When will OUAT Season 6 be on Netflix?


Season 6 of Once Upon A Time starts back up on ABC in America on September 25th and for some Netflix regions, that’ll mark the date when you start getting brand new episodes too as we’ll reveal below. The fantasy drama series is back for another season after viewers tune in every year to get the latest on the fan-favorite series. We’re back again too with all the release date information for the new season.

If you’re not familiar with Once Upon A Time, let’s fill you in. With ABC’s parent company, Disney, owning the licenses to some classic princess and animated classics, they figured it was about time they were put into the real world with a much darker tone than that of their animation cousins. It’s led to an instantly recognisable storyline with your childhood classics brought into the modern world. It stars House’s, Jennifer Morrison alongside villain Lana Parilla and many others all reprising classic Disney roles.

once-upon-a-time S6

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