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Episode Name: Save Henry

Podcast Episode #194

Casting News:

Rebecca Mader (played Charlotte from Lost, she has also been in Covert Affairs and was in the film “Rainbow Tribe” as Mrs. Murray) has been cast as – we don’t know.


Alexandra Metz (Chicago Fire (Elsie Mills) and The Originals) and has been cast as Rapunzel.


Email points:

School projects from listeners;

Paige said that ”
I use #OnceUponATime for school projects as often as I can!! :)”


Hi Jeff & Colleen,
You asked if anyone had used “Once Upon A Time” in a school project. Well, I’m long out of school, but I used it – and fairy tales in general – for a whole knitting book.

It comes out February 4th, 2014, and I’d be more than happy to send you a copy when it comes out. Would you at all be interested in reviewing it?

Once Upon a Knit: 28 Grimm and Glamorous Fairy-Tale Projects

Once Upon a Knit: 28 Grimm and Glamorous Fairy-Tale Projects


From Computer Deb

Tink cleans up

1. You were right Tink was a mess when we first met her. But each time she is with Neverland Avengers she gets a little more sparkly.

Spooky Pan

2 I have loved SciFi horror since I was a kid. That has been many years
   Pan is the creepiest villain I ever met.

Please excuse spelling keep up great shows.


From Aleana

Daddy and Daughter bonding moment

I love this episode my favorite parts is when Regina and Emma was talking about Regina only having Henry I think it’s sad but I don’t think it’s true she has Tinkerbell also think she has the Charming family in a way love Regina Emma and Snow with Peter Pan talking about regrets and love Regina saying she doesn’t have any regrets because it got her son I do think she sorry she for what she did love Emma speech to the lost boys I don’t think they are anti adoption to me because I like that Snow was holding her grandchild and I don’t think the reason baby Henry stop crying because Snow was holding him the reason he stop is because she was showing love  Regina wanted a child to fill the hole in heart she didn’t for herself not for Henry and not until she decide to give him back that she realize that he needs a mother and love and not just to fill the hole in heart I love that Rumple told Regina that she raise Henry well and love that it was him love the moment with Regina and Tink but I do want to see Regina and Snow have some moments because actresses did say they want Regina and Snow to have a relationship love that Henry is Peter Pan I just hope he can pull it off love actor who plays Henry but his acting sometimes is a bit off love that Charming telling Emma that she a good leader because he didn’t think everyone would be able to work together love Rumple and Nealfire scenes can’t wait for next episode


From Paige

Full Acting Range Regina. Paige wants to wake up the Emmy committee. Paige loved the range-

From Evil Queen to new mom to hero mom, from crying to Emma, to confronting Gold, to standing up to Pan, to soothing Henry – she played every facet of Regina perfectly – so natural and genuine – and she had me in tears throughout most of this episode.

There were multiple Henry babies used for the episode-

(Lana had tweeted that multiple babies played baby Henry).

Archie is (sometimes) Regina’s confidant and (dare I say) conscience-

It was so great to see Raphael Sbarge return as Archie! All his scenes where he counseled Regina were wonderful, and I loved when he told her, “If you keep worrying about the future, you’ll never enjoy the present.” That’s something that I think resonated with everyone watching, and it is definitely something that I needed to be reminded of.

Toddler Henry, too?

as soon as Regina asked Henry, “What shall we do today?” I immediately wanted to see more of their time together! I would love to see Regina with toddler Henry someday! I’m not sure how they could work it into the story at this point, but hopefully someday we will be able to see more of Regina and Henry’s past together. Lana was so natural and beautiful in her scenes with baby Henry, and I would love to see how she would interact with a toddler Henry.

