5 Reasons you Should Listen to OUAT podcasts.

Once Upon a Time is such a great show that I will give you 5 reasons you should listen to OUAT podcasts and extend the experience far beyond the TV show itself;


Don’t miss a thing with other viewpoints

1. You get a different viewpoint (or two). With the Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast, you get myself and Colleen’s views during our First Thoughts episode (recorded and released directly after the West Coast airing of a new OUAT episode, then the Main Show includes views from listeners in the form of vociemails, emails and Social Media messages. With all those different viewpoints, you will be sure to catch more of the episode than if you just watched in by yourself. Here is the information to subscribe to our podcast, for free that you will never miss an episode.

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You’ve got choices, and that’s a good thing

2. There are many great OUAT podcasts out there and each one covers the same show, but differently. Isn’t it great to know that you have many great podcast hosts and production team that work so hard to bring you great insight week after week about a show we all love so much? Daniel J. Lewis’ ONCEpodcast.com site has compiled this great list of all OUAT podcasts into one place – right here:



Note: There may been more out there, but this is the most up to date list I found.

Extras, too


3. Besides the podcasts themselves, the sites have many other surprises like blog posts separate from the posts including the podcast. For example, we wrote about the 5 Least Viewed OUAT episodes (Which actually shocked us. I believe it will you, too). Be sure to check them out, they add deeper insight the more you read posts about the different facets of Once Upon a Time in a more focused way.


4. Other podcast sites have active forums which many Oncers gather and discuss many different topics, like http://oncepodcast.com/forums/

Portable fandom

5. The greatest thing about OUAT podcasts is that they are portable. You can listen at the gym, at home, anywhere with your smartphone. We’ve heard stories about our listeners on planes (one is a pilot), on subways, buses, in cars on long commutes to work, sitting in the quad at school, etc. Wherever you go, subscribe to our podcast and take us with you.

Show some love

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If you’ve never listened to a OUAT podcast and took our advice, what did you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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