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Thank you for not only listening to our show, but wanting to take the next step and spread the word about our podcast and blog.

Some concepts that will help you;

Even though this is called the “Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast”, this is not just merely for ‘Once Upon a Time’ TV show fans, many groups of people with other interests will intersect with our podcast, for instance;

Disney enthusiasts,
Lost TV show enthusiasts,
Fairy Tale lovers,
TV podcast listeners,
Romance novel enthusiasts,
Fiction writers,
Sci/Fi and or Fantasy fans,
Cosplay enthusiasts,
Fan Fiction writers,
even religious folks,
(and as we’ve seen) Crafters and Knitters, etc.

In a way, you can look at OUAT through a “microscope” and see the groups that could possibly find a connection to our podcast about the show.

Now, we know what many, many new listeners like, the next question is where to find them and how to let them know about our podcast.

Step One: Share the Podcast where you go. It’s fairly obvious that if you like something, there is a strong possibility that people that you gravitate to will like it, as well. So, were do you hang out online? Where do you communicate with friends or make new ones online?

Now, what kinds of places am I talking about?

Niche Social Media sites ( (Facebook for Knitters), for example)
MySpace (Don’t laugh, people still go there), etc.

However and Whenever you can, share with people that you listen to and enjoy our podcast and visit our blog.

Here are some ideas;
Note: I am aware that some of our listeners have their own podcast and/or blog they promote, but if you have no blog or podcast, consider incorporating these ideas:
Signature lines of your email (My fav TV podcast is, or I love the OUAT Blog:,
Signature line of your forum profile,
Twitter profile,
Facebook info section, etc.

Step Two: Tweet what you are doing.

Try to incorporate reminders that you are listening to an episode of the OUAT Fan Podcast, like this;

I’m listening to the latest ep of #OUAT Fan Podcast: (shortened link).

Note: Everytime I post a new podcast episode and blog post, I sent out a Tweet about it. Straight RTs of these are awesome, and some listeners do. I really appreciate it. I’d like to see more RTs see it happen consistently. You can also change my Tweet to “I’m listening to…” variation.

Now, that takes care of your followers, but how would get a Tweet in front of the eyeballs of thousands (maybe millions) of people that are fans of OUAT, but may not follow you or me – hashtags.

A hashtag is a word of phrase with a pound sign (#) in front of it. What makes this powerful is that when a group of fans use a hashtag (like, #onceuponatime #oncers or others), Tweets that normally only get seen by your or my followers, get seen by followers that follow the hashtag. It’s the difference between screaming into a megaphone at Disneyland and talking into the PA system for the whole park to hear. Begin to watch other people you follow that enjoy Disney and/or OUAT and see what hashtags they use, and begin to incorporate them into your RTs of OUAT Fan Podcast Tweets.

Step Three: Evangelize Podcasting. I’ll be there are people that you know that love watching OUAT, but don’t know (and may even not care (until you teach them)) about podcasts. Even though just about everyone has a podcast, not everyone knows what a podcast is, or how to listen to one. I try to make it easy by putting a play button on the post of the podcast, but even then it still may be hard for people to understand. Please try these two methods;

1. Share this Podcasting and Cookies post with them: . This post explains the pieces of podcasting/blogging by using the metaphor of cookies, and
2. What them through the process. You were once new to this podcasting thing, so think back and help them jump over the hurdles that maybe you didn’t understand to get newbies to where you are now. Thanks.

Step Three: ReTweeting anything about our Blog, Podcast or anything about our site is HUGELY important to spreading the word and taking our podcast/blog/forum to the next level. Please ReTweet our Tweets. We REALLY appreciate it. Thanks.

Step Four: Create your own tweets about what we do here. Here are some links you can paste into Twitter to let people know about all the cool things we have here. Note: you may also want to use the url shortener in your Twitter client to make more room for #hashtags. This list is a help, so you don’t have to go to that page or section and find the link: Our OUAT Fan Blog Our OUAT Forum Our Survey Our Amazon Store Caitlin interview
or Caitlin interview Our Live Show page Our Storybrooke Street Map page Our Storybrooke Street Map page Christine K interview

We’ll stop there for now, but I will add more in the future. Thanks so much for spreading the word about the OUAT Fan Podcast.

1 thought on “Help Promote Us

  1. Maid Maleen

    Thanks for the tutorial on twitter. I have no idea what I am doing on there and only have 7 followers and most of them are OUAT pc friends anyway. But I will try.


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