Hi Jeff and Colleen!
Wow! What an episode! I still can’t really put all of my thoughts and feelings about this amazing episode into coherent thoughts, but I will do my best.
Seeing the story of how Regina came to adopt Henry was something that I and many other Evil Regals had been hoping and waiting to see for a long time – since Season 1, really – and it was everything I had hoped for and more. Thank you to Adam, Eddy, Christine Boylan, Daniel T. Thomsen, and the entire Once Upon A Time writing team for finally telling this story; I have never been so emotionally satisfied by an episode of television, and I never wanted this episode to end.
Brava and all the awards to Lana Parrilla!! (Seriously Emmy committee, were you watching?? Give this incredibly talented woman an Emmy already, please and thank you!) Lana always delivers fantastic and brilliant performances, and this episode was certainly no exception. From Evil Queen to new mom to hero mom, from crying to Emma, to confronting Gold, to standing up to Pan, to soothing Henry – she played every facet of Regina perfectly – so natural and genuine – and she had me in tears throughout most of this episode. Seeing Regina see and hold Henry for the first time was absolutely priceless, and every scene between Regina and baby Henry melted my heart. Lana’s maternal instincts really came through, and she had such a great connection with those babies (Lana had tweeted that multiple babies played baby Henry).
It was so great to see Raphael Sbarge return as Archie! All his scenes where he counseled Regina were wonderful, and I loved when he told her, “If you keep worrying about the future, you’ll never enjoy the present.” That’s something that I think resonated with everyone watching, and it is definitely something that I needed to be reminded of.
Seeing Henry hug both of his mothers when he woke up was something I had been waiting to see. It was such a beautiful moment, and I hope we see more moments like that in the future.
One scene in particular that is definitely one of my new favorites was the scene between Regina and baby Henry in Regina’s vault. Hearing Regina tell her “Once upon a time” story to Henry took my breath away and had tears streaming down my face. That scene showed, once and for all, that Henry is Regina’s everything, and that she always put Henry first. As an Evil Regal, it was so fulfilling to see Regina get her “happily ever after,” even though we know there are many more trials and tribulations that lay ahead for our dear Queen at that point. I believe that, in the end, Regina will discover her own complete happy ending again someday. For now, she saved her son, and that is enough.
Now, I don’t want to be greedy, because it was so great to finally see Regina with baby Henry, but as soon as Regina asked Henry, “What shall we do today?” I immediately wanted to see more of their time together! I would love to see Regina with toddler Henry someday! I’m not sure how they could work it into the story at this point, but hopefully someday we will be able to see more of Regina and Henry’s past together. Lana was so natural and beautiful in her scenes with baby Henry, and I would love to see how she would interact with a toddler Henry.
I hope others get what I’m talking about when I say this – you know that warm and fuzzy feeling you get inside at the end of a Disney movie? That feeling of pure happiness, and feeling that no matter what else may be going on, at least for the moment, everything is okay? That is the exact feeling I got towards the end of this episode. Seeing everyone united to see the Jolly Roger take flight for home; seeing Snow care for the Lost Boys; the Charming family hug; the conversation between Charming and Emma when Charming echoed Emma’s sentiments from the season premiere about all of them working together; the conversation between Wendy and Tink when Wendy told Tink she believes in her; the conversation between Tink and Regina when Tink told Regina she knew she still had good in her; and the beautiful bonding moments between Henry and Regina – both in flashback and present day – had me tearing up and smiling from ear to ear. The scene between Regina and Henry where she was tucking him in was especially heartwarming, and is another favorite scene of mine. In that moment, they were not the Evil Queen and the son of the Savior and the spawn of the Dark One; in that moment, they were simply mother and son, Regina and Henry, a Queen and her Little Prince, and seeing Regina smile after Henry said “Thanks, mom” after she protected his heart was absolutely beautiful.
And then came that twist! I totally did not see that coming! The drama of Neverland is about to come to Storybrooke, and I now understand the title of the next episode – “The New Neverland”.
All in all, “Save Henry” is my favorite episode of Season 3 so far, and it is definitely a new favorite episode of the entire series for me. I know this is an episode that I will rewatch over and over again (I have already rewatched it at least 5 times, and the episode just aired yesterday!). I can’t believe we only have two episodes left before another hiatus – a 3-month long hiatus at that. Well, as Archie said, “Enjoy the present!” I am super excited for the final two episodes of 2013; I’m sure they are going to be epic, and I can’t wait to see what new adventures lie ahead for our beloved characters.

Paige’s shout out

Happy Holidays and Big Love to all!


