2X20 & 2X21 Further Discussions The Evil Queen/Second Star to the Right


If you would like to read the emails…

My bad – Melanie Shatner (William’s daughter) was in Bloodstone: Subspecies II, not Re-Animator.

Facebook Group posts –

The mythical creature that you guys were thinking of is Cthulu (ka-thoo-loo) – it’s a large squid-y type creature that lives in the sea, created by writer H.P. Lovecraft.

Also, just wanted to mention that how Hook gets out of the cavern is Greg and Tamara. When Regina pops out of the elevator Hook says that Gred and Tamara saved him (and I’m assuming that since they ‘have a way with magic’ they did something to Maleficent).

Anyway, just wanted to mention that in case you were wondering at all. I adore the podcast guys! โ™ฅ


random thought…could rumple’s downfall (Henry) not be HIS downfall as we naturally think, but rather the downfall/vanquishing of THE DARK ONE?
This could be brought about by an act of love by rumple towards henry rather than vengeance against him…
would have to be one of those season-ender epic revelations/story changer for the following season to go somewhere new.


Emails –

Hey Jeff and Colleen,
I was just listening to your Evil Queen first thoughts podcast and I had an idea. They have been going back and forth with Regina being good or evil and we just saw her lose her powers with the bracelet from Hook. What if some how she can’t get her powers back and Emma is the only one left with magic. Tamara and Greg don’t know Emma has magic. Then she would have to turn to Regina for help on how to use magic to protect Henry and the rest of her family. It would be a really interesting dynamic to explore between Regina and Emma.

Hope all is well with you and Lady.

* Hi this is Jeff. Lady is doing great. She is running around and is just as active (maybe more) as she was before the operation.


Hi Jeff and Colleen!

I listened to once upon a time the official podcast with Adam and Edward. They said that Maleficient did die when Emma killed her but her essence guards the fail safe. Her ashes were under Regina’s spell when she conjured them. However, when you mentioned the ashes during first thoughts, you mentioned that nothing can rise again from the ashes to be alive again but there is one exception- the phoenix. I can’t wait until the next episode!

Katie from Florida

Hey Jeff and Colleen,

This wasn’t too bad of an episode. I too was rather surprised that Maleficent was able to survive. Unless there’s a few more tricks up Regina’s sleeves with the curse that we don’t know about. I was chuckling at the scene with Henry playing look-out while Emma was breaking into Neal’s apartment and then Neal busts him and recognizes the exact same warning tactics that Henry was using because he taught them to Emma. Okay, so we now know that Neal was the one that gave the list to Tamara, but still. I wish that people would give Emma the benefit of the doubt that she may be right about her feelings about Tamara. I have a feeling that we’re going to be having a great big “We’re sorry we didn’t believe you.” scene coming up sometime in the near future. I mean Emma’s career relies heavily on her ability to read people. I’m sure sometimes that ability may have gone awry…but I’m sure often then not it’s been dead on. End of my rant on that. The scenes with Regina and Snow in fairy tale land were great and full of emotion. Just when you thought that just maybe Snow was going to give Regina a second chance when talking to her in disguise she finds all those dead villagers. Regina’s comment really hit home to her that she really did go too far.

Ahh…. then we get Rumple. He sure knows how to make his deals and he really was starting to set things in motion by egging Regina on and telling her that she’s not like her mother in the magic department and that he would transform her and then come when she called for him. I think this whole ordeal is where Regina gets a little more savvy on the finer points of the languages of deals.

Really looking forward to seeing how the last two episodes of the season play out with Hook, Tamara, Greg and everyone else. I’ll wrap this up here. Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts on this episode and those of my fellow Oncers. Big Love to everybody.

Holly from Wisconsin

Hey Guys!

Yes I’m one of those who has listened to the podcast since the beginning (almost) but never has made contact through facebook, email, voice mail, forum…

But I needed something cleared up that you discussed during first thoughts of The Evil Queen. I respect your opinion that you felt this last episode was lacking and were frustrated with it, but I’m trying to understand how you felt the “rejuvenation” of Malificient a plot hole. Don’t get me wrong…I actually find it humorous you guys didn’t like her reappearance. I preferred her ash myself and have never gotten why people wanted her back so much (I wasn’t impressed by her first appearance), but I’m really trying to understand how it’s a plot hole.

To me, Malificient being in Storybrooke as a magical dragon during the curse was a plot hole because there was no magic in town to sustain that condition. I also see Regina operating the library’s elevator with magic (as she told Hook in the episode) with that armband she took from him–that supposedly is counteracting every magical bone in her body–as a plot hole.

Could you go a little more in depth or break it down for the slow people like me ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

— Kristen

* Hi, This is Jeff. The plot hole (to us) is that the dragon was destroyed, but not really. It has been pointed out that The Phoenix returns from the flames/the dust. It just seemed funny that the dragon was destroyed but not really.

Hi guys!
I wanted to give you a quick run down of humorous and important things I learned from this weeks episode, The Evil Queen. I did this on a voice mail last week but I think it may work better as an email instead.

