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Aubrey –
• I just noticed that in the Disney movie, Michael carries a teddy bear with him the whole time and in this episode of OUAT, there was a teddy bear key chain hanging the mirror.


Did anyone else notice that there was a small bear hanging from the rearview mirror on Michael & John’s car? Fun reference back to Michael’s character always carrying around that stuffed bear. And I think that button Ariel found in Gold’s shop was off of Rumple’s father’s uniform. Also, I think that I saw Ariel put it into her little pouch. Loved seeing the dwarves again. They had some of the best lines in the episode.

Email points:

From Maii

Hello Guys!

I hope you guys had a good week! It’s been highly stressful so I’ll be glad when it’s over… This season just keeps upping the ante every single episode I am just blown away by how good it is..

Ariel – I have a really really special place for Tink in my heart (especially this one bc I feel like I connected a lot with her..but damn I think Ariel is beating her for favorite new character.. She’s just so wonderful and I feel like we got more of her this ep than in the prev one and I really just want to see more of her..Her curiosity, her kleptomania =P , the way she just wants to help…anyone else would have been like you know what you screwed up my life, good luck with your life I am out but no she chose to help..

Fav line:  I’m not afraid of your gun, and not just because I don’t know what it is

Storybrooke –  I love neverland, you guys know I love the arc but damnn I missed SB.. Archie, Granny and Grumpy were fantastic, and Belle I really liked Belle this episode! I liked her doubting and then realizing she could do it.. She’s kind of a yo-yo character for me sometimes like I like her then she annoys me, then I love her, then I’m facepalming..but I completely loved her this ep (AND That Star Wars reference was golden “HELP US BELLE YOU’RE OUR ONLY HOPE”)

Nealfire- I know i’ve ragged a bit on him since Quite a Common Fairy but damn this episode I had no complaints about him (well one but I’ll get to it later) I just thought he was great in this ep.. and damn it man I saw your smile with TInk ok, damn my shipper tendencies..

I was really proud of him this episode ok, his if Henry is the only thing that came from us being together I think we did alright.. Like he is realizing okay maybe it is a bit late for me and Emma but we’ve got this beautiful, intelligent boy and that’s enough

Darling Brothers – they broke my heart and I just wanted to hug their hipster selves.. They just want their family back together, they may be older but deep down they are still just kids.. 

Regina – She had few scenes but they were golden..My friend Sarah brought up some really good points so I’m just going to C/P them here ( link to the full episode meta, it’s really good -> http://onceuponamirror.tumblr.com/post/66747728469/3×07-full-ep-old-skool-analysis ) 

What I loved was the way she was…actually really happy to help Ariel. Like, when Ariel held up the bracelet, Regina seemed almost…proud. This is what I’ve been saying about Regina’s character development being really subtle this year, but I enjoy it.

Regina is not someone who ever relished in another person getting their happy ending, but here she is, genuinely smiling about it. Interestingly, this comes right after Rumple calls Regina out on her own bitterness revolving Rumple’s (generally) successful relationship.

At the end of last season, I was hesitant to say that I felt like Regina was ready for a love interest, but I have absolutely changed my mind. Or, rather, Regina herself changed my mind.

And I’m saying this as someone who is a relatively new fan of hers—I loved her in season one, but season two gave me whiplash. But season three…season three Regina is awesome.

She has all the sass and snark of season one and all the emotionally vulnerability of season two. I’m really excited for her to interact with Robin in the second arc.

Snowing – They killed me tonight, also I was like wait why aren’t either of you thinking of Emma, your daughter, but I get the why of it all.. HE CALLED HER SNOW, HE FINALLY CALLED HER SNOWWWW (I cheered I won’t lie)

Now onto the lighter scene

I’m actually a big fan of this scene bc I see it for what it really is..Also it’s two 300 year old men fighting like 5 year olds and Emma being all “Are you kidding me right now?”
Back to the point.. this is the cliche, over the top scene we see in EVERY SINGLE LOVE TRIANGLE and we’re supposed to like it be like yes fight for her…here EVERYONE was going really guys REALLY? You do realize there’s more important things at stake here right? RIGHT?

It was Adam/Eddy telling the fandom and the viewers this is NOT a show about Emma’s love life, there’s more important things at stake than who she will pick so stop fighting about it because you all look ridiculous (because both Hook & Neal looked ridiculous)

& I love how Emma went I’m choosing Henry bc it’s what she should do, her focus is on her son completely..

Captain Swan

First of all damn that speech , oh my damn that speech, it was gorgeous and perfect and i’m dead because of feels but I’ll try to get through it at least semi-coherently..

