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First Thoughts

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Episode Name: A Tale of Two Sisters

Episode Number: 241

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The story begins “A long time ago”, but no specific time associated to it. A lot like Star Wars, except for the “in a galaxy far, far, away” part.

The Queen put a note in the bottle. What does the note say? Does it clarify what was in the diary/

Elsa finally allowed Anna to marry Kristoff. Elsa isn’t entirely happy about it, but she is allowing it.

Who is on the Storybrooke Beautification Society? Mice? Fairies? Helpful animals in a forest?


The discussion between Emma, doing the “right” thing of saving a life and how it effects Regina. Decision can have ripple effects on other people, good or bad.

Even though Regina has made strides to be good and to be a hero, she still pays for the mistakes of the past. It’s similar to someone with a drinking problem making good choices now, then someone who hasn’t been around them during their time of making good choices, the person trying to be better is still know as the person with the problem by someone who hasn’t been around them lately.

When situations like Marion calling her a “monster” happen, it can make you not want to try to make good decisions to do better, because you will always be know by what you’ve done, not what you are doing (better) now.

Robin is in a tough spot, between being in love with Regina and following the vow of marriage to his (now alive) wife and the code of trying to be a noble person.

We discuss the difference of how viewers of Once Upon a Time recated to David Nolan’s actions with Mary Margaret in season 1 and Robin’s actions now.

Except for Robin, no one stood up for the new Regina to Marion. Charming, Emma, Henry didn’t. Snow was concerned for her, but didn’t stand up for her to Marion.

It’s good to have a designated driver when you’ve been drinking, but be wary of a “sleepy” designated driver.

Why didn’t Elsa find the book in the attic desk before? It appears she searched and found their Mother’s dress?

Was the previous Queen of Arendelle, Elsa’s Mother or was she the adoptive Mother of Elsa? Was Elsa’s real Mother the White Witch from Narnia?

Elsa still hasn’t learned to control her power, fear still causes it to react with her.

Elsa read too much into the entry in her Mother’s diary. Part of the arc of Season 4A is why her parents went to Misthaven, and who they went to see. Rumpel? Merlin? Yen Sid? Someone else?

Who originally owned the mansion that Belle happened upon for their honeymoon? Was it a trap?

Is Sidney manipulating Regina by showing her what he wants her to see for his own purposes?



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