Sympathy for the De Vil Review – First Thoughts – 276



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Sympathy for the De Vil Review

First Thoughts

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Episode Number: 276

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In the opening scene, we see young Cruella running away from home. Was that the first time she did, or was is one time of many?

How did Madeline (Cruella’s mother (Played by Anna Galvin)) have control over the dogs? That must have been some kind of magic. How did Madeline become magical? What is her backstory?

Throughout the episode, Madeline used dog training terms on Cruella, like “Stay (Here)”, “Be Quiet”, “Learn to Obey”, etc.

When Cruella goaded Malefiecent into turning into a dragon, and in that form, Cruella used her magical influence to cause Maleficent to “take a nap”. It is interesting to note that that the term nap was what Regina used when she performed a sleeping spell on young Snow’s horse in the episode “Enter the Dragon”.

When Regina went to visit Belle at Gold’s pawn shop, she seemed to accept Regina’s offer rather quickly. I wondered if the Belle we saw was not the real Belle. Shape shifting is almost the norm is the stories now, and Belle was some kind of vision to Rumpel on Neverland.

The Author’s name is Isaac.

Gold had the quill. The quill must be used with the special ink to write or change a story.

We see Rumpel’s dark heart with just a glint of goodness. Rumpel told Belle that if his heart is completely taken over by darkness, he will “In a matter of speaking, he’ll die”, meaning “I’ll lost the ability to love”.

There were lots of threats and lots of playing “chicken” with characters tonight. Gold used Regina’s redemption to question her threat of killing Belle by crushing her heart if Gold told Zelena that Regina was coming to destroy her.

The term “Hero” was used to make those that used it to validate, invalidate or limit their actions. For instance the use of “Heroes don’t kill,” by Cruella, and Emma called her parents “Heroes are Paragon’s of virtue” but Hook told Emma, “Even Heroes make mistakes, love”, and Regina told Emma that Snow had been trying to make up for her mistake for a long time.

We had a Romeo and Juliet moment, even.



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4 thoughts on “Sympathy for the De Vil Review – First Thoughts – 276


    YOUR link to the RSS feed is corrupt can you fix it as I like to save RSS feeds in my FEEDLY account…. I prefer it to iTUNES.

  2. Andrea

    It was real Belle. ABC in it’s infinite wisdom, last week writing the recap for ‘Heart of Gold’ inadvertently put this in: “The race is on to find the runaway author before Mr. Gold does. Too late. Gold gets there first. He tells the Author that he is going to write him a whole bunch of happy endings. As for Regina, she steals Belle’s heart. She believes the Evil Queen needs to do what she does best in order to save the people she loves.”
    This went around the Rumbelle fandom for about an hour or so, then ABC pulled it down so fast but someone saved the wording because we were confused on why we didn’t see it in last week’s episode. Now, we know it was meant for this episode.
    That flushing sound you hear is Regina’s redemption arc down the tubes. This is all the Rumbelle fandom is talking about.

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