50 Things you must do BEFORE you send that Angry Tweet to Adam Horowitz and/or Eddy Kitsis

Before you fire off that angry Tweet (or 20 – thousand) to Adam Horowitz and/or Eddy Kitsis about the things that upset you about Once Upon a Time, here is an awesome list of 50 things you must do;


Please consult your doctor before starting any diet or fitness routines.

1. Learn or relearn a musical instrument,
2. Start or restart an exercise routine,
3. Go to a Disney park,
4. Go through your closet and donate clothes you don’t need anymore to those that need it,
5. Eat healthier,
6. Unsubscribe to those emails/newsletters you get all the time but never read,
7. Take a local tour of your town and learn things you never knew about where you live,
8. Buy a stranger a coffee or a fast food meal for no reason,
9. Put all the stray shopping carts in the nearby cart corral at a nearby grocery store,
10. Sort the junk mail pile and recycle what you don’t need,
11. Plant a tree,
12. If you are pretty good at #1, show your skills at a local Convalescent Home. They will love it,
13. Get a massage,
14. Run a 5K, 10K or a marathon. If you can’t run it, walk it,
15. Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a long time and see how they are,
16. Clean out and detail and wash your car. My Mom always told me clean cars run better,
17. Send out Holiday cards,
18. Ride a Bike. If you can, rent a tandem bike with a friend. Double fun,
19. Put your DVDs back in their cases,
20. Make a list of what you own for insurance purposes,
21. Run a virus scan on your computer,
22. Spring clean other times of the year,
23. Buy an extra meal at a fast food restaurant and give it to a homeless person,
24. Remove apps you don’t use anymore on your Smartphone,
25. If you are great at a subject, tutor someone who needs help with it,
26. When a wait person does a great job at a restaurant, take a minute and tell their manager how great they were,
27. Buy and tend a Bonsai tree,
28. Learn to cook, or cook better,
29. Learn to sing or take singing lessons to get better. If you sing well, share you gift. You can show up at a friend’s work on their birthday and sing them a Birthday telegram,
30. Learn to snorkel or Scuba dive,
31. Donate some time or money to a school you used to attend,
32. Get proper sleep,
33. Go visit pets at a pet store,
34. When possible, take the stairs,
35. Enjoy sunsets,
36. Go see a concert at a local college,
37. Learn to draw or paint,
38. Take a Yoga class,
39. Go with a friend to try a new type of food,
40. Climb a rock wall,
41. Listen to an audio book (or 10),
42. Watch your favorite Christmas movie(s) at other times of the year,
43. Go to a comedy club,
44. Learn a second (or third) language, then plan a trip to try it out your hard work,
45. Use public transportation more often,
46. Swim more,
47. See a classic movie at a nearby retro theater,
48. Take acting classes or join a community theater,
49. Study up on local birds and take a walk around your town to spot the birds,
50. Help a charity you believe in raise money

One thought on “50 Things you must do BEFORE you send that Angry Tweet to Adam Horowitz and/or Eddy Kitsis

  1. Brenda Woods

    Amen to that! Most of the things on that list I need to do anyway, but I would never send an angry tweet to my friends Adam &/or Eddie


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