DisneyOnceAgain – Robin Hood (1973) – 233

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Disney, Once Again Podcast 003

“Robin Hood” (1973)

Podcast Episode 233

Show notes can be found at:


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Robin Hood show notes

Alan-a-Dale referred to the song he sang as a folk song, but its sounded an awful lot like a country song to me.

Folk music was big at the time, so maybe referring to a folk song might related better to the early 1970’s audience?

Prince John was comedically evil.

The snake face animation was incredible showing the 3d look of the face as it turned.

It was interesting to see the Prince with psychological problems. Pretty bold for a Disney cartoon. Seemed a bit like the Smother’s Brothers.

Robin Hood and Little John are master’s of disguise.

Little John made a Medieval Haunted Mansion floating crystal ball.

We see another mirror in a Disney animated film (Snow White, Beauty and the Beast and (so far) this one).

Robin Hood is a reflection of Hope for tough times, like Once Upon a Time shows.

It was a great choice of all the animals for all the characters.

Great kid voices for the bunnies and turtle.

What is “Oo De Lally”???

Boob jokes – in a Disney movie???

You will go from an Outlaw to a Hero, like the storylines of Season 3 of Once Upon a Time.

Friar Tuck kept sipping Robin Hood’s burnt stew – Ewww.

Lots of late 60’s, early 70’s vernacular and music (Hip Daddy Cat music).

Lots of marching.

Tail spinning and arrow flying by sounds made by a person? Maybe a you Ben Burtt? just kidding

We see one crossbow in a movie filled with regular bows and arrows

It was so great to see how the animals took care of each other, even when they were in jail, and when the church mouse gave her last coin for the church poor box.

Sir Hiss was Prince John’s second in command, but Once Upon a Time baddies have no second in commands.

Prince John’s guards shoot arrows like Stormtroopers shoot laser beams.

Little John dressed up in a disguise like a 70’s Pimp Daddy (with a cane, even)


Thanks to Daniel Hale from the DisGeek Podcast for his thoughts on Robin Hood.

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