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Episode Name: Family Business

Episode Number: 252

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From Aleana

My theory is what if Belle mother wrote the book because we found out she is a writer and that she didn’t died and was kidnapped by the orges


From Chris. Chris Tipton.

Hey guys, im the “anonymous” feedbacker from last week. Sorry i forgot to include a name. Im Chris, Chris Tipton! So on with the review. Another very strong episode!! My thoughts on 4×05 “Family Business: Bells back story was very cool, nice to see this connecting with what we already know about bell and also revealing that it was her idea to call on Rumple to win the Ogars war. I did feel it was out of character for Bell to lie to Elsa like that and for her to use the dagger on Rumple. I guess they did figure out a cool way for her to figure out his secret, but then he just pulls the wool over her eyes and she believes it. Bells been way to big a pushover this season to me. I love seeing more of the Ingrids plans. I was disappointed with her endgame last week but finding out more this week shows her desires as unique and very twisted. Shes completely psychotic!! Nice to know she really is there aunt… More characters related, didn’t see that coming. Also how did no one else know she had an ice cream truck? So proud of Regina, shes come so far!! Who would have thought she would tell Robin to Forget her to save Marian?! I really want to know How Rumple knows Ingrid… Maybe he trained her to? Ingrids mirror is very creepy, it’s nice to know how it works now. And lastly that house was obviously Ingrids since she had the hat and she still thought she did till Rumple showes her otherwise. Another great episode 4.1 out of 5 evil ice cream trucks!!


From Jennifer

I was wondering if I could be sent a poster of once upon a time with autographs of the cast to my house plz I have been able to meet them and it would be nice to have something like that and sending it to the fan mail address it would take to many months for them to be able to read it if you have information about getting autographs let me know



From Janice

Hello, Jeff and Colleen, my name’s Janice Marie. I am 17 years old (18 by the time you read this; November 8th is my birthday) and I am a huge fan of your podcast. Since this is my first time writing to you, I just wanted to give you a few of my thoughts on what I think of the episode “Family Business.”


•Where did they put Maid Marian??? Did they stick her in a huge freezer so she wouldn’t melt???

•Since “Gerda” is the name of Elsa and Anna’s mother, I can only assume that Elsa and Anna’s father’s name is “Kai,” being that those are the two main character’s names from Hans Christian Andersen’s original story.

• Belle can climb Rocky Mountains in heels LIKE A BOSS!

•I think the way the Snow Queen’s spell of “Shattered Sight” is going to turn everyone against each other is going to be the same way it was used the original fairytale. In the fairytale, the way it was used on the little boy, Kai, was that a piece of the shattered glass from the mirror got stuck in one of his eyes and another one pierced his heart. That is how he started become cruel to Gerda in the story. The way Gerda was able to break the spell was by crying in his chest while embracing him, causing the piece of glass to fall out of his eye. I believe it’s going to have to be something similar to that in the show, However, I don’t think any of the Charmings or Regina are going to cry in everybody’s chest…

•Also, when are we going to see Henry working in Gold’s shop??? I want to see how he’s going to be working “undercover.”

•Speaking of Henry, I heard that he’s supposably going to get a love interest later this season. There were rumors that his love interest was going to be Lily but since we saw that she was part of Emma’s past, that’s highly unlikely. (If he does get a love interest, I want her to played by Lilla Crawford [famed for playing “Annie” on Broadway], who will be playing Red Riding Hood in Disney’s adaptation of “Into the Woods.”)

•As if I didn’t want to be friends with Anna more, now I really want to be her friend so I can get 50% off the Sauna at Wandering Oaken’s.


•Plot Twist: Will Scarlet is gonna end up defeating the Snow Queen

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