7 thoughts on “OUAT – The Evil Queen’s Carriage

  1. David

    The 7 year old boy would now be 7 + 28 = 35 years old.

    My prediction: now that 28 years have passed, this “stranger” drove
    into town on his motorcycle! 😎

    1. Manny

      Yup,…. too coincidental that we see this file for the first time and suddenly he rides straight in out of the darkness and looking like someone about that age……

      Then again, was the connection too obvious? An attempt to through us off from the start? Idk…. need more.

  2. Malini

    there was an interview with Ginnifer Goodwin on Huffington Post and she said she had many guesses on who that stranger was and all of them were wrong. It was something she did not expect. So i think we’re in for a big surprise. 🙂 🙂


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