Where not to hide a key to a secret box. Was Granny the Lost Boy’s Granny? Our OUAT “The Outsider” Awards. Gold teaches Gun 101 class. Mulan’s Magical Sword is like Bowling shoes? The Outsider Live Show Hour 1

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Un-Piratey Pirate? Was Granny the Lost Boy’s Granny? How many clothes makers in Storybrooke? Ruby works the 60’s rock star look. Is Belle’s book a version of Henry’s book? The Outsider – Live Show Hour 1

Grandmother made Smee’s hat. Who was his Grandmother? Was he a lost boy? Was Granny in Wonderland taking care of and knitting things for them? Always brought him good fortune. Is his hat magical in some way?

Ruby was dressed like a 60s or 70s Rock Star

Hook can fight with a sword, shoot someone with a gun, but I think his greatest “power” is bravado, threats and stories about what he’s done. I believe, in a way that he is a coward.

Same location as the Huntsman bar.

Very old phone in elevator. I wonder who would pick up if you tries to use it?

Why can’ Mr. Gold use two hands to answer a flip cell phone?

Storybrooke needs better cell service, seriously. Maybe GoldMobile, hmmm?

2 in, 2 out. Wonderland, Magical tree, and how much of this potion Mr. Gold had for the boundary (1 for William Smee, 2 for Bae’s Shawl). Too bad Gold didn’t have enough potion for two, because she’s a great investigator.

Hook isn’t a evil pirate. Except for Hook shooting Belle, I think he’s actually not that dangerous. He hides behind the “pirate” persona, that term has lots of notions associated with it, and that what Hook lives behind. He talks a big game, but we have never seen him be cruel. He has sword fights and yes, he shot Belle, but he didn’t kill Belle. Milah was seduced by his swagger and talk. Mr. Gold beat the snot out of him, and he laid there and took it like a – coward.

No man could kill the Yauguai, but a woman can use book smarts to reverse a curse. Take that, you smelly bunch of men!

Was Belles book the first version of Henry’s book? What kind of a book was it? Were there different Fairy Tale books in different languages/lands?

Tricorn hats on the hunting party. Jack Sparrow wore a tri-corn hat, but it almost looked like something out of the American Revolution for a few minutes. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tricorne

No more covers on the library windows. “Opening soon” the new signs sign.

The Award for “Best left handed flip phone opening” goes to Mr. Gold!

Grumpy mentioned what some may have been thinking (especially Prince Charming) – I’m homesick.

Fear in Storybrooke was also introduced, also the idea that someone from the outside could come in.

OUAT plays the Lost card a lot. We never get the entire, complete story. Gold tells Belle that Milah died, “that’s all that matters,” but she learned the rest of the truth from Hook himself about Milah’s death.

Gold’s Pawn Shop destroyed completes the glimpse of it we got in the Promo of Season 2. Not exact, but the allusion to the act.

I’m almost certain that Hook and Smee were standing on the roof of Dave’s Fish and Chips in their spyglass scene.

I loved the RumBelle scene in his shop. Play clip. Belle had no fear of Gold. She stood toe to toe with him and didn’t cry or back away, she held her ground. I really felt that he was engaged, but struggling with the Hook situation with Belle. This wasn’t the conniving Gold, he is different now.

Were Mulan’s eyes glowing?

When Claude says “You’re a…” and Mulan hit him and responded with “I know” line, it was a twist of Charming’s line from Snow Falls:
Prince Charming: Show your face, you coward! You’re…a girl.
Snow White: Woman.

Mulan (to Belle) “You track the beast, and I’ll kill it” like Smee tracked Gold, and Hook wanted to kill him.

An old fashioned microfiche reader spotted at the Library.

The award for best use of sand on docks goes to Belle!

Sand box on the docks

Initially, Mary Margaret wants a fresh start in Storybrooke. A new place with bigger turrets.

Mr. Gold should have given Belle a gun AND a holster.

Hook puts keys to boxes in unused chalices, like we do with change.

Mulan trades her magical sword (Remember Mulan said about her sword “It deflects her (Cora’s) magic.”for Belle’s magical book

Hook kept the shawl (and didn’t burn it) because Milah made it.

Women who make clothes/blankets;
Granny (she didn’t make the cloak for Red “I paid a wizard for that cloak – keeps her from turning”),
Possibly Mr. Gold,
Jefferson’s Wife (There was a loom in their house),
William Smee’s Grandmother, and

The set designers remembered a great detail for Hook’s room below deck, raised rails on the shelves.

Belle “I still see good in him” Reflects what Belle said to Ruby in Child of the Moon:

Belle: No matter what you might’ve done in your past, David sees the good in you and… And that tells me one thing.

Ruby: What?

Belle: That it’s in there. So if we can all see it, why can’t you?

Snow White in The Cricket Game

Snow White: Exactly. That you’ve seen. But I knew her before. I knew her when she was good. She saved my life when I was a little girl.


Snow White: I know you weren’t always like this, Regina. The woman who saved my life all those years ago…had good in her.

Belle has a gift to see things the way they are, beneath the surface, the exterior and the walls. She said that Gold’s heart is True, and Hook’s is rotten.

Later on in “The Outsider” Belle says about Hook to Gold “This is what he wants, to destroy every bit of good in you”.

There is also something to be said about someone’s dealing with someone else. Certain situations cause certain reactions;
Belle loves Rumpel, and even though Rumpel would act similarly at the beginning like he did with Hook, Belle’s love and commitment to him over time changed him. This doesn’t always happen, but sometimes it does, especially in TV show scripts.
Hook made choices that caused Rumpel to make bad choices to respond to Hook’s bad choices to him.
The way Rumpel treated both was dependent upon how he was treated.

(Show notes continued on Hour 2)

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