So here it goes.

#1. This was the first and probably last time we’ll see Berkley and Rivers (The Queen’s soldiers)
#2. Hook prefers the lights on
#3. Tamara and Greg know how to kill magical creatures
#4. Regina is the Gorton’s Fisherman
#5. Power gives Regina’s cheeks a nice rosy color
#6. Emma’s super power has been known to be unreliable
#7. Operation Cobra is now Praying Mantis
#8. Henry never needs a “why”
#9. Peasant Regina is as regal as a potato
#10. Nobody steals from a Dwarf
#11. Neal never believed Emma’s super power
#12. The Evil Queen’s nickname is Wilma
#13. Neal hates mayo
#14. A dirty blade will give you a fever
#15. Peasants have no soap
#16. Hook loves Maleficent in earth tones
#17. Ashes can come back to life
#18. Someone from another forest taught Snow her surviving skills (I’m positive it’s Robin Hood)
#19. Regina has her soldiers flogged for lateness
#20. Neal taught Emma the “hit the door trick”

I hope you enjoy these and I look forward to further discussions.

Have a great day!


Hi Colleen and Jeff!

My mom and I have many theories about what we think will happen in the season finale. We believe that Gregโ€™s father is not dead and that Greg will find him. We think that something will happen to Tamara causing her to die. We also think that everyone will find their way to the beanstalk before Storybrooke is gone, and that more people will show up from the home office. Belle will get her memory back. I also think that Neal went to the Enchanted Forest; this would be a logical way to find out what Aurora and Mulan are doing.


Hi Jeff and Colleen,
I wanted to share another theory with you that’s kind of crazy and doesn’t really go in the direction of Neverland or Peter Pan but instead Dr. Whale. I agree with Jeff that it was out of place for Whale to be in this episode just to kiss Gold’s boot. Especially when they’re talking about a group of people who believe in science over magic. So my theory is that this home office could be…..wait for it…..OZ, run by the Wizard (aka Whale). In the story of the Wizard of Oz, he was just an ordinary man who used tricks and illusions to show his power. He and the people of Oz never had any real magic, it was the witches who possessed it. If Glenda, the only person to use magic for good, was somehow killed by let’s say Regina or Rumpelstiltskin, this may give them the motivation to try and eliminate it all together. Maybe Oz isn’t so merrily as we thought.

Also, I wanted to clarify a small detail on the theory about the organization being the Darlings. I realize that each one of them would no longer be living by the time Owen left Storybrooke so it would have to be the believers of their work who found Owen instead. The only way I could see the original Darlings still being around is if they travelled back to Neverland somehow searching for Bae.

On the thought of is Kurt still alive, when Regina was backed into a corner and about to be executed in the episode The Cricket Game, she did not give them what they wanted. Instead of apologizing, she regretted not being able to cause more pain, misery, death and ultimately killing Snow White. She was willing to die rather than humble herself and appear to be weak. Is she doing the same thing to Greg? Telling him something that would devastate him instead of telling him where his father actually is. It would coincide with how she has acted in the past. I guess if it never comes up again he’s actually dead, at this point does it even matter anymore?

There are so many loose ends to tie up, I wonder what questions we will receive answers to in the finale. Such as will Sneezy get his memory back? Where did King George go and will he ever be brought to justice for murdering Billy/Gus Gus? Now that Snow has saved Regina does her heart still have a dark spot? Will Belle ever return? Did Aurora and Mulan ever rescue Philip? Where did Neil go? Who wrote the book and how did it get to Storybrooke? How did Gold procure Henry? And so on and so on…….

I’ll end this email with things I learned from Second Star To The Right.

#1. Tinker Bell statues make great weapons
#2. Mary Margaret can cry on cue
#3. The shadow does not know the difference between a boy and a girl
#4. Never ask Gold to borrow eye drops
#5. Hook’s not interested in torture
#6. David and Mary Margaret now know where they can get sardines
#7. Only in Storybrooke is killing each others Mother’s considered “differences”
#8. The shadow came right around the time Bae showed up
#9. Gold likes when Regina is in danger
#10. The name Neverland comes from never being able to leave the island
#11. Lacey’s necklace Gold conjured up is the same one from Belle’s dream
#12. The buried body at the camp ground doesn’t get much visitors
#13. There is a pirate ship design above the Darlings window
#14. Jacks are useless against a shadow
#15. “Because I do” is the reason Gold has certain objects
#16. Magic does not belong in this world because it’s an unholy poison that needs to be cleansed
#17. Emma should be an MMA fighter with the way she body slams
#18. The blue fairy can remove the toughest metal and machinery known to man
#19. Shadows do not like fire or swimming
#20. Do not make any promises with Wendy

I am thrilled that I can finally stop holding my breath now that Once Upon A Time has been renewed for a third season. Also I’m very curious for Once Upon A Time In Wonderland which has officially been picked up. Looks like we have some exciting things to look forward to.


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