

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What is the Movie/TV Connection does Ginnifer Goodwin and Julia Roberts have?


Let us know in the comments below! :)

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Do you have an OUAT Tatoo?

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Once Upon a Time features a number of characters with tattoos.

Robin Hood






We all love the show, but has the show caused you to want to add a tattoo from or influenced by the show?

If so, tell us about it (them) and (if you can) add a link to the photo of it (them). Note: We cannot allow uploading of images to comments, sorry. Family Friendly Tattoos only, please.

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Cool D23 OUAT Cosplay Fun

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The OC Register featured great photos of D23 including some cool cosplayers like Kit Quinn, and Michelle Gaetzz!


I found Michelle from this cool DIY Emma Dark One knife she was getting ready for D23!

also there was more OUAT characters to be seen as well! Check out @reiniside @malerie_mcd and @Regal_Con_L



There was even an @OUATSpoof concert outside! (Note: Ace (@Notoriace)is a very, very, very lucky man!)

Emmas (including Erin (@erinstegeman))! Note: The costumes are phenomenal (:whispers: Stilettos). I give them a 10, 2 thumbs up, 5 Emma’s ‘Really???’, whatever. :)

Get Regina (@AmieeConn) water (or something on the rocks) – stat!

HEY! Keep an eye on @OUATSpoof they will be premiering their Rock Opera in LA soon! Stay Tuned to @OUATSpoof for all the info – and the high heels. :)

Let’s give all these Cosplayers some #BigLove and massive respect. They keep #OUAT and creativity alive. What you think about all the creative ways OUAT fans express themselves in creative ways? What about you?

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What TV Connection Does Lana Parrilla and Jorge Garcia Have?

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What TV Connection Does Lana Parrilla and Jorge Garcia Have?


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