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Disney – OUAT costumes in DCA

Besides the new entry gate and Cars Land, other new items have magically appeared in Disney’s California Adventure.

If you make your way over to the Off the Page store (in the windows along the sidewalk) located in the Hollywood Pictures backlot section, you will see some very cool “Once Upon a Time” costumes, and a very important book.

Maleficent’s dress (and hair horns), Prince Charming leather costume, Queen Regina’s dress she work prominently in the Pilot are there.

as well as Snow White’s dress she work in the Pilot (and in “A Land Without Magic”)

and Henry’s magical Fairy Tale book.

The reflection in the window was a tough foe, but we did our best, here are some more shots.

Note: See the gold around her waist. Mr. Gold’s influence is never too far from Snow White, it seems.

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