4X06 Family Business – First Thoughts – 251


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First Thoughts

Episode Name: Family Business

Episode Number: 251

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Belle and her Mom at there Castle during the Ogres war.

Belle’s Mother “I will find her”

Belle’s Dad

Belle’s Mother died.

The hat box in the famous safe

Hiding Snow Queen’s things in the van. What about the miniature ice castle?

Creatures that restore memories. No memory restoring potion this time?

What magical deal did Belle’s father make that had a price?

So, Belle’s Dad locked her up, too (Until the doctor’s say she’s better. Like Alice?)? Belle can’t catch a break of freedom.

Arendelle has the memory returning creatures? Rock Trolls?

So, the Snow Queen taught Elsa to control her emotions.

“Our gift” runs in the family – like the Force.

Is the Snow Queen really their Aunt?

No records of her in either world.

Oaken’s Trading Post.

The Merry men couldn’t find the Ice Cream truck?

Captain Guyliner.

You heard her heartbeat with Bo Peep’s staff. Why didn’t they use it like a GPS?

Belle, Oaken and Anna (Not Joan this time).

1/2 price on the sauna.

Robin told Regina that she was avoiding him, like Hook told Emma.

Regina “Forget about me, and fall in love with your wife again”

Gold need leverage.

Belle “Don’t worry Anna, I will find you”

Did Belle’s Mother die in the Ogres war, really?

Sometimes the answer isn’t what you want.

Twisted man, Rumpelstiltskin

Take me to the Snow Queen

Wounds made when we were young, tend to linger.

Why did Sarah Fisher erase Emma’s memories?

OMG – Belle is unwittingly making Gold tell her about the hat. Brilliant.

Grand Pabby

Stone Tea, like Stone Soup?

Anna’s Mother had two sister. Gerta, Helga and Ingrid.

Helga and Inga vanished.

Belle in the mirror.

The Snow Queen took the hat box.

Another Belle vision.

“Ruin someone’s life”

You know what kind of beast you’re dealing with.


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