From Lorie

Lorie noticed that Regina’s ‘doing the right thing’ in Season 2 and finding her place in this rescue party has now paid off-

I was surprised that Coleen didn’t mention this, but what about the way Henry and Regina interacted with each other in present day.  Season one, Henry did anything he could to push Regina away in favor of Emma.  Season 2, Regina loves Henry, but he always runs past her to hug Emma.  All the celebrations are with Emma, Henry, and the Charming Camp of characters.  Regina is always left standing to the side. 
When Henry’s heart was restored, he hugged both Emma and Regina.  Then all of the mother/son interaction on this episode were between Regina and Henry.  We didn’t really see any with Emma and Henry.  Its as if he is starting to accept the fact that he has 2 mothers who both love him and care for him.  And the mothers seem to realize that Henry needs both of his mothers. 

Rumpel, Charming, the tonic, the Neverland water and the what happened to Liam.

Also, Charming is on the ship heading home.  We know that Rumple/gold thinks he can create a potion to help, but thinks is not a definite.  Hooks brother died as soon as the ship hit water outside of Neverland.  So what will happen to David as soon as he hits water in Storybrook?  Did they take some of the magic water home for David to keep him going till Gold comes up with a cure?  I guess since they mentioned it as a possibility, that we are to assume that is what they did.

Jeff’s note: What about the Pixie Dust, will Tink have to choose between using it for her re-winging or Charming’s healing.

Lorie is our number #1 Pennsylvania listener, but she needs help to get the word out-
A few podcasts ago, you mentioned one of your top download states was Pennsylvania.  That’s where I live and I was surprised to hear that stat.  Of all of my friends and work associates, there are only 3 of us who watch this show.  We are all avid viewers, but the show just doesn’t seem to have a big following in this area.  I have done my part to try to get people interested, but not much luck.


From Marissa,

Hi Jeff and Colleen!!

Words cannot express how much I loved “Save Henry”. Along with many other Evil Regals and Oncers, I have been waiting and praying for Henry’s adoption story since the beginning of the series – and it was everything I could have hoped for and more!! Lana’s performance completely blew me away – she was absolutely spectacular and had me sobbing tears of joy the full hour. You can tell how much Lana enjoyed finally getting to act out this beautiful story of mother and son finding each other. 

I could talk on and on about this episode, but here are some of the highlights for me: 

J – The parallel of the Mom’s between A Land w/o Magic (Season 1 finale) and Save Henry

The moment between Regina and Emma at skull rock was beautiful, and it was the first moment that had me in tears. You could feel the pain in Regina’s voice – longing for all the love Emma has in her life – and the fear of loosing her son, her everything. You could also see how far the two women have come, and the understanding and respect they now have for one another was wonderful to see. Also, Henry waking up to Regina’s voice just as he woke up to Emma’s kiss in season one was a very cool parallel. 

All the scenes with Regina and Baby Henry were absolutely precious. It was heartbreaking to see her initial struggle with motherhood and her fear that she couldn’t comfort her own son. But then to see her become a mother before our eyes was incredible. Telling Henry the story in her family mausoleum was one of my most favorite moments.

J – Regina’s action of putting Henry first (Removing worry, so she could focus on Henry. Was there a limit of how far back she would forget (because the Snow White revenge would rule her far more than worrying about Emma)

Regina taking the potion to forget about Emma proved that from the very beginning she put her son first. Any threat of the curse breaking, or any threat to her power was always second to Henry – we saw it in A Land Without Magic, and we saw it again in Save Henry. 

Although this honestly could be said about almost every scene in this episode, the scene between Regina and Henry on the pirate ship is definitely one of my most favorite scenes of the series. It was such a genuine moment, and I hope to see more moments like that in the future. 

A few other thoughts: 

J – Correction help

Adam and Eddy have previously said that Mr. Gold remembered his Fairy Tale identity when he first heard Emma’s name (in the pilot when he meets her at Grannys). But as you guys discussed, after watching this episode and seeing Rumple and Regina’s scenes together – it seems pretty clear that Rumple knew what he was doing, and he knew exactly who Regina was talking about when she came to him angry and panicked. So I’d love to hear from the men themselves if this is true

You guys mentioned in your “First Thoughts” about the time when Rumple asked Regina how it felt to use magic: it was in “We Are Both” when Regina used magic for the first time and pushed Cora through the looking glass. 

