So, we have OUAT surprise – We are attending something awesome!

A few folks (David B and @TorityPrism) let me know about the Once Upon a Time panel that would be at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills:

I glanced at the article and saw some of the prices for some of the seats, and it was pretty steep, so I mentioned to Colleen that we really couldn’t afford it. Sad, but true.

Then, an awesome listener @scoboot, asked if I would be attending. I looked again at the site for the event (trying to see if there was a way to apply for a Media Pass of some kind), and I saw there were some balcony seats that were affordable, and I asked Colleen – and WE ARE GOING!

So, OUAT Fan Podcast family, your Co-Hosts will be attending the OUAT panel on March 4th at 1:00PM PT. I have no idea if I can record anything, videotape anything, take photos, etc, but I will look into it. Rest assured we will be recording something about it for sure.

Thanks again for being such awesome listeners, supporters and cheerleaders. I said this from the beginning , it’s not about the hosts, it’s about all of us. Even though you may not be able attend in person, you will be ‘with us’ for sure. We are all in this great ride together. We are not only your hosts, but we want to be your OUAT Ambassadors on this cool fan journey.

This is only the beginning…

10 thoughts on “So, we have OUAT surprise – We are attending something awesome!

  1. dharma_lady

    Yay Colleen and Jeff! Thanks for being our OUAT ambassadors and attending the event. I know from past Paley events (like LOST) there is great insight and scoop to be learned. Have fun!

  2. Lisa Kuftinec

    How exciting!!!!!! Paley Center events are always insightful and really take the shows seriously. Just another way you go above and beyond for the listeners of the best Once Upon A Time podcast around. Thank you. I cannot wait to hear the post-event podcast.

  3. Liz Stein

    That is exciting just outstanding. We gotta keep this show going by supporting it and make it last a long time. I hope you guys have a wonderful time. You deserve some fun after you guys put in a lot of work in the show. God bless !


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