020 FAM OUAT Part B – Louie, Don Juanito, and Awesome Emails

Thank you all who joined us, listened and chatted it up in our new Ustream chatroom! We packed it out, but there’s always room for more. We appreciate all of you!

We read and discuss awesome emails from our awesome listeners, and had a little fun, too. 🙂

In this episode we play an awesome voicemail from Raphael Sbarge. If you haven’t already, please take a moment and thank Raphael ( @RaphaelSbarge ) for leaving a voicemail for the @ouatpodcast . Thanks.

Emails we didn’t get a chance to read:

Hello Jeff and Colleen, This is Sarah from Vancouver, Canada. @SarahHeartie ., I have been meaning to write you guys for like forever to personally thank you for all the time you put in to the podcasts. Love listning! It’s about Midnight right now and I was just trying to catch up of your most recent podcasts (cuz that’s totally what normal ppl do at midnight right? 🙂 ) anyway, I have a few theories that have been haunting me for a bit. Apologies if you have heard these before, you have allot of wonderful listeners and it’s hard trying to keep track of what’s already been mentioned.

Firstly, You were recently talking about Sean and Ashley, and about how Thomas was ‘taken’ in FTL but they seem happily married with a baby in Storybrooke. Remember the ball scene in FTL, they were dancing and Thomas’s dad comes up to Ella and tells her how happy he was for her to be joining their family? Well as we have seen in storybrooke, Sean’s dad wants nothing to do with Ashley. What I am sort of trying to bring up is the fact that sure we see happily ever after, romantic love in fairytales, but In this show they have been featuring the other kinds of love, too. for example: love for friends (snow,red snow, team7 etc.) and Parent/Children love (emma, henry rumple/bae etc.) so maybe, the curse is affecting Sean and Ashley by not separating them, but separating them from their parent. They don’t have that approval and it hurts them. We saw how it effected them many episodes ago in Price of Goal and in a few short follow up scenes and I have a feeling we will be seeing more of that soon! Would love to know your thoughts on what is to come for them?

Also, this has sort of been haunting me from The stable boy. We saw Regina enter the shower and Henry radio Emma to give her the all clear to search the garage, yet Regina figured out she was in there (even though we all saw that coming). First i’m thinking “well duh…she must have some sort of security camera system or something” but after re-watching it, I realized there’s no way Regina would be that normal. I mean, She’s the legendary evil queen! and Emma wouldn’t have entered unless she was sure she wouldn’t be caught. We saw Emma walk to the corner that had the shovel with the missing corner out of it. next to the shovel was a shiny piece of metal. In FTL we saw Regina use mirrors in various situations to see what was going on. My thought is, she was in the bathroom. There would obviously be a mirror in there. Do you think She could have used that and a different mirror or something like a piece of metal to see Emma in her shed?

Again, thanks so much for all you do for us Oncers! Should have written you sooner but at least i’m getting to it done now, right? and apologies if this isn’t the greatest email, im sort of like really tired. This evil regal needs her beauty sleep!

All the best,

P.S. From the few pre-finale and finale scenes I’ve seen filmed around here, It looks totally amazing/Insane/Intense!! Can’t wait 🙂


I have a theory about Baelfire: He comes to Storybrooke and Emma immediately recognizes him and she asks him ‘why he is in Storybrooke and somehow he found out about Henry and he tells her that he is there to get his son and take him out of Storybrooke. He is kinda like the new villain toward Emma (Regina is the still the main villain) and Mr. Gold finds out what this guy is doing (He doesn’t know that this man is his son) and Mr. Gold starts to be protective over Emma and Henry. Baelfire also becomes antagonistic toward Mr. Gold too because Baelfire is bitter over what his father did in FTL.

The reason why I say he could be the new villain is that his personality changed from Fairytale Land to the ‘land without magic’ (Ex. look at Prince Charming / David, his personality definitely changed why not have Baelfire’s personality change too)

Also it is revealed that August is working for Baelfire and that is how he found out about Henry.

This is just a theory I had because I thought about this a couple of times (except the Baelfire being Henry’s dad)

Sometimes I thought when Henry’s dad (before I knew about Baelfire) arrives in town he becomes the next villain and he teams up with Regina.

Also Baelfire comes to Storybrooke under an alias because (if he has his memories) he doesn’t want his father to know that his son is back in town.

Also Mr. Gold becomes extremely protective over Emma, Henry and her family, and Baelfire and him go head to head against each other.



Hi Jeff and Colleen!

I hope y’all have had a good week. It’s been really exciting seeing all the new places you guys are going with the podcast!

