2014 Hiatus Minisode 7 – Interview with “Once Upon a Knit” writer and knitter, Genevieve Miller. Lost, Star Wars, Knitting, Ravelry, Once Upon a Time

This is an official Once Upon a Time podcast dedicated to the hit ABC TV show, Once Upon a Time

This is podcast number 206

Show notes can be found at:


Genevieve Miller


Genevieve Unraveled



Comic Con

Star Wars Celebration

Chicken Pox on Halloween/Birthday in the 5th grade

Family Oz costumes

Husband encourages her nerdiness

Son Shaun of the Dead costume


How did you first discover Once Upon a Time?

What keeps you watching?

What are you looking forward to when it returns next Sunday?


What got you interested in knitting?

What would you tell someone that wanted to start knitting? What would you do first?

What would you tell someone that started and stopped? Maybe got stuck, etc.

Vampire Knits

Once Upon a Knit


Disclosure: We were provided with a free review copy of the book. Our review is our honest thoughts of the book.

How hard was it to put together?

Love the fun quizzes

Love the pictures of how things should be set up

Who is the book for?

What was a fun discovery you made during the book writing process?

To purchase Once Upon a Knit, please use our affiliate link. We get a small percentage. Thanks for your support:


One More Thing!

Listen to our interview with the maker of Emma’s Baby Blanket here: http://www.onceuponatimepodcast.com/emmasblanket

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