OUAT – What is ZOSO? We have some ideas.

So, Rumpelstiltskin steals the mysterious dagger with the “true” name of “the Dark One,” on it which was ZOSO.

When I first saw ZOSO, the first thing that came to my head was Led Zeppelin 4, which is also called “the Runes album,” or also “ZOSO” because of some mysterious Rune-ish symbols on it.

However, also on the album cover, there is also a robed man carrying a lantern, carrying a staff, as well. To me, he looks a bit like pre-Dark powered Rumpel (because once he got the dark power, he no longer needed the staff to walk). Just sayin’

16 thoughts on “OUAT – What is ZOSO? We have some ideas.

  1. Manny

    Ok,…. Had this theory back in the “Pilot” ep’ when we were all looking up the character’s name reference to their Fairytale Land existance. When looking up Emma Swan it linked to an author by the name of Emma Swan Hall who wrote about the ancient Egyptian Goddess “Nuit or Nut” pronounced Newt, The Sky Goddess, mother of Ra the sungod, sister & wife to Geb the Earth god. The protector of the dead as they enter the afterlife, protector of “CHILDREN” and the goddess of childbirth. Her sign is the “STAR”. Nuit is also the barrier separating the forces of Chaos from the ordered Cosmos in the world. She is usually depicted as a naked woman who is covered with “stars” and is arching on all fours over Geb, the Earth god…… BUT!, this was not a fairytale, so in the trash it went!
    Then!… the writers bring King Midas and Greek Mythology into the mix… not a fairytale! So,..wth?
    Then!… Sunday they bring “ZOSO” into it on Jimmy Pages Bday….”?” tribute?, like Mary says above? Maybe, I hope so!…. b/c OUAT dealing with BlackMagic and all… and Led Zeppelin being charged in the media for ALLEGEDLY practicing BlackMagic for years is just going to start up all of the “Aleister Crowley” crap all over again. Then after rehashing it with friends last night, they had reminded me that Crowley often worshiped the Skygoddess “Nuit” and even named his first born, a daughter, Nuit……”?” So we come full circle again with Emma;
    B-day Cupcake complete with “Star” candles
    Wears a large “Star” keychain
    Runs around half naked occasionally
    Protector of children
    Is the barrier between Chaos and the ordered Cosmos in the world.

    SO!?…………………………… i know, it’s a stretch, right? (NOT!)

    1. anina

      i like your train of thought. i don’t know all of these people/theories you talked about, but sounds convincing yea. i bet they used some of those ideas to put her character together….

    2. Aud

      Sorry, the meaning of Emma’s name is a reference to the “Ugly Duckling” tale, as confirmed by the writers of the show. This is the tale in which an ugly duckling that is rejected by its peers grows up to become a beautiful swan. It fits given where Emma started, abandoned and in foster care, and where she is now: a grown, beautiful, self-sufficient woman. Your theory was still pretty cool though, and kudos for the research.

  2. Vickie

    Zoso (or zozo) is also the name of a demon that is said to inhabit the oujia board and be very nasty. He is said to make deals under false pretenses too….

  3. Chris

    I immediately thought of the Greek work “Sozo” which is found in the New Testament. “Sozo” is the word Christ uses when he says that the evil one “has come to steal, kill and destroy but I have come that you might have LIFE (Sozo)”. Sozo means to have life healing and protection from evil. I thought Zoso to be a backward rendering of that word…the opposite of life and health.

    The Zepplin catch is more likely but possibly connected?

  4. Luchsia

    The robed man on the album cover is the Hermit, number IX of the Major Arcana in the Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck (the most traditional deck).

    Jimmy Page was inspired by the work of Aleister Crowley and was very into the occult. Zoso is definitely an occult symbol and Page insisted that it wasn’t the letters Z O S O, just symbols that looked very similar. I think some of what others have said is likely true about Saturn or otherwise. The important thing though, is that Page’s practice was inspired by Aleister Crowley. You know the one. MISTAH CROWLEY (what went on in your head).


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