OUAT – List of Fan Groups



1. #TheFairest – supporters of Snow White and Mary Margaret

2. #Charmers – supporters of Prince Charming and David Nolan

3. #Snowing / #Dary – supporters of Prince Charning and Snow White & David and Mary Margaret

4. #EvilRegals – supporters of the Evil Queen and Regina

5. #OperationCobra – supporters of Emma and Henry

6. #TeamSeven – supporters of the seven dwarves

7. #Crickets – supporters of Jiminy Cricket and Archie Hopper

8. #LittleReds – supporters of Little Red Riding Hood and Ruby

9. #Dearies – supporters of Rumplestiltskin and Mr. Gold

10. #StrangerDanger – supporters of the stranger (August W. Booth)

11.#rumpbelle – Rumpelstiltskin aka Mr. Gold & Belle ‘shippers’

12.#goblue – supporters of the Blue Fairy

13. #fairydusters – supporters of the fairies, blue or toherwise

14. #thegrumpster – supporter of Grumpy

15. #mcdreamy – supporter of Grumpy

16. #thedopester – supporter of Dopey


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