OUAT Themes and Meanings – 1. Hope


Always Hold onto HOPE:

The theme of HOPE has been a staple in the world of Once Upon A Time from the start. We must always hold onto hope, in the darkest night or deepest valley, like a light in darkness or encouragement to keep moving forward. Hope is like fuel, waiting for our spark of action. We must believe in Hope’s power, and believe that it can get us through anything, because sometimes it feels like Hope is all we have. As Snow says in the episode that started it all: “believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a very powerful thing”. The theme of HOPE has driven all of the Once Upon a Time characters. Can you think of all the hopes that the OUAT characters have held onto in the face of difficulty?

From the hope for love, hope for happiness, hope for a reunion with loved ones, and the hope that things will get better. No matter what life brings us, we must always hold onto hope.

What about you? How has hope and/or holding onto hope been important to you in your life?

Initially submitted by Marissa. Final edit by Jeff Roney.

1 thought on “OUAT Themes and Meanings – 1. Hope

  1. Jenna E

    Hope is everything to me. Hope allows me to put a smile on my face in spite of hardships. Hope allows me to think that there will be a day when my health challenges will be things of the past. Hope allows me to believe that my Prince Charming is around the next corner. Hope allows me to remain an optimist. Hope allows me to believe that there is magic in everyday life. I believe that hope leads us to all good things. I hope that hope is in all of your lives too.
    Big love to all!


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