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Broken Heart Analysis

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Episode Number: 308

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From Katie Telera

Hi Jeff and Colleen,
(I would include the title of the episode in the subject but I can’t think of the name of it as Zelena saids “oops” anyways it’s the night of Sunday November 29th)
I’ve been listening for a while but I’m finially able to email my thoughts on the episode so I thought I would just email in a few things it’s late so my typeinf miht be bad but as soon as I wake up tomorrow I’m packed so I thought after the episode ended to send this right after because I’ve tried in the past but every time I want to but I’m so busy I can’t so here it is…
1. So this broke my heart… When Hook told Emma that she will always be an orphan. I had went back to Neverland when she told Snow that she was an orphan and that was how the map worked so it crushed me so much
2. I GET it. Emma not trusting Hook/Killian with the sword who wouldn’t but really not give it to him also if Hook was seeing Rumple then is it possible for Emma to see another Past Dark One??? Or can only one dark one see a past dark one???
3. I was so sad Merlin died. It was so fast, and then he was gone 🙁 I still don’t get how Nimue is supposed to help though.
4. Oh Henry 🙁 He was so angry at Emma. I am glad that he was able to forgive her though. #OperationCobraPart2
5. Oooh. Is Rumbelle really over? I was actually really proud of Belle. Yes, it is easy for them to back together, but Belle needs to think about herself for once, and I was glad that she had the strength to do it. If they are meant to be with each other, they will be. Plus did she really walk all the way out to the well when she could just not have shown up then it would have hurt him slightly more because she didn’t show
6. I was also proud of Regina. It took a lot of strength for her to put faith in Zelena once again and I admit, I was smiling a little when Zelena got to coo over her baby. Still need a name to call the child though…
7.i really like Reginas sass <3 "You're being stupid." Sums up everything real quick 8.The blood of someone has gone to hell and back. And I found it funny when Hook said Bloody Hell because how do you get to Hell is by Rumples blood And 9.Wow the winter finale is next week I don't know what to do after next week (other than school work because I'm in 10th grade and teachers are tough) I hope y'all have a great week and I'm looking forward to listening to your amazing podcasts this week. Also every week you give big love to all of us and say to pass it on well a friend of mine is going through a tough time right now so I sent her so much love that she's feeling better but what's she's going though it's going to take so much more. I'm rambling on right now I'll leave with this really short but I love your podcast and it cheers me up to listen to it when I'm having a bad day I listen to one if I'm all caught up I go back and listen to an older one to cheer me up. And it with out a doubt always works so thank you so much Signed a fellow Oncer Katie Telera ----------------- From Gabe The episode definitely lives up to its title. I am SOOO sad right now. Talk about a dark episode omg!! Definitely didn’t see THAT coming in the least. Hopefully Merlin can come back in a similar way that all the dark ones did. Question, why didn’t Merlin put a protection spell over his heart YEARS ago?? Dang Merlin, be smart. I think the message of this episode mirrors the previous one (Birth) in learning to let go of those you love. I also noticed the theme of the destructive power of selfishness. I’ve only seen the episode once so I’m sure you’ll find more examples, but Emma and Hook are both being supremely selfish in their decisions. Like I said in my last e-mail, this reminds me of a parent not wanting their child to save them. Hook lived for hundreds of years, he was never afraid of dying. Emma made the selfish and short sighted decision to save him despite plenty of warnings and begging from Hook. Another major theme in this episode was the sanctity of choice. We are unique as human beings because we have free-will. We can act against our natural instincts whereas a dog or cat is unable (especially cats, they’re going to try to take over the world, just biding their time. Dogs know this ya know. That’s why they always chase the cats around). To take away a man or woman’s free will is to take away their humanity, and that is exactly what Hook has lost. It reminds me also of Supernatural’s Dean Winchester saying “what’s dead should STAY dead” as well as the dangers of violating the natural order. It seems extremely unfair that dark beings can rip out people’s hearts and control and/or kill them, but despite this power, evil always seems to lose. The big reason for that is that evil is self-defeating. Evil doesn’t necessarily need any prodding from good to be miserable or to fail. For example, if someone lives a life of decadence with promiscuity and taking drugs and alcohol, the person will eventually kill themselves either accidentally or on purpose. I think that is what the resolution of this story will uncover, now with I’m guessing 100s of dark ones going around storybrooke I’m willing to bet that their plan will fail in a way that they brought upon themselves. Even if the dark ones get everything they want, they will be utterly miserable beings. Thanks for doing the podcast guys. I just got home from visiting my brother in Houston. I watched the episode and simply HAD to get this off my chest. RIP Merlin, and Adam and Eddy… BRING HIM BACK!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!! Gabealicious Nashville, TN P.S. If you guys ever get around to visiting Nashville hit me up. There’s a lot to do here and I’m an excellent host. 🙂 ----------------- From Kathy Greetings Colleen and Jeff, So let me start by saying I thought this was a great episode! Lots of angst for all shippers. I'll start with Killian and Emma. Oh my gosh, Emma did not foresee how dark Killian would become. While he is in this phase I will refer to him as Dark Hook cause he is unbelievably dark. I hated that he crushed Merlin's heart. I know it was really supposed to be Nimue crushing it but Dark Hook's hand was the one actually holding and squeezing. Not what I want to see from my favorite character. I also don't want to believe that he would really go along with snuffing out the darkness but he did warn Emma that he wasn't strong enough to fight it. As I asked before, how will this get resolved? I have seen one preview but am trying to avoid knowing what might happen. But I am wondering how his father will factor into the overall story. Side note: last Sunday during your podcast, Jeff you commented about another heart being older than Merlin's. You said Belle's which totally confused me. What did you mean by your comments? Next, Robin and Regina. I do love Zelena, but how awful to have that dynamic with her as the baby's mother, constantly present when you are trying to form a lasting relationship. I kept expecting Zelena to just poof herself and her little Green Bean out of the apartment. I expect her to cause major problems for them, but hope that motherly love may convince her to side with the Heroes to battle the Dark Ones. Lastly, Rumple and Belle. I was not expecting her to break his heart after meeting him at the well. While I think Robert Carlyle is amazing, I did not like Rumplestiltskin for much of the first few seasons and had a hard time when Belle first started loving him. Of course you can't pick who you love, so I gave her a pass on that. I came to like him more over time although he was still scheming not too long ago. After all he did trick her by transforming himself into Killian in order to get the dagger back. Belle was been let down so many times by him. Will he be able to win her back? Where is this going? I have a dreadful feeling that the next episode is going to leave us with an enormous cliffhanger and three months of additional angst. At least the 100th episode will include my all time favorite villain - Peter Pan!!! As always, thanks for your podcast Kathy T ----------------- From Brad Wake up dearies! It's time for the things I learned this week in the episode, Broken Heart. #1. Having someone around to tell you when you're being stupid, is very beneficial. #2. Hook would have made Jack Sparrow proud with that pirate flourish. #3. Monks secretly prefer leather. #4. When someone tries to do you a favor by killing your evil step sister, the least you could do is be grateful. #5. Archie better keep his schedule open because couples therapy is going to
at a all time high.

