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3X01 The Heart of the Truest Believer – First Thoughts




2X22 And Straight On Til Morning – Further Thoughts


Jeff does a quick wrap up show playing and discussing voicemails from Brad and Wayne (Thanks guys), and discussing emails (see below);




I have been listening to your show from the beginning but have never wrote in. And I wanted to share my thoughts about the second season.

I have to admit I was a little let down by the finale, in fact by the entire season. I feel like the show has lost its ‘fairlytaleness’, if that makes sense. The reason why I fell in love with the show was because of the retelling of fairy tales. This season however focused more on the back story of the characters rather than the well-known fairy tales, which is great but doesn’t have the ‘season 1 feeling’.

Anyway, love the podcast and hope for many more episodes.



PS. This is totally random but I have just watched ‘The world is not enough’, the James Bond movie. I realized that Robert Carlyle plays the villain! Can he be any more awesome?


Hi Jeff & Colleen, it looks like this will be the final “Things I Learned” until next season 🙁

So here it goes

#1. David throws an awesome punch!
#2. Gold is willing to pay the price of magic
#3. Never trust a pirate
#4. “I will see you again” is the new “I will find you”
#5. Your shadow can be riiiiiiiped from you body
#6. Granny’s babysitting skills are a little over the top
#7. Peter Pan knows the Island better than Hook
#8. There is a curse of the mermaids
#9. David is not Hook’s mate
#10. Gold’s definition of spending time with his grandson is a little
#11. Greg and Tamara have no idea who commands them
#12. A dwarf pick axe can activate a fail safe
#13. The public library will be opening soon
#14. An angry David may shoot you in the face
#15. The Lost boys look like lost men
#16. It’s not looting if the stuff you find is already yours
#17. Once you get your bearings, sailing is as easy as pie
#18. You don’t leave family behind
#19. Those who disobey the captain must walk the plank and pray the
mermaids take pity on their souls
#20. Neverland has a blue mist surrounding it
#21. Hook is just like Rumpelstiltskin
#22. Henry changes everything
#23. Emma will track Greg and Tamara to hell if she has to
#24. The town is no longer safe
#25. Peter pan never fails

Have a wonderful summer and enjoy the movies, weather and time off. I love you guys!

P.S. Give Lady a treat for me



What I want to see in season three is Belle character developed more that’s why I like that Belle didn’t go on the boat because I want to see her protect the town and the other fairytale characters that are there like the protect spell worked but there a evil there that connect to Neverland that they have to fight and the Blue Fairy do a spell that can connect them to main caharcters that went to Neverland to save Henry I want to see Rumple bring out the good in hisself on his own instead having Belle and Nealfire bring it out of him want to see Snow and Regina talk it out because even though I’m a Regina fan I think she owe Snow more than Snow owe her want to see Rumple and Regina teach Emma about her magic I want to see how Mulan and Auorua save Prince Phillip it be even cool if they were in Neverland on the other side and have Nealfire fight to get back to Emma and Henry because I want to see Nealfire fight and earn back Emma love and trust so no I don’t want and Emma and Hook hook up even though they have chemistry I would like to see Hook and Regina hook up because they both watch theirs true love died right in front of their eyes they both wanted revenge against the person who took theirs true love away from them even though Hook blame the right person which was Rumple but Regina blame the wrong person Snow and should’ve blame her mother I would like to see Emma call her parents Mom and Dad without her even realize she doing it more Emma and Charming bonding scenes it be cool to see Charming teaching her more on how to fight with a sword and I really want a villian who just a villian so I don’t want Peter Pan to be just villian but someone who truly evil pulling the strings to make Peter Pan a villian want to see Blue Fairy back story also want to see who taught Snow how to shoot arrows and fight we know Red taught her how track and I’m assume how to hunt who wrote the book how Regina got Henry and I want to see Henry have friends his own age that want to fight evil see Mulan backstory and have Mulan have her own true love because she did in the movie hope we have storybrooke and neverland then I do want to see flashback fairyland because I want to see what Regina was doing before she enact the curse see the days leading up to Emma birth and curse being enact I mean we saw how they took back the kingdom but I want to see what they were doing when Snow got pregnant and I hope in season three finale doesn’t have anything to do with Henry



Here is the Snow White and Prince Charming Facebook Page I was talking about: