Once Upon a Time Foods

Once Upon a Time Foods; Magical Edible Goodies in OUAT

Once Upon a Time foods are often over-looked in ABC TV’s Fairy Tale drama, Once Upon a Time. Whatever magical land our storybook characters find themselves in, they must get hungry. Especially in Storybrooke, we find many foods mentioned in the show.

Can you remember them all? We will list out as many as possible here. If we left some off of our list, be sure to let us know in the comments below. We want to make this the most comprehensive list of all Once Upon a Time foods anywhere.

On this list, we will strictly stick to those foods seen, served or mentioned in Storybrooke. We will (try as best as we can) mention the episode that the particular food was in as well. All this talk about food is making me hungry, what about you?

Once Upon a Time Foods

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

In OUAT episode 4X14 “Unforgiven” Charming runs into Hook and Emma going to Granny’s for a ‘Grilled Cheese’, but Charming pleads with her to help him stop Ursula and Cruella and their dastardly deeds.

I enjoy a good grilled cheese sandwich now and then. My favorite cheese is Swiss cheese. The pairing I enjoy most is a Grilled Cheese sandwich and a good Tomato soup. Good stuff. It would even be better with the cast of Once Upon a Time. Just sayin’

Grilled Cheese sandwich fun facts: (via http://mobile-cuisine.com/did-you-know/grilled-cheese-fun-facts/)

  • April 12th is National Grilled Cheese Day.
  • April is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month.
  • The actual term “grilled cheese” doesn’t make an appearance in print until the 1960’s. Before then it was all “melted cheese” or “toasted cheese” sandwiches.
  • The most popular additions to a grilled cheese sandwich are bacon, ham and tomato.

Onion Rings

In OUAT episode 4X13 “Unforgiven”, OUAT episode 5X01 “The Dark Swan”, OUAT episode 5X06 “The Bear and the Bow” and OUAT episode 5X08 “Birth”, Onion Rings were mentioned.

Sure, I love french fries but Onion Rings “ups the ante” with a crunchy outer shell covering a vegetable. A vegetable. That’s healthy, right?

My favorite place to get Onion Rings is Red Robin. It’s not just two or three, but a TOWER of Onion Rings. Granny, you might want to try this at the diner.

Onion Rings fun facts: (via http://mobile-cuisine.com/did-you-know/onion-ring-fun-facts/)

  • June 22nd is National Onion Ring Day.
  • The first recipe for Onion Rings was a Crisco ad in a 1933 issue of the New York Times Magazine.
  • A&W is credited with popularizing the onion rings in fast food restaurants, introducing it to its menu in the 1960s.
  • Eating parsley will help get rid of onion breath.

Once Upon a Time Foods

Our journey finding more Once Upon a Time foods continues, but this next one can be dangerous.

Apples, Apple Turnovers and Apple Pie

Apples have been mentioned, seen, used throughout this series. Here are two examples;

Famous Regina monologue scene about apples from the OUAT episode 1X02 “The Thing You Love Most”

Shocking Apple turnover scene in OUAT episode 1X21 “An Apple Red as Blood”

The Evil Queen likes Apple Pie best

I used to eat only Red Delicious apples, but Costco helped me expand my horizons to other types like;
Sweet Tango

Apple fun facts:

There are many more Once Upon a Time foods for us to discover, let’s continue –

Rocky Road Ice Cream

When I eat ice cream, I enjoy ice creams like Rocky Road, because it has stuff in it. Not only did it include Chocolate Ice Cream, but it included nuts (originally it was Almonds, but now it’s usually Walnuts) and then diced Marshmallows. The only tweak I would suggest is peanut butter instead of Walnuts. I can’t help it – I love Peanut Butter.

What kind of Ice Cream do you like?

Remember the Snow Queen serving Rocky Road Ice Cream in OUAT episode 4X03 “Rocky Road”?

Ice Cream fun facts:

Bear Claw (Donuts)

When I enjoy a donut, it usually is a Bear Claw. Bear Claws are normally the size of 2 donuts, so that’s always great. Unfortunately, getting healthier meant saying goodbye to donuts and Bear Claws, so I will now give all my Bear Claws to Emma. 🙂

Do you remember when Graham brought Emma Bear Claws in the episode “The Shepherd” 1X06? Back then I thought that it was a clue that they would introduce characters representing the Three Bears, but I was wrong.

It would be years til we would be presented “The Bear and The Bow” episode. That’s the only Bear we would get.