You guys also questioned why hadn’t Regina used the spell to keep Henry’s heart safe before. I think the reason is because she didn’t have magic until Season 2, and not only was she frequently separated from him, but for a long time she was really trying hard not to use magic to get Henry back. After this, I’m sure she’s going to use every protection spell in the book!

J – The problem now is that Regina has “trapped” Henry’s heart in the body that Pan has invaded.

I already know I haven’t expressed my feelings about this episode as eloquently as I would’ve liked – my head is just too full of RAINBOW KISSES AND UNICORN STICKERS after that spectacular episode!

Big Love to you both – thank you for all that you do- and Big Love to all #Oncers listening!!


From Lisa

Hi Jeff and Colleen,
Listening to your first thoughts on this episode almost convinced me that “Save Henry” wasn’t the hurried, convoluted mess I thought it was……almost. The truth is that as much as I love OUAT certain episodes highlight things that really bother me about the show and this was one of them. Where do I begin…..

J – Moments left out of a transition of a character


Rushed loose end tie-ups

Let’s start with the Regina/Henry dynamic. In season one we met Henry traveling from Maine to Boston in search of his birth mother, Emma. For months we heard him tell Emma how much his life with Regina sucked and all the kid did was beg Emma to get him away from her(….and break the curse). Suddenly in season two the curse is broken and Henry is all about keeping the town from hurting Regina. Did we ever really see how Henry got from point “A”(hating Regina) to point “B”(wanting to protect her). She’s his mom(one of his moms)Evil Queen and all; I get that. My point is that the show all too often leaves out the moments that would and could make what follows more meaningful. Seeing Henry struggle with his feelings for Regina falls into that category(IMO).

Then we have the show’s tendency to become lazy with its storytelling. This occurred a lot in season two and, thankfully, not so much this season but was glaringly apparent in “Save Henry”. Lana Parilla and Robert Carlyle gave tremendous performances(as always) but did I find it believable that when Sidney investigated Henry’s birth mother the first bit of info that popped up was the fact that she herself was an abandoned baby found near Storybrooke the very day the curse was enacted? No, no and no! That she gave birth to Henry in prison would have been revelation enough. To see Regina struggle with the insecurity felt by every new mother and have second thoughts about keeping him would have been enough. Instead we were given the nonsense of the “forgetting spell”…..really, that’s the best they could come up with? And would it have killed the writers to make the scene with Mary Margaret holding Henry a “moment”? You have Snow holding a baby(who just happens to be her grandson) after having given birth to and given up her own baby—-curse or no curse they could have shown her feeling a twinge or something. Forget poignancy, they were too busy rushing everyone off Neverland and I do mean rushing. They were guilty of hurrying the narrative all last season and in this episode they were doing it again and the scenes aboard the Jolly Roger made it that much worse…….
Suddenly Rumple is free from Pandora’s box and Bae understands why he did what he did, was who he was, years of bitterness and resentment seem to be washed away…..Regina and Henry, Regina and Tinkerbell(thought they’d all but forgotten her ’til she appeared on the ship), Emma and David(I’ve been waiting weeks for a heartfelt father/daughter scene; sadly this was not it)—-could the writers have laid it on any thicker at this point? I was expecting a chorus of “Kumbaya” at any second! It was too much all at once and it all seemed disingenuous, at least to this viewer.
It’s entirely possible that I expect too much from this show, but I know what it’s capable of being and when it misses the mark the way it did this week it saddens me. They started off so well this year. I’d hate to see them go off the rails again.
Slow down ONCE, you move too fast……Just my opinion.