First off Emma telling him well you’re a pirate fits in perfectly with his self-worth issues, bc while I’m sure Emma didn’t mean it that way for him it was also a reminder that all people see when they look at him is a pirate. A one handed pirate with a drinking problem, charming’s you’re a pirate, etc While I firmly believe Charming’s view of him has changed Killian doesn’t know that, he wants to be seen as more than that, as a man of honor..Which he is proving himself to be

Case in point: the parallel with Ariel
Ariel put Snow above her chance with Eric, and Hook put Neal above his chance with Emma (as far as he’s concerned)

Now for the Speech

He’s completely truthful with her, she asks why Pan told him, he tells her it was a test..

When I win your heart Emma, and I will win it, it will not be because of any trickery, it will be because you want me – He’s being completely serious she does her fluttery eye thing.. It is vastly important for him that Emma chooses him because she wants him, all of him, the good and the bad. He doesn’t need to trick her bc he knows that is not what she needs.. 

Emma smiles for the first time since “Ariel” and her tone gets all whispery and Hook tells her she will need to choose…and that’s not pushing her that’s stating a fact, you don’t have to choose right now but eventually you will have to. 

And you will.. You think so? I’ve yet to see you fail –  This is the most important part of the speech.. and this speech means more to Emma than any kiss ever will… He builds her up, no one believes in Emma Swan more than Killian Jones.. He has such a conviction in his words that it gives her hope.. When she needs reassurance she looks to him because he helps her believe in herself, without noticing it he has become her rock. Plus they played their theme in the background 

When you do succeed, well that’s when the fun begins –  He essentially just told her that he hasn’t actually made an effort to truly win her over. Turning around and coming back, offering his ship and services, helping her find Henry, saving David’s life, that’s not him attempting to whoo her, that’s him doing everything to help the woman that he loves.  Everything he has done has been for Emma, but none of it was because he was trying to win her over, it was because he knew it was the right thing to do and that it was important to her.

But once they save Henry, once everything is back to normal and she actually has the time and energy to devote herself to love, that’s when he is going to actively try to whoo her. That’s when the fun begins. 

Dark Hollow/Emma’s Magic – I’m of the idea that Emma already chose, she just doesn’t know it yet or well not consciously.. 
BOTH Neal and Hook are taken by shadows, but she only screams out Hook’s name, 
they BOTH tell her to get out of there but she turns to look at Neal then at Hook then she concentrates and lights the candle..
it goes back to Rumplestiltskin to Emma in 2×16: ”Stop thinking.  Conjuring magic is not an intellectual endeavor.  It’s emotion.  You must ask yourself, ‘Why am I doing this? Who am I protecting?’  Feel it.”
Emma only really and truly realized how much she loved Henry when she thought she’d lost him. when he was lying, apparently dead, in a hospital bed and she felt as though she had no hope. and then she saved him with magic and her love
Emma only really understood how much her parents meant to her when she thought they were all going to die. when all hope was lost and she felt as though she would never see them again, would never have the chance to really be a family. and then she saved them, and everyone else, with her magic- knowing it was to protect those she loved.
Emma has just now realized, fully and completely, how much Killian means to her. as he was ripped away from her by the shadow and yelling in pain understood that it was more than ‘just a kiss’ and he is more than a pirate. he is her pirate. and in that moment she put every bit of concentration into using her magic to save his life.
Neal asks her how she did that and learns she is learning from Regina.. He already knew she had magic but he didn’t know she was trying to learn it, and that freaks him out a bit, understandable because magic has taken EVERYTHINGfrom him. He even takes a step back..
Then Killian stands up and Emma really looks at him and you can see her face filling with relief (like in 3×01 when Hook realizes Emma is still alive) 

Fav lines:
Regina: Now you can have legs whenever you want, or a fin, whatever Eric’s into these days
Tink: Bae is it really you?
Ariel: Because I’m an optimist 
Nealfire: Welcome to the 21st century (Hook vs Technology is my fav almost as much as Ichabod vs technology) 
Grumpy: I seem to remember some Ruby outfits what are seared into my brain
Honorable mention: Hook’s near death experience by Emma passing the cutlass to Nealfire, his face is like really love? really?

Yeah I’ve given up on trying to make these shorter.. I talk a lot and there’s a lot I want to say so yeah =P 
Hope you guys have a good rest of the week/or had a good wk depending on when you read this =) 


From Maii

Something I forgot to mention! People’s choice awards are going on! Tell your listeners to vote for the OUAT Categories.. Posting this from the FYCS pg bc of voting rules/
Nominated for: 
Fav on-screen chemistry: Emma x Hook
Fav SciFi Show – OUAT
Fav SciFi Actress – Ginnifer Goodwin
Fav New Show – OUAT in Wonderland

