037 FAM OUAT Part B (After Party) Shay Voicemail, Once Wonders Pt. 2, Lost/OUAT writer and OUAT News compiler needed

Shay Voicemail

Once Wonders Part 2

Things needed for the podcast/blog

Lost/OUAT blog post writer

OUAT News compiler

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9 thoughts on “037 FAM OUAT Part B (After Party) Shay Voicemail, Once Wonders Pt. 2, Lost/OUAT writer and OUAT News compiler needed

  1. Manny

    OK, Jeff!

    How do I listen to the podcasts now? Do I need to down load another player? I no longer see the player we used to use. I’m usually there for the LIVE shows, so it’s been a while since I’ve had to listen to one on the blog site, so I guess I’m out of the loop…”?” I don’t like “itunes” because they don’t allow you to pause, FW or RW, unless that has changed recently? Give me the heads up, would ya? Thanks!

  2. Manny

    One more thing….. Where it says “Play in new Window” it takes me to a “Blank” page with the tab entitled “BluBrry” and that’s it…just a white screen……”?”

  3. Manny

    Did Regina want the baby!!??? You guys haven’t reviewed at ALL!, have you?
    That’s exactly what Regina was after, that’s why she was there! If Regina gets Emma!, there is no “Savior”…. Regina takes Emma and Emma stays an infant for ever!!! in Storybrooke! The Dark Curse lasts for ever! with no hope of her ever maturing to adulthood and her 28th birthday!!! Rumple tells the EQ of the child and that it would be the key. PC&Snow’s child is the key, but, he never told the EQ what the child’s name was even though he knew at that time. The EQ knew the baby was a girl, somehow, because when the EQ asks her guard, “And the child?” Guard: “Gone,…It was in the wardrobe, then it was gone. It’s nowhere to be found.” EQ: “Where is SHE?”… So Regina knew it was a girl, but never knew it’s name……. listening on iTunes

    1. Admin of Storybrooke ;) Post author

      Manny, deep breaths bro. If we reviewed like you (and countless Itunes reviewers) are suggesting, it would be a a college lecture with no chance (or reason) for interaction. We do review, but as you point out, not as thorough as you would like. We do make mistakes (but other podcasts do too, btw), however the key to our podcast is a three legged table; 1. Hosts (which I have pointed out long ago doesn’t make us “uber authorities (If that were so, we would be writing or consulting for Once Upon a Time),” of the show), a better term are facilitators. We bring everyone together for community connection and input. We don’t know everything, but the listener community does, so we are covered (Like now. See, it works), 2. The listeners, and 3. The Cast and Crew. When all three legs work together with input, it is magical and a podcast worth being in the top 5 of Itunes. I wish we could spend more time reviewing everything more, but work and life seem to always crowd things out. It was either go with the three legged approach or shut the show down a long time ago (I did consider that seriously awhile back). I know it can be frustrating from time to time, but it’s the way things have to be for our podcast. Sorry.

      1. Manny

        My Bad! Bro,….. I didn’t think you would take that the way you apparently did… I wasn’t bitching at ya! Although, someone who didn’t know me might interpret it that way, but I thought we knew eachother a little better than that. By all means, my friend,…”Follow Your Bliss!” make the Podcast what you invisioned!…. I got it!

  4. Manny

    wait a minute…. wait a minute….wait a minute, heeeeeeere ah!….. You two need to review “Badly!”…. and I say that with all the Oncer love possible! And this Friday and Saturday looks like a good chance for some quality time together….

    Regina brought Jefferson to Sorybrooke with the intent of Jefferson having his full memory intacked as part of his curse. “To remember” what he had and no longer has anymore and the mansion that she put him up in was some consolation because she knew someday she might need to use the Hat!.

  5. Manny

    One more thing……… You’ll have a very difficult time mixing the overall mythology of LOST and Once at the same time. Here’s the problem. LOST was misinterpreted to begin with by most if not all! It became a cult following and a misreading of the symbolism took hold, and that which is perceived by the majority becomes the truth within the majority. It became a literary misreading of the symbols like what happened to the Bible. That has yet to happen to Once. Even with the so called easter eggs sprinkled in. The true mythology of Once still stands on it’s own apart from that of LOST. One of the reasons for that, ironically, is because of the misreading of the symbols by LOST devotees. They cannot apply those incorrect readings to Once.

    For Example: The 108 on Regina’s door is recognized by LOST devotees as an easter egg to them. And that’s right where they leave it too! Unable to tell you why it’s on Regina’s door. Their only reference to the number has to do with numbers punched into a computer at certain intervals of time. They completely miss the inference of that to the daily rounds of chanting on prayer beads that must be completed and are counted on a string of 108 beads. If the original eastern spiritual philosophy, which was originally intened in LOST as well, was correctly interpreted, they would tell you that Regina, with that 108 on her door, symbolizes the 108 difilements, as well as the 108 earthly temptations that eastern philosophers believe that a human being must overcome to achieve Dharma Yuka, Moksha, Nirvana, or “Personal Spiritual Liberation” OR in our case, it (Regina) was what Sheriff Graham had to overcome to find his *heart* and symbolically his Spiritual Liberation…..but, if you don’t believe in that kind of thing….well then,……you’re left with an easter egg, aren’t you?…ha!, “easter egg”, more irony.
    Once Upon ATime still holds it’s chance to relay it’s message correctly to those who will listen for themselves.
    LOST has no chance for redemption along those paths, to it’s message of redemption. (more irony, yet!)
    Once seems to be a message of “Hope” which still, through it’s own symbolism, has a very good chance of coming through, loud and clear, to anyone who will listen hard enough.

    1. Admin of Storybrooke ;) Post author

      Point taken. My reason for framing the request the way I did was that someone that understood the mythology levels of Lost would understand the mythology levels (in a general sense) of OUAT.

      1. Manny

        Which is what I tried to address above. The person that understands the “accepted by the majority” levels of LOST (which are incorrect), would not be able to translate that mythology to Once. They are not interchangable, as one is incorrect. Once is still pristine in that regard. But. I’m sure someone will try, erroneously, to blend the two eventually.
        If you could find someone who correctly understands the symbolisms of LOST…. then you would be able to interchange their mythologies as they would then become universal…. as was intended in the first place.
        But, as we’ve seen, ANYBODY who attempts to challenge the majority acceptance of the present interpretation of the mythology of LOST is quickly Hisssed, shunned, run out of town, stoned to death! LOL!…., thus, your difficulty in finding someone to do that……………………”correctly”
        Big Love mah Oncer Brother!


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