From Paige Part Two

Regret Vs. Remorse

Sorry, I know I already wrote you guys a novel, but I forgot to mention something in my first email.
The moment when Regina broke away from the tree and took Henry’s heart back had me cheering as if my favorite football team had just scored the game-winning touchdown! That was the strength of a mother, and no matter what, Regina IS Henry’s mother. I also love that Regina said she had no regrets, because everything she did in her life led her to adopting Henry. Regrets are pointless, because what’s done is done, and there’s nothing you can do to change what you’ve done. Regret is different than remorse; I do believe that Regina feels some degree of remorse, or she at least has the potential to someday. Ultimately, everything you’ve done in your life has gotten you to where you are now. If that is a good place, then it was all worth it. If it’s not, then you have the power to learn and grow from your past experiences, allow them to strengthen you, and use them to change your life for the better, which I what Regina did.


From Maii

Congrats to the grad!

Helloww guys how are you today? I’ve graduated! Technically.. i mean I passed my thesis exam but I have a few credits still to do next semester..
I thought this was another fantastic episode but I feel like too much happened and yet not enough?
You guys already said pretty much everything I wanted to say so I’m going to focus mainly on the parts with the Nevengers (especially Killian & Nealfire) 

Some Once Upon a Time Promo poster analysis

But first the cast posters
Believe that a Lost Girl can find her way home – Emma is no longer a lost girl because she’s accepted her family and that they are her home.
Believe that a Mother’s love is stronger than her dark heart – I think this one goes without saying bc this season proved Regina’s love for Henry was stronger than anything else in her life..
Believe that you can change fate – Rumple was able to change his fate (as far as we know) because he thought he was meant to die in Neverland and now he is coming home to Belle with his son
Believe that a prince will always save his family- David risked everything, even his health, but was always to come through to save his family
Believe that hope is the strongest magic of all – They didn’t lose hope and they managed to save henry (or well at least they think so) 
& finally
Believe that a pirate can be a hero- Throughout his actions in Neverland, Hook has stepped back and become Killian Jones again. He is close to reaching his goal of being a hero.

J-Actually one more
The Show
Believe that six legends can come together to #SaveHenry – The were the least likely group to work together to accomplish anything, but they faced the strongest internal and external challenges to #SaveHenry – until the final moments of Save Henry. 

Captain’s Quarters – Everyone had their own ideas about what his quarters looked like but I’m actually happy that the Captain’s cabin is so spartan w/the twin size bed & all. I’m happy we all were so off about how it would look & that we kinda went into the cliche grandiose cabin idea. Why? Think about the two types says about the inhabitant. The grandiose one says that the person thinks of themselves practically a king. They are above the other hands on the ship. That is true in rank, yes. BUT….not to give into that mind frame. To not believe that which could make someone into a heinous tyrant over their crew if they were a captain in such close spaces.
The close space also makes the so small, spartan cabin even more believable b/c it’s much more likely on a ship that size they didn’t have the space to make the room bigger & grander for the captain. But, it could have been done at the expense of less room for the rest of the crew.
And that brings me to the point. I think there’s two reasons as to why Killian left the room like that. One: it was his brother’s former room & he didn’t want to change it much due to his sentimentality & wanting that reminder of his brother.
Two: Killian’s a man of the people. His people. His crew. He thought himself equal to them for the most part. He guarded the fact that he gave the orders & those on the sip followed them but he rolled up his sleeves & was doing the work right along side them. It puts a new prism to view both his speech on the ship when he went pirate in 3×06 but also his interaction w/them & why they were so loyal to him in 2×04. He was one of them. He may give the facade that he has an ego but the reality of the situation is that he doesn’t. He views himself one of his crew.
Who else had/has that mentality? Charming. A shepherd turned prince who still got into the mix, rolled up his sleeves & work side by side w/those who ruled as a prince. He gave orders & held for people to follow but he was side by side with them.
So, I love the fact that the Captain’s cabin is so small & unimpressive b/c it says that Killian is just like Charming in his view of himself & how he deals w/the people he leads. He’s just one of them. That marks him as a good leader.