I told Jeff that there was a folder on my computer collecting random thoughts for an e-mail, so I figured I should put them to paper and send it out before they all become irrelevant.

Some time ago Jennifer Morrison confirmed via twitter that Emma has a tattoo on her left wrist that is very specific and will eventually be mentioned in the show, which I thought was interesting. I had noticed the tattoo before and knew that Jennifer doesn’t have any tattoos, but thought that maybe it was just a background detail… but when is anything ever “just background” with these writers? If you go back and watch the Pilot, it’s not there, but shows up in episode 2. I’m thinking this is just a continuity issue and it got put in late. I doubt Emma went out to the tattoo parlor after checking into Granny’s 😉 Attached is a cap of the tweet from Jen and a really great screenshot from a Once Upon a Time Fan Site of the little flower on the inside of Emma’s left wrist.

Also, in Hat Trick you guys mentioned the “listening/speaking device” that the Queen of Hearts used. This is a ram’s horn, also known as a Shofar in a Biblical context. It has very specific religious meaning because it is the “trumpet” that would be blown by the angels. I’m not sure if this choice has any real meaning for the show, or the props department just thought it looked cool, but I wanted to put that out there. Here is a link for the Wiki that might be better at explaining: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shofar , and I’ve attached a picture for you guys as well.

And, just because I’ve been reading some speculations about it… some people seem to be on board the “Baelfire is Henry’s father” train. I’m not sure what I think about that, but I definitely think that Bae would have to be much, much older than Emma. There’s not really a concrete timeline for when Bae went to “the land without magic.” We know the curse didn’t yet exist, but eventually Rumple would create it. It would have to pass from Rumple to Maleficent (who knows how long this whole process took) and then to the Evil Queen who would fail the first time she tried to enact it. It is entirely possible Emma hooked up with a much older man, she did mention to Mary Margaret that she “knew” about being with a married man and that Mary Margaret shouldn’t do it, of course this doesn’t mean he was all that much older. I do think that since Gold has apparently kept up with Emma’s whereabouts, he would obviously know who Henry’s father is and if he knew that it was Bae, I think he would have gone after him sooner. And, let’s be honest, I just don’t like the idea that Gold/Rumple is Henry’s grandfather… but we’ll see! Adam and Eddie said that Henry’s father will be revealed, but possibly much later on.

I think that’s it! Thanks again for all you guys do and for always going the extra mile to make things more awesome! We love and appreciate y’all so much!



Hi, Jeff and Colleen.
Thank you for a great podcast! I have been with you from the beginning, but this is my first e-mail to the show.

Many people have great theories and I love to listen and compare to my own. I will confess that there are so many theories that I sometimes forget where I heard them or if they were my own! 🙂

This being said, I have some thoughts I wanted to share, but will apologize upfront if someone has already mentioned them.

Colleen, you think that August is Pinocchio. After last weeks episode, I completely agreed. However, in your last podcast when Jeff theorized August could be the Tin Man, I thought “YES!”. To me, this linked a thought I had during the episode.

When Bae tossed the bean to the ground, we saw a green, swirling vortex to carry them to the other world. Immediately I thought “hmm, wonder if that is the tornado that carried Dorothy to OZ.”. It really looked like a tornado to me. Throw in the Kansas license plate August reportedly has on his motorcycle (thank you other listeners!) and the theory begins to make sense.

I also started to think about Bae. How would a child react to having his father, the person he loves the most, break a promise and choose power over him? What did he learn and take with him to the next world? My theory is that Bae let hurt and anger overcome him. He cut off love and began to search for power. If his father thought it was more important, then it should be worth having, right? What if Bae becomes the Wizard of OZ?

Whether Bae slid into OZ or into our world, I believe he is not the same child we saw in fairy tale world. I think his fathers rejection hardened him. And I think he is Henry’s father. Emma has indicated that Henry’s father is not a nice person (she made up the firefighter story for Henry since the truth would have hurt him). Maybe he is the reason Emma was in jail when she had Henry and also why she closed herself off and made a career of “catching bad guys”.

Sorry this message is so long. I wish I could sit and run theories down with other fans all day! I was only able to listen to the first half of this weeks podcast so sorry if some of this was already covered. Thanks for giving me a place to hash out the “why” behind why I believe these theories.

Big love to you both for all you do and to the other listeners in the community. And much love to the cast and crew without which our lives would have a little less magic!

