[Corrected File] DisneyOnceAgain – Cinderella (1950) – 237



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Note: The volume issue with the episode has been corrected.

Podcast Episode 237

Show notes can be found at:


Disney Once Again notes:


Beginning another book – Once Upon a Time

Step Mother – cold


More multi plane camera goodness

Connection, talking and interaction with animals

If you tell a wish, it won’t come true

Have faith in your dream.

As long as you keep believing, the dream that you wish will come true.

You can change your life by believing in a secret dream.

They can’t order me to stop dreaming.

Another instance of animals helping her clean and get ready for the day. Singing as she takes a shower.

Cinderella is kind to the animals.

Jack has a creepy voice.

The animation is more cartoonish, and less like a panting come to life (Like Snow White).

LUcifer the cat. Funny.

Bruno dreaming.

Cinderella tries to find the good in people and cats.

Snow White and Cinderella wears Danish shoes.

Cinderella takes care of the family in the house and feeds all the animals.

Lucifer was like a king. Licking the milk one drop of a time.

We care about mice, instead of wanting to get rid of them.

At Disneyland, Cinderella doesn’t have a ride or attraction, but the castle yes.

“Close the door, Cinderella,” When a boss tells you to close the door, is never a good thing

The step-sisters ringing bells and calling Cinderella.

Lucifer deserved those awful step-sisters “practicing”

What a great scene fading into Cinderella singing the song.



I love the mice making the dress, but can they put Blu Rays back in the right case?

The sash looked like toilet paper




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LOFGR 03 Tour of Tips and Tricks of playing Legends of Frontierland





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Trading Post




Start here, Lease property. Lease property early in the day (its cheaper).


Telegraph Station


Crack codes, deliver messages, get other tasks to do for bits


Golden Horseshoe


Remember, some activities happen out in front of the GH



Talent Agency. Mostly drawing, but you can get creative, too.


Card Games. It’s like the game ‘War’ to make (or lose) bits.


Sheriff Office/Jail




Depending on current rules) Pay for and make Wanted posters, apprehend ‘crimnals’, play Rock/Paper/Scissors and either send the criminal to jail or you spend time in jail, meet Willum or others there for tasks you will need to complete.


LB Elixir Cart (Across from the Golden Horseshoe)



Buy elixirs, maybe get a story, song or a bit for doing so.




Nothing happens here, except people sit down and eat here.


Big Thunder Ranch Petting Zoo



See the Mascot’s for Rainbow Ridgers and Forntierlanders


In front of the Shooting Gallery


DisneyOnceAgain – Alice in Wonderland (1951) – 236

Alice in Wonderland (1951)


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Podcast Episode 236

Show notes can be found at:


Disney Once Again notes:

To follow

mad hatter tea party



Thanks to Al and Joyce from the Tales from the Mouse House podcast for their thoughts about Alice in Wonderland



We mentioned the fabulous Disney Story Origins Podcast during this episode. Check out this great podcast for the real story behind the Disney films.



LOFGR 02 Getting Started in Legends of Frontierland



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Where to Start


We started at the Trading Post (Which actually isn’t in the Trading Post store. Listen to the podcast episode find out where it is), but initially only Frontierlanders were to start there. Raindow Ridgers were supposed to start at the Hideout (What’s at the Hideout? Listen to the podcast episode and find out).

Here are the Main locations (On the Map);
Trading Post
Golden Horseshoe (Inside and out front, too)
Telegraph Station
Sheriff Office/Jail
The Hideout

Locations not on the Map;
Shooting Gallery
Big Thunder Petting Zoo

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DisneyOnceAgain – Pinocchio (1940) – 235



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Podcast Episode 235

Show notes can be found at:


Disney Once Again notes:

So many Classic songs and music.

“When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you

If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do”

Wishes give an ordinary person the opportunity to be special. A wish can make everyone special.

Another beginning with a book. It begins with “Once night a long time ago…”

The “fly down” to Geppetto’s window was dark and murky, but there was another fly down coming.

Geppetto treated Pinocchio like his son. Geppetto also cared for all of his creations like his children, too. Geppetto’s “world” was created from wood, gears, etc.

The water effect (Even seeing Pinocchio walking through Cleo’s fishbowl) was incredible.


The clocks shows violence, drunkeness, spanking, etc.

Figaro was jealous of Pinocchio, like Tinkerbell was of Wendy.

Geppetto was smoking in bed.

Geppetto’s Wish was that Pinocchio to be a real boy. Jiminy initially had not faith/belief in Geppetto’s wish “What a lovely thought, but not practical”.

When Jiminy screamed for everything to be quite, he stopped all the clocks. No one will wake up on time.

The Blue Fairy (partially granted) Wish #1 – She gave Pinocchio life, but didn’t make him a real boy, yet.

The Blue Fairy told Pinocchio to be “Brave, Truthful and Unselfish”

I want to thank Todd and Kristen from the Walt Sent Me Podcast for their thoughts on Pinocchio. Please check out their podcast



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