Donut Fun facts:

Let’s continue our trek to find more Once Upon a Time foods –


On of the more funny and awkward moments in Once Upon a Time (“The Cricket Game” 2X10) was when Emma and Henry (with all the fixings to make tacos) came into Mary Margaret’s apartment to find Snow and Charming (as Charming try to explain to Henry) helping each other to rest.

Later, Emma brings Tacos to the Welcome Home party at Granny’s in “The Cricket Game” 2X10

Taco Fun facts:

  • October 4th is National Taco Day.
  • Ensenada, Mexico is said to be the birthplace of the fish taco.
  • One of the first taco trucks is thought to have started in New York when in 1966 two New York housewives operated an early version of the taco truck. Although the truck did not have a full kitchen, it was available for catering.
  • Tacos predate the Europeans in Mexico and were discovered to be the food of choice by the indigenous folk in the Valley of Mexico. Obviously the Spanish wanted to stake their claim on such fine fare, and dubbed them “tacos.”
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Hamburger and Fries

One of the coolest things in Once Upon a Time Season 1 and 2 was when the storybook characters were introduced to things in our present day. For instance, on Belle’s and Mr. Gold’s first “date” at Granny’s (“The Crocodile” 2X04), Belle had her first hamburger and fries.

Hamburger Fun facts:

  • May 28th is National Hamburger Day
  • 60% of sandwiches sold globally are actually burgers.
  • Hamburgers are also known by the name “Liberty Sandwich”. This name was introduced by American soldiers during WWI because they wanted to avoid any German name.
  • McDonald’s holds the record of selling 300 billion burgers till date. The company sells 75 or more burgers every second.

Lasagna (with and without Pepper Flakes)

Regina brings her Lasagna (with Red Pepper Flakes) to the Welcome Home party at Granny’s in “The Cricket Game” 2X10

Regina served Lasagna to Kurt Flynn and Owen in “Welcome to Storybrooke” 2X17

Regina using her Lasagna to bribe Mr. Hyde in “The Other Shoe” 6X03

Unfortunately, it is said that Granny’s lasagna isn’t quite as good as Regina’s. Maybe Granny should add some Red Pepper Flakes.

Once Upon a Time Foods

Our journey to discover more Once Upon a Time foods continues –

Meat Pie

Remember when Zelena served Rumpel Meat Pie in “It’s Not Easy Being Green” 3X16? He mentioned the Spinsters used to serve it to him when he was a boy.

Meat Pie Description:

The beginnings of the meat pie can be traced back to the Neolithic Period, around 9500 BC. The ancient Egyptians’ diet featured basic pies made from oat, wheat, rye, and barley, and filled with honey and baked over hot coals.[3]

These pies were eventually adopted by the Greeks, and it is there that a flour-water paste substance closely resembling pie pastry was created and was first filled with meat.[4] In Greece, these pies were usually fried or cooked under coals. The Romans, tasting the delicacy from the Greeks, incorporated it into their own diet with little changes. According to the records kept by the wealthy, Romans used a variety of meats, oysters, mussels, lampreys, and fish as filling and a mixture of flour, oil, and water to keep it in. This ‘pastry’ cover was not meant to be eaten and was thrown away.[5]

In combination with the spread of Roman roads, the invading crusaders encountered the dish and brought the recipes to Medieval Europe. In Northern Europe, cooks created the pastry using fats like lard and butter to make a stiff dough to hold an upright pie.[6] These medieval pastry dishes were called “coffins/coffyns”, which means a basket or box. According to Janet Clarkson in Pie: A Global History, the “coffins” were: Read more about Meat Pie

There is more Once Upon a Time foods to discover –

Chili (without beans)

Charming buys chili (without beans) for the dwarves as they dig in the underground caves in “Lacey” 2X19.

Chili Fun facts:

  • February 23rd is National Chili Day
  • Chilis most commonly used are jalapeno, serrano, poblano, yellow wax, birds eye, habanero, and cayenne.
  • Chili peppers were used in ancient cuisines in Europe, the Caribbean, Asia, and the Middle East.
  • A number of variations of chili have become popularized over the years. Texas-style chili doesn’t contain beans; vegetarian chili (aka chili sin carne) typically replaces meat with corn and other vegetables; chili Verde uses pork, tomatillos and green chili peppers in lieu of beef and tomatoes; and white chili uses white beans and chicken or turkey.

Did we miss any Once Upon a Time foods? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks

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