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How many weddings have we seen in Once Upon a Time?

After 4 seasons, we have see many amazing things, but how many weddings have we seen in Once Upon a Time?

In the Pilot episode (01X01), we saw the now famous Snow and Charming wedding


In “Heroes and Villains (04X12)”, we see Elsa walk Anna to the ceremony to marry Kristoff


In “Mother (04X20)” we see an anonymous wedding on the Queen’s land. That doesn’t end well, I’m afraid.


In “There’s No Place Like Home (03X22)” we (finally) see the wedding of Rumple and Belle. It was also nice to see Archie officiating the ceremony.


Now, I’ve left a few out of this list. Help us out and leave the other wedding ceremonies that we’ve seen as a comment below.

5 Least Viewed OUAT episodes (so far) of the Entire Series

We love Once Upon a Time, but not all episodes are going to be stellar. We dug down and found the bottom 5 of the episodes (of all the seasons so far) that had the fewest viewer numbers. Buckle up, Oncers this will be a bumpy ride.


Here we go:

5. 4X17 “Best Laid Plans” U.S. Viewers 5.48


4. 4X21 “Mother” U.S. Viewers 5.31


3. 4X20 “Lily” U.S. Viewers 5.21


 If you know someone who is new to Once Upon a Time, let them know about our OUAT for Beginners Guide  

2. 4X18 “Heart of Gold” U.S. Viewers 5.17


1. 4X19 “Sympathy for the De Vil” U.S Viewers 5.12


Note: We got our information from

Were you surprised at any of the episodes listed? What do you think of the list?

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Do you have an OUAT Tatoo?

Once Upon a Time features a number of characters with tattoos.

Robin Hood






We all love the show, but has the show caused you to want to add a tattoo from or influenced by the show?

If so, tell us about it (them) and (if you can) add a link to the photo of it (them). Note: We cannot allow uploading of images to comments, sorry. Family Friendly Tattoos only, please.