Regina is a captain swan shipper, she really does not care about Neal at all… ‘This Person’ in contrast to 
“You think it’s the best plan because your boyfriend came up with it?” & “A pirate who pines for you” and remember she is going on just what she has seen in Neverland because she wasn’t there for his confession in the echo cave

Emma gets her wish with Hook

‘As you wish, my lady”
As you wish is meant to be said three times, now it’s the second… The third is when Buttercup realizes Westley loves her and that she truly loves him back.. I’m not saying, I’m just saying.. 
Another view of it
The entire series opens up with Emma making a wish as she blows out her candle. Alone for 28 years and then her life suddenly changes. And now you have a pirate constantly telling her “as you wish” – as if he’s bringing it full circle and making sure every year on wards she won’t be alone. Because he’d do anything for her. For her and her family. Granting her wish of never being alone. 
She made a wish on her birthday that she wouldn’t be alone, and Hook keeps telling her he’ll do whatever she wishes

Captain Charming
3×01- The Heart of the Truest Believer
Emma: The only way to get Henry back is through cooperation.
David: With her? (Referring to Regina) With him? (Referring to Hook)
Emma: We just have to succeed and the best way to do that is by just being who we are: a hero, a villain, a pirate. 
3×09- Save Henry
David: I didn’t think we could do it, a villain, a pirate. But we could because you were the leader. 
If anyone wants to let me know the exact quote I’ll fix it, but the gist of the statement is apparent. 
It’s funny because Captain Swanners said that line in 3×01 was important because it showed Emma making a distinction between a villain and Hook. It showed that Emma, while recognizing that Hook doesn’t always do the right thing, he isn’t a full fledged villain either, that he is capable of doing good things and of being noble. No one else made this distinction, especially David who outwardly makes a comment about not being able to trust him. He doesn’t view Hook as anything other than a villainous pirate who will stab them in the back the minute he gets the opportunity.
And then David gets hit by the Dreamshade and his is facing certain death, and despite the hostility that he has treated Hook with since they arrived at Neverland, Hook risks his life to save David’s. Not only did he save his life, he made sure to tell David the consequences of saving his life expected no amount of credit for doing so. 
That’s when David’s view on him changes dramatically. We know from 3×08 that David tells Emma about Hook’s brother, so they obviously talked about him at some point. We also see him perfectly fine with Emma relying on Hook and Hook going with her to help catch the shadow. 
They did a good job of highlighting the changing relationship between David and Hook throughout this season, but they wanted to further emphasize that (And shut down any thoughts that David’s view on Hook changed) by having him do the EXACT THING that Emma did at the beginning of the season, separate him from the villains. He sees what Emma has seen all along an honorable man (worthy of his daughter). 
Neal was finally Nealfire in this episode (aka the perfect combination of Bae & Neal) … Neal’s whole story arc is about his relationship with his father and how this affects his relationship with Henry. It’s not about Emma at all, that’s why this scene  was perfect..
We’ve been waiting for Rumple to get reunited with Bae since season 1 and technically that happened in Season2 but it wasn’t really a reunion, Rumple was too stuck in his views and Nealfire was being completely Neal.. So it didn’t work there was too much resentment and fear from both sides. 
It sounds totally Jekyll/Hyde but it’s true as long as Neal kept the Bae part of him hidden he could never truly be happy because like this show taught us.. they are both in this case he’s Neal/Bae.. Rescuing Wendy, seeing Tink it’s all bringing back the Bae side of his personality, that courageous young boy who risked himself for the ones he loved that was hidden inside of the shell of the man to afraid of facing his father.. Now he realizes his father has changed (in a way) his father is trying to help out his son/grandson and that’s when Bae comes back.. 
I loved the scenes with Regina and yes they pulled at my heartstrings but for me the most emotional scene of the episode was hearing MRJ say the word “Papa” and seeing his face light up and (he looks like an adorable puppy) you see the biggest smile on his face and then they hug.. and then telling Rumple that he and Pan weren’t the same “You came back for me Papa” it’s one of the most heart wrenching family moments since Emma said Mom/Dad in the season 2 finale.. 