Kim @ABBAwriter


Hi all, it’s Kate (MysteryKat25) again. Just a few things I wanted to mention after watching “The Return”

I completely agree with what everybody has been saying about the dialogue in this episode. It was on FIRE! (Emma’s comments to Mr. Gold about August, Gold to Regina, etc etc, LOVED it!)
Mystery guy at the party Colleen pointed out:

I believe this is Billy the mechanic. He often gravitates to Ruby and was actually my original guess for the wolf. All we know about him right now from what little we’ve seen is that he runs the towing service (his truck says Franklin’s), and is always seen in Ruby’s company. He towed Ruby’s car (she warned him to be careful of her wolf ornament), helped out at the mine incident, and was hanging out at the Rabbit Hole where Ruby was on girls night during “Skin Deep.” He bugs me almost as much as Dr. Whale as far as not knowing who he is, with only August being above them (more on him soon).


The timeline has been killing me with the Baelfire thing because Rumpel became the Dark One centuries ago and Baelfire was on the verge of his 14th birthday when that happened. But then this nifty little line occurred in “The Return” stating that he traveled through “time & space” so he could be almost anywhere and any…when? Right?

I’ve heard some interesting theories about Bae still being alive and possibly being Henry’s dad since we’ve been told before that we will meet him and maybe not know we’ve met him (which means Emma won’t be interacting with him anytime soon) but until this “time & space” line happened, I couldn’t wrap my head around this issue. Now, however, it sounds like a completely plausible idea. He was 14 when he traveled to a place without magic (perhaps our world? – not Storybrooke, outside of it, away from the curse, away from magic) and if he landed at the right TIME in the timeline then perhaps he was only 14 years older than Emma which makes the timeline plausible again.

Also Dylan (Bae) looks like a young Robert Carlyle (somebody showed a picture comparison, I can’t remember where) but he also looks a little like Jared so it wouldn’t surprise me if they do end up having the characters be related (much like their spot-on casting with “mini-Ginny” and Ginny / Jennifer who look like they could be related easily).

I don’t think Bae is in Storybrooke right now or Rumpel would have found him. He’s had months to search since hearing Emma’s name and snapping out of his frozen state. Perhaps August was able to pretend to be Bae because Rumpel EXPECTED him to be 28 years older than the last time he saw him and to be from out of town where Rumpel himself cannot currently go because he needs Emma to break the curse first?


I am more and more convinced that August is Pinocchio and the 7 year old boy who found Emma. When we last saw Pinocchio in Fairy Tale Land he was sitting in the War Council meeting with Gepetto so he’d be privy to some information which would explain why he knows a lot about Emma and the curse.

I watched the Pinocchio movie a couple weeks ago and one thing I noticed was that Pinocchio’s nose only grew in one scene of the movie when he is being interrogated by the Blue Fairy. We saw August talk to Mother Superior (the Blue Fairy) but what she says he told her (which is all we have to go on right now) is that he is in town trying to get back in contact with his father (Marco / Gepetto?) and that they had a rough parting (which could very easily be true, we just haven’t seen it yet). This world doesn’t have magic except for perhaps Emma (the hat did seem to work) and he didn’t technically lie to the Blue Fairy from what I can tell, so I’m not sure if it would grow to begin with. Pinocchio had an issue with lying that made it difficult for him to become a real boy and August seems to have a similar issue (hello, lemurs?)

I know some are questioning how he would just now be turning back into wood if he has been away from the curse for 28 years but he has also been away from the other fairy tale creatures for 28 years. Perhaps now that he is back within the borders of an enchanted land, he is slowly turning back? This isn’t the case for say, Jiminy Cricket, because he was a human turned into a cricket, whereas Pinocchio was a puppet to begin with and is clearly getting desperate.

I absolutely love the August & Henry scenes and I re-watched one of their first ones earlier when August was fixing his bike outside Henry’s house. The last thing he says in that conversation is to tell Henry “Better get to school.” Pinocchio is told over and over again to get to school (not that he listens much) but perhaps August is passing along wisdom that took him forever to learn? Seems like one of those innocent little lines that just slaps you in the face on re-watch (if he is in fact Pinocchio) but was brilliantly placed and fits right in with the rest of what’s going on.

Blue Fairy / Mother Superior

I’m torn on whether the Blue Fairy remembers who she is. If she is the “ancient being who rules the night, the original power” you would think she’d have some way around it, especially knowing that Rumpel made it his life’s ambition to create such a curse. She certainly had plenty of warning, even if she could only manage to scrounge up an escape plan for one baby. Who knows.

Did anybody else get a kick out of Morraine’s spiel about how the Ruel Gorhm was “bigger than anything” and then it’s this little tiny fairy?

Love the podcast. Keep up the great work!



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