Besides Fantasia, what other Disney movie shout outs were there? 4X04 The Apprentice – First Thoughts – 247

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First Thoughts

Prerec Intro:


Episode Name: The Apprentice

Episode Number: 247

Show notes can be found at:


The opening shot looked like Jacob’s underground room in Lost, but also the Yen Sid segment in Fantasia

Sorcerer’s Apprentice

The original Zoso Dark One (Played by Brad Dourif)!

Who is the Sorcerer?

“No one who has succumb to the darkness in their heart can ever break it” “Now, Be Gone!” “Every Dark One has tried, but no Dark One will ever possess what is in that box”

Walking broom

Nice shot, Hook. Remember when Graham was playing darts, just before he kissed her and he saw flashes of who his Fairy Tale Land persona was?

Hook will plan the date.

Water? Ice Melting?

Reattach my hand. The other hand represents what Hook was.

“Unlike me, you haven’t changed one bit – Crocodile.”

Review the census records. 1st and 2nd curses? Wow.

Emma’s first date with Hook. Mom making a big deal out of it. The Polaroid picture. Wow, how many youngin’s still remember the Polaroid camera?

Uh, Emma.

Captain Hand.

Dad wanted to drive.

Elsa put the pressure on Kristoff.

Anna and Rumpel.

At the foot of the Dark Mountains. Put this potion in the tea of the Old Man that lives there.

A deal to get the information on why Anna’s parents visited Rumpel.

“alleged devourer of children” Rumpel mentioned skinning children.

Anna double-cross. She’s too good.

“I came here to show you a good time”

The Knave

The hand.

“Not gonna do it”

Is it that Robin Hood still loves you? Isn’t that a good thing?
Shouldn’t you be happy?

Emma’s wearing his jacket. Very Old Fashioned.

Parents waiting up and wanting to hear all about it.

I guess he has changed.

Hook and the struggle with the hand.

Anna lied, but maybe Rumpel is lying, too?

We had a deal.

It was never about him – It was all about you.

This enchantment can only be broken by someone that has been tempted by their inner darkness, and turned away from it.

The test. Like the Tree Cave in The Empire Strikes Back.

We definitely have a full mirroring of Emperor Palpatine and Anakin, and a bit of Yoda and Luke.

Anna doesn’t have an inner darkness. She is nice.

“Do it!” Spoken like a true Dark Lord.

Rumpel is the monster, not Elsa.

Turn love into a weapon.

Hook and Gold. A new deal.

“I’ll do whatever it takes.”

“We have work to do”

Damon on the radio.

More Snow Queen. God’s Eye View (Hitchcock shot)

Walking Broomstick

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