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Episode Name: Quite a Common Fairy

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Quite a Common Fairy

Dropped a bit 7.53 Million Viewers

Lost Girl

8 Million Viewers

The Heart of the True Believer

8.52 Million Viewers

Mickey’s Halloween Party

It was so great meeting Skylar and her friends. Check out her and friend’s OUAT costumes!


Our thoughts:

Tinkerbell was the inside source to Pan’s Lost Boys. If you are known as that, what else had she done? Was she involved with Hook departure from Neverland? If so, what did she do to help him, and why did she help him?

Regina’s “Intolerable” seemed like her trying out her “Evil Queen” type addressing people and situations. Prior to that she seemed nicer, but still simmering with rage.

Who/What helped Gold find Henry? His shadow? Tink (She was good at finding things)? In retrospect, this was impossible, so my eye is still on Rumpel’s shadow.

Tink’s wings were removed at Regina’s castle. How and Why was she banished to Neverland?

Tink (before Regina hurt her) really wanted to help people, and that probably answers why she was watching and helped Regina.

Regina on Neverland mirrored Rumpel calling out to the person watching/waiting for them.

Was Regina’s awesome dialogue with Tink and bearing her heart a ruse to get Tink to help the group find Henry, or was Regina exposing how she really felt?

Imagination is an important element to Neverland. How will this play out as our group goes deeper in Neverland? Will we have the Hook(The movie)-esque moments of imagination making things appear/disappear?

More hints at the Mulan and Aurora almost romance;
“Stop denying who you are”
Hook/Charming’s discussion that included “Tell her”
Regina’s hesitance to approach someone that may be her true love, mirrors Mulan’s hesitance.

Email points:

From Holly

Hey Jeff and Colleen,

This was quite the emotional episode. Regina being afraid to find love again and not wanting to be weak. The talk that Regina had with Tinkerbell while she was holding Regina’s heart was very emotional. Choosing hope over revenge and anger. Really didn’t like the Blue Fairy this episode, sure she’s the head fairy and all, but Tink was right about giving people second chances, unless something else happened off screen with Tink that made the Blue fairy not wanting to give Tink another chance.  Pan’s manipulating things yet again. We get to meet Robin’s son Roland, and Little John. Roland’s sure a cutie. Neal was able to find away to Neverland. Was so very glad that Mulan was able to  make sure that the shadow didn’t take Roland after he said he believed and that Robin was okay with using his son to help Neal go to Neverland to get his son back. Just hoping that the shadow doesn’t come back for a return appearance to get Roland. I can sense a Robin and Mulan pairing coming. Was a little surprised by the reveal that the man with the lion tattoo was Robin. One thing’s for sure when Tink gets back to Storybrooke with the others after they get Henry, I wouldn’t be too surprised if there’s not going to be some fireworks between the Blue Fairy and Tink. I’ll wrap it up here. Looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts on this episode. Big Love to everyone.



From Marcie

Jeff and Colleen,
I was doing some more thinking and was watching the cartoon version of Peter Pan. When the kids and peter are flying off to neverland and come to the clock I said wouldn’t that be funny if when they land it is 8:15 and it was! Do you think from the very first episode this is where Adam and Eddie were headed for all along?
Second thing is back to the shadow, kind of. Just rewatching last nights episode and with Peter knowing all that about Henry maybe he just let Bae/Neal go so that this all could come to pass and he could get Henry’s heart for getting off neverland or saving magic.
Please let me know what you think on both of these.



Play the Shadow Air comedy bit


From Maii

I thought Tinker Bell was a wonderful character and one of the best portrayal of Tinker Bell in a long time. I thought this episode was just amazing, Hook knowing Charming was hurt, Tinker Bell and Regina’s relationship, Mulan and Robin etc.
Regina is finally on a path to redemption, more than last year bc this year she’s actually admitting she did wrong. Something she didn’t do last season, last season she was still blaming everyone but herself but now she’s like okay I admit I screwed up. The first step to solving a problem is admitting it so she can only go up from there. 
Normally I like Neal (when he’s not around Emma) but I absolutely loathed Neal using little Roland for his own gain, He emotionally blackmailed Robin Hood, a man with a good hurt and willing to do anything for love, into allowing him to use his son to call the Pan shadow. To me no matter what your reason is, it’s wrong. Bottom line he used a little boy as bait. He used him as a pawn.  He knew Robin’s sense of honor wouldn’t let him go back on the debt (of Rumple sparing in the past) but using a little boy was just low.. 
I think it’s going to backfire on Neal, Roland is what 4 years old? This is a toddler with curiosity. What is to stop him from saying it again when no one is around? I think the shadow is going to come for little Roland and he’s going to take him to Neverland and that’s how Robin Hood will end up in Neverland and meet Regina. 
Speaking of Regal Arrow, I think they are a fantastic couple or well have the potential to be a great couple. They compliment each other nicely and they both know what it’s like to be a protective parent and have both lost a loved one. 
Even though I love Philip and Aurora my heart broke for Mulan, and as a final note? I don’t trust Blue at all..I’m pretty sure she’s evil she’s way too shady.  
As always great podcast!


From Aleana

I love this episode the scenes with Regina and Tinkerbell past and present was good also the scenes between Regina and Emma love that Regina named the team Operation Henry which make me think that Henry had code names growing up also like seeing that Regina like working in a group even though she doesn’t show it I don’t mind that Robin Hood is Regina second love I’m just happy she get a second love even though I want Regina and Hook to get together Love the scene between Snow and Emma hope we get more because Emma really don’t know much about her parents lives I like present day enchanted forest but I don’t mind Nealfre got to Neverland quick that mean we focus more on Neverland and flashbacks I piss about Mulan and Aurora because I knew it that Mulan was in love with Aurora hope maybe Mulan will find her true love Robin Hood son is so adorable Loving the bromance between Charming and Hook I don’t want Charming to die I do have theory that maybe Emma magic might save her father or if it’s true that Henry suppose to save magic maybe he the one to save his grandfather and if Peter Pan is right that Henry won’t want to leave I think Snow is the one who going to convince Henry to leave not Emma
Look Forward To Listening To Your Podcast


From Brad

Hello Jeff and Colleen, 
     Here are things I learned this week on Quite A Common Fairy

#1. Even David Nolan needs a break once in awhile. 
#2. Henry’s terrible at catching apples.
#3. Rumpelstiltskin owns Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer).
#4. “Walking is idiotic” – Regina 
#5. Fairies live in tulips.
#6. Tinker Bell with no wings does not fall gracefully. 
#7. The lost boys do not mind losing fingers.
     #8. We’re not in Storybrooke anymore, Regina needs to lose the blue blazer.  
     #9. It’s probably not a good idea to let your kids yell “I believe” while standing in front of the window. 
     #10. Throwing knives on the ground is “tons of fun.” 

    Have a great podcast!   

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Storybrooke Music Festival

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