Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 9 Thoughts: The Changelings

Did you get a chance to catch once upon a time season 6 episode 9? We share some thoughts here, but welcome yours as well in the comments.

Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 9 Thoughts

The Changelings

The Dark Fairy history

We finally meet the famous Dark (or Black) Fairy. We have heard about the Dark Fairy from Tink previously, “(The Dark Fairy was) One of the most powerful of fairies that ever existed. Well versed in the dark magic. The Blue Fairy exiled her, but before she did she took her wand.”

Dark Fairy Dust

In the episode “Snow Falls”, Snow visited the Dark Fairy and obtained some fairy dust to use it on the Evil Queen;

Snow White: Careful! It’s a weapon.

Prince Charming: Dust? What kind of weapon is dust?

Snow White: Fairy dust.

Prince Charming: I thought that was a good thing?

Snow White: When it comes from a good fairy. This stuff? Is deadly. It transforms the most fearsome of adversaries into a form that’s easily squashed. (OUAT 1X3 “Snow Falls”)

Snow used the Dark Fairy dust on some of the Trolls to escape them on the Troll Bridge.

Dark Fairy Wand

There have been some instances in which the wand was needed. One instance, in Season 3 was using the want to switch back Pan and Henry’s bodies.

Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 9 Thoughts

Dark Fairy Dust Part Deux

There was one other use of the Dark Fairy dust. Again in Season 3, Snow snuck into Regina’s castle and tried to use it on Regina. However, Regina stopped the dust Snow threw at her in mid-air and thwarted Snow’s plan.

The Dark Fairy – Mommy?

One of the biggest reveals is that we find that the Dark Fairy is actually Rumpel’s Mother. She admitted to choosing power over Rumpel and abandoned him, continuing the theme of parents abandoning their children.

Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 9 Thoughts

The Rumpel Question Now

Now that we know Rumpel was the offspring of a Dark Fairy and Peter Pan, it is a given that he would have magical power. However, why did he feel that he needed the power of the Dark One dagger?

Still Wondering

Belle asked this question, but we still don’t have an answer to what Rumpel has to gain from taking children?

Squid Ink Everywhere

There was a time when getting and saving Squid Ink took planning, a special Conch shell and more, but now it’s everywhere! Wet or Dry Squid Ink seems to have different effects when used. The more you know. 🙂

Clash between Evil Queen and Zelena

To me, this seemed like something out of the movie “Goodfellas”, an old fashioned Mafia-styled hit. Fortunately, Regina showed up and used Evil Queen’s heart to stop her from destroying Zelena. I loved Regina’s truthful conversation with Evil Queen telling her that revenge never fills the void in a heart and to not trust Rumpel.

Nothing is as powerful is someone warning another of the dangers of a life path – especially from someone who has walked it themselves.

Emma’s Kryptonite

Emma’s visions used to make her hands shake and now they make her weak. It reminds me of Superman and Kryptonite.

I think the vision is Emma battling herself.

That is the great battle we all face – our inner negative self.

Rumpel’s honesty

The discussion that Rumpel had with Belle at the library elevator was heartbreaking. Many times we don’t want to believe the brutal truth about someone. We think they can change and even if they take one step forward and two steps back, we still hope for the best. Unfortunately, it appears that Rumpel hasn’t made complete room in his heart for Belle’s love.

Belle tried to explain – again – that magic isn’t what Rumpel needs to fix his life, but Rumpel disagrees.

Regina and Zelena dialogue

Regina parallels Rumpel in some ways but has come farther in regards to leaving the darkness and embracing the light.

However, with all of us forgiveness is the most difficult to give to someone we don’t feel deserves it. Even though we may have granted forgiveness freely, many times we give others forgiveness when we see fit to.

Regina saved Zelena because “that’s what Heroes do,” but that seems like a duty and not from the heart. Even though Regina has come farther along away from the Darkness, she still has some further issues to resolve.

Jasmine and Aladdin

Jasmine used the lamp to wish her way back to Agrabah, but the shackles of the Genie came out instead of a Genie and her wishes. Someone should tell Jasmine about portals. There are more portals laying around than wet or dry Squid Ink these days.

The script followed the story of the Disney “Aladdin” and mentioned that the Genie was free.

As an act of kindness and sacrifice, Aladdin put on the shackles to confine him as the new Genie (‘I knew a pretty great one (Genie) once and he’s been free for awhile. Maybe I could be like him’) and grant Jasmine her wish to return.

I wonder if after Jasmine uses the first wish to get back to Agrabah, that Evil Queen or Rumpel will stir up trouble requiring the other two wishes, leaving Aladdin trapped as the Genie.

Red Jeweled Sword

Can someone say ‘Jafar’?

Is Gideon safe?

Blue Fairy did take and seemingly hide away Gideon from Rumpel, but is the child truly safe? Will Evil Queen or Zelena have a hand in revealing the baby’s whereabouts and return him to Rumpel?

Are there any other thoughts you would like to add about this episode to the comment section below?

1 thought on “Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 9 Thoughts: The Changelings

  1. obisgirl

    My theories on who is under hood keep changing. I feel like it could be The Evil Queen, but if Gideon gets somehow aged up to become Morpheus and then corrupted, it could be a Dark Morpheus fighting Emma.

    If Jafar is the one under the hood, that would be interesting. We haven’t seen anything of him since “Street Rats,” and it feels like such a waste of a character to just let that episode be his only appearance.


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