I’m a firm believer that Tinkerbell will get her wings back this season and that she’ll continue being part of the group.. Loved her scene with Wendy and the scene with Regina..there are great things on their way for Tink
BTW anyone looking forward to Neal meeting the real Belle? ehheeh 
Also props once more to Robbie Kay’s fantastic acting bc damn that moment when the switch happens is just phenomenal like wow dude.. He looks so petrified. 
As always great podcast! Can’t wait for Sunday’s ep! 
Love, Maii


From Genevieve

Parental Help from Genevieve

Hi Jeff & Colleen,
As I write this, I am hoping that the ratings have gone up with this episode. I am starting to get worried for our favorite show!!
My thoughts:
I really liked this episode for the most part. As a parent, however, I found myself yelling at the TV. When baby Henry kept crying and crying, and Regina had him in the carseat, I kept shouting, “Just pick him up! He just wants to be held!!” The shouting continued when she left poor Henry on the hospital bed alone. “What are you people doing?!” Sigh. Glad to hear I wasn’t the only one freaking out at that part. I will say that I didn’t make out what Dr. Whale told her was the prescription, so thanks for clearing it up for me – 10ccs of Maternal Love! PRICELESS!
As for Mr. Gold remembering or not – I’m sure other people have mentioned this, but Eddie and Adam clarified that he didn’t remember anything until Emma introduced herself when they first met. That must have been frustrating for Regina. 🙂
I didn’t catch when Henry and Pan made the switch, but perhaps this is more the dangers of knitting while watching. I sometimes look down at my work and miss little details. I’m a little worried about what kind of havoc Pan can cause as Henry. I hope he’s not in there for too long!
Last bit and I will end this long email. Emma promised the Lost Boys that she’d take them “home.” I’m assuming that their “homes” are probably long gone, as are their parents. I wonder what’s going to happen to them once they get to Storybrooke. Will Snow White take care of them all? Will the good people of Storybrooke adopt them all?
Thanks for listening, and thanks for the podcast!


Hello Jeff and Colleen,
Here are the things I learned from the episode Save Henry.
#1. Emma should have “tickled” Pan a few more times.
#2. Pongo’s license is up to date.
#3. Telling a baby “It’s time to be quiet” doesn’t work.
#4. Dr. Whale’s hair is not affected by the curse.
#5. Henry is a crybaby.
#6. Motherhood can cause dark circles under your eyes and a weary tremble in your voice. 
#7. Telling yourself you never fail doesn’t make it true. 
#8. Regina’s drink to forget all her problems is still very popular today.
#9. A shadow can be used to dye cloth.
#10. Pan can do the old (1976) Freaky Friday trick. 
Here are a few thoughts about the episode.
When I saw the shadow in the opening scene I thought we may see his backstory, I really hope we see it soon. If that was the main shadow of the island that was plastered all over the sail, then it’s safe to say he is not transforming into Felix. It still could be possible that the shadow belongs to Felix but with no clues it’s hard to tell. 
Speaking of Felix, the actor Parker Croft does not actually have a scar under his right eye so I hope it plays into his origin story of how he met Pan. Most of the lost boys seemed to be afraid of Pan and welcomed a way off the island. Felix is loyal to Pan to the end, which makes him even more mysterious and intriguing. Can you really see Felix as one of the Lost boys who cries at night? I keep trying to fit him into the Peter Pan storyline but the only characters that haven’t been used are the Indians.  What if he is from another story such as how Jaffar is in Wonderland? Just a thought. 
In the first season I used to think Mr. Gold knew who he was the moment he came over from the curse but Adam and Eddy confirmed in the official Once Upon A Time podcast that Mr. Gold did not know who he was until he heard Emma’s name in the pilot. You can see him make a strange face when he says “Emma, what a lovely name”. This would explain why he needed to know her name from Snow while in the prison. Maybe he built it into the curse as a trigger to wake him up. 
Have a great show


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      Are you a Oncer that enjoys writing blog posts?

      We are accepting guest post submissions for consideration for our blog or podcast use. We cannot pay you, but we will give you site credit.

      Are you a Oncer that does voice acting?

      We are always looking for voice actors for consideration for our comedy bits for podcast use. We cannot pay you, but we will give you site podcast/credit. If you are interested, please send a sample of your work (Try to show your range. Imitations of OUAT characters are a plus, so are various accents, etc) to the link below.

      Are you a Oncer that writes comedy scripts?

      We are always looking for comedy writers and comedy script doctors for consideration for writing or our short comedy bits for podcast use. We cannot pay you, but we will give you site podcast/credit. If you are interested, please send a sample of your work to the link below.

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