OUAT – Lana Parrilla, not so evil at all. Views from the Paley Center event.

Here is an email and photo we received a while back that was so good, we had to share,

“Hi Jeff and Colleen,

Just a fun observation of mine while at OUAT PaleyFest. After the panel came to an end, I left my balcony seat to go downstairs and try to get some photos of the cast signing autographs. The crush of fans trying for autographs was quite overwhelming. As time went by the various cast members stopped signing and departed the stage, one-by-one, until just Lana Parrilla remained . She was SO sweet, trying to sign for as many of the fans as she could. In fact, she started apologizing in the final minutes, saying how sorry she was that she could not get to everyone. I just found it amusing that, on the show she is truly wicked, but in reality she is as sweet as could be.

Marilyn from Long Beach”

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