OUAT – We Know What Happened to Frederick and How to Fix it

So, we learn from Abigail that her father’s caravan was ambushed and Frederick “sacrificed his life” to save King Midas in the ambush. Frederick “threw himself into Kind Midas, knocking him (Midas) to safety,” but became a victim of Midas’ curse and was turned to gold. Interesting that she called Midas gold touch a “curse”. Who put the curse on him, I wonder? Anyway, Frederick was turned to gold.

To be honest, he was gold plated. We’ll get to that in a minute. Abigail tells Prince Charming a legend of a magical lake with water that has properties of returning what was lost to those who use it.

Fast forward – Prince Charming returns with the water and Abigail pours it on golden Frederick, and the gold disappears from him.

Now, we see Frederick revealed from under his gold plated “curse”:

It is interesting that a famous sage phrase states, “If you lack something, help someone else find/obtain what they are lacking, and you will find what you lack,” it could be a variation of the Golden Rule, too. Prince Charming does the honorable thing and helps Abigail (who helped him out of marrying her).

You can also toss in acts of skill or achievements similar to Labor of Hercules or the Hero’s tasks as the Hero grows stronger to face the ultimate task or “earns” his ultimate “prize” (maiden, power, enlightenment, riches, etc).

Have we seen Frederick in Storybrooke? Well, that’s another blog post. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “OUAT – We Know What Happened to Frederick and How to Fix it

  1. Jennifer Erwin

    I’m interested in knowing who the kid was she ran into at school and then again the same kid found her empty car.. Possibly Arthur if Camelot is introduced…

  2. Sarah

    That guy from the school (I think he might have been the gym teacher or a sports coach) who was also the one to find Kathryn’s car was Frederick, of I’m not mistaken.

  3. Liz Stein

    Uh I missed this episode. I am so mad. I only got to see the end where Mary is on her bed crying and Emma came in the room. That is the only part I saw. Now I have to wait two weeks to see it. Does anyone know a good website where I can watch the episode I missed ? If so that would be really helpful. Thanks !


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