2014 Hiatus Minisode 2 – Charming Holiday, Connection Quiz, Greek Myths, 10 Reasons its good to be Henry

The Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast is an unofficial podcast dedicated to the hit ABC TV show, Once Upon a Time


I’m Jeff Roney, one of the hosts here to bring you a bit of Once Upon a Time News and fun during the hiatus.

Podcast episode #201


In this episode we will have;
A connection quiz,
Explain what a Twittercation is,
Find out where Ginny and Josh spent part of the Holidays at,
Sad news about one of the easier ways to get a Once Upon a Time autograph,
Season 3 Part 2 Technology,
Greek Mythology,
Itunes review,
10 Reasons its good to be Henry.

Connection Quiz

What Movie/TV connection does Lana Parrilla have to Jorge Garcia?

Tweet out your answers to @ouatpodcast with the hastag #Lana2Jorge

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Josh and Ginny visited the Happiest Place on Earth over the holidays. She also took a Twittercation during the holidays and mentioned that she and Josh would return to Twitter on January 6th (
Twitter ladies and twitter gents, I am going on twittercation for the holidays. I’ll return January 6, 2014. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!), and she announced Josh and her return with this Tweet:

We’re ba-aaack (shooting #OnceUponATime episode 315 for y’all!) Welcome to 2014! How were your holidays? #MineInvolvedDisneyland

As of the time of this recording, PaleyFest 2014 will not be featuring a Once Upon a Time panel.

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Hi! and Merry Christmas! My friend and I were thinking and with the exception of Hook, Mulan, Aurora The LOst Boys, Wendy and others who were not affected by the curse in season 1. How do you think the Storybrooke folk will do without all that Technology? They spent 28 years with phones, internet, cars and stuff and they are returning to what they had before the curse. 


I wonder if Archie and Sydney Glass would go back to being a mirror, or a grasshopper, in the enchanted forest..


I think they would each go back to who they originally were, not cursed, not a genie. To who they really are, in whatever land they came from. Pinocchio, I’m not sure what the heck happens to him.


How many Greek mythological characters and items have been introduced into Once Upon a Time?

Janell I can only think of Medusa. Time for a marathon!

Rochelle King Midas, Pegasus was mentioned. I think there might’ve been one more .. But I can’t think of it

Ashley The siren from Lake Nostos(which also means homecoming in Greek ie The Odyssey) , Midas, Pegasus (feathered sail) Medusa, (does Pan’s last name count?) in second star to the right the statute Wendy’s holding looks satyrish to me. That’s all I can think of at the moment.

Mary Pandora’s Box.

Itunes Review

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Top 10 reasons why it’s good to be Henry
#1. It only takes a Cinnabon stand to 
      make you forget all your worries.
#2. You can actually say you know 
         what it feels like to be Peter Pan.
#3. The line “Who you gonna believe, 
      me or Pinocchio?” never gets old.
#4. What happens when your birth mom gives you up and lets an Evil Queen adopt you? Guilt trips for life.

#5. You dance to the beat of your own 
#6. You can take Ruby to show and tell.
#7. You and your family have an open invitation to the 
        Jerry Springer show. 
#8. “Yeah, well, Do you know who my parents are?”works every time.
#9.  Double presents all the way! Christmas and Birthdays are double awesome!
#10. Operation Copyright.

Thanks to Brad Pogras for the list.

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