3X15 Quiet Minds – First Thoughts –



Date: 3/30/14

Episode Title: Quiet Minds

Podcast Number: 213


Leroy loves bacon

Neal knew how to get his father back.

Regina asked about why Zelena was working with Rumpelstiltskin

The Dark One has broken free

Beautiful One – Bright and Morning Star

Belle and the town knew that Rumpel would come to her

Hook, the researcher

Sorry may or may not resolve being almost killed twice

Belle loves Rumpel – all of him, even the parts that belong to the darkness.

Neal needs the dark part to get to the ones he loves.

Born out of True love – Swan necklace. Totem? Heart Totem?

Books are stronger than Magic. Books on history, witchcraft, and hopefully on the dark one, too.

Lumiere – Allow me to introduce myself. Again. Sympathy for the Devil. Can we trust him? Is it working for Zelena, even though he says he is a humble servant of this castle?

Lumiere – the light.

Belle thought Neal was Rumpel.

Hook had the sword just in case Rumpel was breaking in.

Emma is Super Mom. Hero.

Leroy is a Father figure?

Henry doesn’t believe Emma. He wants to know the truth, or he wants to go home.

Neal was running around in the forest, like Rumpel.

Neal had a blister on his hand like Arnold Ernst Toht in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Neal uses the Daddy card to put pressure on Emma to tell Henry the truth

Lumiere only appears if his candles are lit.


Can we trust Lumiere?

The vault of the Dark One, where the first Dark One was made.

Is Rumpel melded with the Dark One?

Lumiere will lead them if they promise that Rumpel will return him to his human form.

We’ll leave first thing in the morning. Same thing as Emma.

Zelena appears. She is behind this.

Neal – Dumber than a box of hair. O Brother Where Art Thou – Dumber than a bag of hammers.

What about Belle seeing the true self of people?

Whoa, you got here fast. Fly on a broom much?

Andana Orange Juice

Zelena mentions the Wicked Witch. Every is searching for her, but Snow has her coming to her. Will Snow know and defeat her?

Jacob’s touch, like Zelena?

Weren’t Robin’s arrows always supposed to hit their target?

Almost getting shot isn’t a great date idea.

Robin knows who Regina is.

Robin and Regina are partners. Don’t get in my way. I wouldn’t dream of it. Like in FTL.

Hook, the Candy striper, brings Neal the famous green jello in the hospital. Didn’t Hook talk about the jello before in Season 2?

2 Beaus talking.

Hook remembers Bae, the boy.

Hook gave him 10 minutes.

Belle filled Neal in with the missing parts of Rumpel.

Emma wants to leave.

Rumpel and the voices in his head.

David, the Flying Monkey slayer.

A good witch covers her track, but a better one can uncover them.

Great and terrible Evil Queen, Not evil.

Fear is an effective tool, after last week we know that.

Whiskey isn’t magical can conjure courage, give strength, or even act as a love potion of sorts.

We’ve earned a drink.

This scene is more sensual than the David/Regina scene for sure.

Tink – The guy with the Lion tattoo.

Emma thought it was Gold, but it was Neal. Another mistaken identity scene.

“You found it” Lumiere. I thought he was supposed to lead them to it.

200 years. He’s lying. Finally Belle wakes up.

So, Rumpel isn’t the Dark One anymore. He’s the king of loopholes.

Neal’s hero journey. Don’t make the same mistake your Father made. Another tree cave and test.

More show notes to follow

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One thought on “3X15 Quiet Minds – First Thoughts –

  1. Maii

    Something incredibly important I forgot to mention was

    Rumple chose his son over magic. We saw the exact same situation that we saw back in season 1 Desperate Souls..This time around, we see character growth. He makes the right choice. He proves that he learned from his mistake the first time, and he chooses his son. This is huge. The entire reason the curse was ever enacted was because Rumple made the wrong choice the first time around. Rumple’s entire story has been about this moment – about proving to his son that he has learned from his mistakes. He has changed. Rumple knows now that his son trumps power, and this gave him the chance to truly prove that. He may have said it before now, but actions will always speak louder than words. Any doubts that we may have had about Rumple’s character growth were erased by this act.
    (from here, read it it’s really good and explains why neal’s death work’s so well with the plot)


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