As you know, Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) have been shortlisted by the People’s Choice Awards as one of the five nominees for FAVORITE ON-SCREEN CHEMISTRY – which only happened because of the fandom’s previous efforts. To make Jen and Colin win this award, we need to keep voting for Captain Swan at the PCA’s voting page (tips on how to do that are here). Alternatively, and for more convenient voting, here are some more options:
○ Vote for them on the mobile site, which can be accessed through your computer too. Here you can easily refresh the page (F5 on Windows works excellently as a shortcut key) after voting once to vote again!
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○ Download the People’s Choice App if you have an Apple device with which you can vote really fast.
Of course, you can vote as many times in a day as you want. The last date for voting is December 5th. Please spread the word and do you best to vote! We did manage to get into the top 5 despite tough competition; we can do it again. Also you know you need Jen and Colin to win this! 🙂

– Love Maii


From Liz

Dear Jeff and Colleen,

Just listened to your first thought on ‘Dark Hollow’ and was a little disappointed that you left out some things. Especially since Colleen is such a Rumple fan, I was surprised that she didn’t mention some stuff. 
 First, the significance of the teacup being the strength of Belle and Rumple’s love.
You guys didn’t mention the teacup and Belle explaining it to Ariel about what it meant to them.
Second, Jeff cannot be this naive to think Regina was actually interested as a friend, that Rumple really loved Belle.
To me, Regina up to this point knew that Rumple cared for Belle, but didn’t know whether he loved her and she probably assumed that as the Dark One he wasn’t capable of loving.

That’s why she was so surprised in Rumple’s faith in Belle.

She at first thought that his feelings for Belle were blinding him, then she realized he did truly love her and it was more ‘I can’t believe the Dark One’ actually loves type surprise.

And as for Rumple being mean to Regina about her not having someone, well, do you think Rumple has forgotten what Regina did to Belle, lock her up for 28+years, give her a false Lacey persona, and since he promised Belle he wouldn’t kill Regina, he never promised not to harm her with words, twisting the knife so to speak.

I think Rumple figured out that one of the reasons Regina took Belle all those years ago was that since Regina couldn’t be with her true love then no one else could either, including Rumple. 
And Colleen, I’m surprised you forgot what Rumple told Ariel. ‘Tell Belle I love her. And that she was right, I will see her again.’

That was significant in that’s the first time Rumple has said he loved Belle in front of other people.

He’s only said it once and the end of season one to Belle and after she said it.

And him acknowledging that he will see Belle again was one of the first steps were seen that he does believe in their love, especially with all the scenes so far with him talking to Shadow!

Belle, he was more pessimistic of their love but here, in reality he was having the faith.

Just of few thoughts.



From Lisa

Hello Jeff and Colleen,
Just a few thoughts about my favorite couple —– Snow & Charming. I don’t mind the conflict stemming from the Dreamshade incident but I think Snow was kind of hard on poor David. The guy was trying to spare her and do the selfless thing by keeping everyone focused on saving Henry. At least Snow could have told him that she understood before she chewed him out. I think she has a bit of a double standard going —– last season she was ready to allow Regina to rip out her heart and end her misery without so much as a “goodbye” or “I love you” to Charming and Emma. So Snow is allowed to keep things from Charming but he’s not allowed to keep things from her. After the arrow hit him she suspected more than once that something was bothering him. She could have pressed him more than she did, reminded him of their “true love” then, rather than wait and accuse him of not believing in them. From the expression on his face(Josh Dallas has been amazing this season) I too was reminded of season one David. I felt for the guy then and I feel for him now. Snow needs to believe in HIM and THEM! At least they cleared the air. I loved their embrace and the return of the single tear……
I also loved that Emma stuck up for her dad. A scene between David and Emma with her telling him, “I get why you did what you did….” would have been nice. More David/Emma scenes in general would be nice. He’s the first man in her life but he’s treated like the fourth(behind Henry, Neal and now Hook) and theirs is an important relationship I’d like to see explored.
I’m happy to say that I’m enjoying season three immensely. Each episode has so many layers and the addition of Peter Pan is inspired. 
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and theories.


From Brad

Hello Jeff and Colleen,
Here’s what I learned this week from Dark Hollow.
#1. Whistling while you work is not always possible.
#2. Michael still has a thing for Teddy bears. 
#3. The  Marine Garage needs to put business cards at the town line. 
#4. Doc’s needs a new Miata.
#5.  Granny’s now has a dress code.
#6. Women say a lot without saying anything.
#7. Rumpelstiltskin has watched too much Star Wars.
 #8. Emma needs to take a class in sword safety.
#9. Tinkerbell should seriously think about renting out her treehouse to the Charming’s.
#10. Ariel’s doesn’t believe in gun control…..because she doesn’t even know what one is.
I also had two thoughts I wanted to add.
First, we learned from Hook that Pan’s shadow can control the other shadows. We haven’t seen Rumpelstiltskin’s since he cut it off from his body so chances are it can’t be controlled like the others. Will this lead to a battle between the two shadows? 
Second, Skull Rock was the place that Hook and Smee took Tiger Lily. Could we be seeing her or the Indians or soon? 
The show is really starting to pick up steam and I think we’re in for a lot more surprises. 


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From Brad

Comedy bit:

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