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OUAT – Mama Cora’s Magic compared to Regina’s

In “Stable Boy,” we see Cora wielding magic that is very reminiscent of what we’ve seen Regina exhibit before. Cora can use magic to push, restrain and lift objects (including people);

As we mentioned in our First Thoughts podcast episode on “Stable Boy,” Regina used the same type of magic when she battled Maleficent in episode 2 “The Thing You Lost Most”;

However, the blue aura that was around Cora’s magic looked more like the magic used by the Dark One in “Desperate Souls”;

but when the Dark One’s magic restrained people, is wasn’t blue;

So, perhaps this shows the skill or learning by Regina, or a different type of magic. For instance, so Regina lifting spears in episode 2;

also, see the forcefield that Maleficent creates to protect her Dark Unicorn;

For you Star Wars fans, Cora’s magic restraining blue aura reminded me of this scene in Attack of the Clones (Just sayin’);

There is more, but we will stop here for now:

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