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DisneyOnceAgain – Sleeping Beauty (1959) – 238



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Podcast Episode 238

Show notes can be found at:

Disney Once Again notes:

Note: We totally forgot to mention the Aurora or Phillip character in Once Upon a Time. Sorry about that.

Intro Credit lettering/art

There is a storybook opening, but no Once Upon a Time in a book. However, there was Once in the title song, “Once Upon a Dream”.

In the opening narration, it mentioned, “Their (The King and Queen) wish was granted,” and Aurora was born.

Vibrant colors


Awesome 3D look to the crowd, changing the timing of each level of horses, people etc to make it look natural (That people and animals traveled at different speeds).

A number of great flydowns with the multiplane camera.

Awesome dreamy sequences when the good fairies gave their gifts of beauty and song. Fantasia-esque (1940).

Maleficent – Evil Fairy. The Queen is afraid of Maleficent, “You’re not offended?”


The scepter click on the floor was weird sounding.

Meriwether – A Ray of Hope. Changing death to sleep, until true love’s kiss will break the curse.

The animation is a work of art. Spinning Wheel fire. Reflections in the castle.

“Our magic doesn’t work that way”

Even walls have ears. Like mirrors in OUAT.

Turn the princess into a flower (Shadowing of Beauty and the Beast), but Maleficent will send frost.

Flora’s new plan will not include magic. Adam and Eddie get the idea from this?

Maleficent’s Forbidden Mountains – similar name to Tolkien’s Mount Doom.


Maleficent’s goofy troops.

Maleficent told her Raven to search for a maiden with lips Red as the Rose. Another tie back to Snow White?

Another princess that cleans, and a shot through the window.


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Was Once Upon a Time almost ready for Benedict Cumberbatch?

Way back in Season One of Once Upon a Time we met Sheriff Graham, played by (Now Fifty Shades of Gray star) Jamie Dornan, who turned out to be…


#Spoiler Alert if you haven’t seen Season One yet#

jamie dornan

The Huntsman, but Sheriff Graham almost resembled another sleuth in Fairy Tale Story Character Land.

The Hound Of The Baskervilles-17

Once Upon a Time is broadening its universe beyond fairy tales this season, adding a historical legend (Mulan) and literary creations (Capt. Hook, Lancelot). So who else might possibly show up in Storybrooke? We ran some Disney-owned and public domain characters past showrunners Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz to get the scoop…Sherlock Holmes? Kitsis: “Here’s something interesting. Originally the sheriff was Sherlock Holmes. He was going to be a detective and his curse was he was in a town with no mystery. So he was this bored sheriff. And there was a rights issue so we could not get it.”
Everybody else is doing it. Horowitz: “Everybody else overcame it.” Kitsis: “But now we’re so in love with the BBC’s Sherlock, I don’t want to even play in that arena. We’ll never have Sherlock unless Benedict Cumberbatch wants to come on.” From


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