#6. Having a magical
dreamcatcher would be
great for making your wife
forget about all the dumb
things you’ve done.

#7. Finding out there is a book
that chronicles the Dark
One’s, is like carrying a
couch up 10 flights of stairs,
only to realize the out of
service elevator was
actually repaired that

#8. Nurse Ratchet is at the top
of the list of people you
should never put in charge
of watching dangerous

#9. 50 First Deaths may be a
potential sequel if Emma
continues to erase Hook’s

#10. This episode started out
great but in the end it just
went to hell.


Shouldn’t Killian have automatically had his hand returned as the Dark One? Rumple’s leg was healed after his transformation so this part didn’t make much sense to me. I understand all the things he can do with his hook but as a Dark One, having it is kind of pointless. If his hand had returned and then he changed it back, then I could overlook it.

When Hook kills Merlin he totally embraces the Darkness, so why doesn’t his appearance change? Rumple and Nimue changed immediately and Emma changed once she turned Hook into a Dark One. It seems very inconsistent.


Out of all the times that Belle could have rejected Gold, she chooses now, after the Darkness has completely left him? Maybe she secretly enjoyed taming the beast. To be fair, she has every right after all the things he has done to her. It has confused me to see the dedication she has for him time and time again even after he has hurt her so many times. Now, a pure of heart Rumple who can give her everything she’s ever wanted is rejected. It was a twist that I didn’t see coming but unfortunately, it wasn’t a very good twist.

If Gold is responsible for the actions he did as the Dark One, at least in Belle eyes, will Hook be held to the same standard? I fear this will have a lasting effect on Emma and Hook’s relationship. It’s true he had the darkness temping him but ultimately, it was Hook who made the decisions. It’s the old “the devil made me do it” argument.

After everything Storybrooke has gone through with Gold as the Dark One, why is it nonchalantly brought up that a book which chronicles the Dark One’s exists? When it was mentioned, nobody even batted an eye. Emma even had the attitude of, “I’ve got better things to do”. David in the last episode was asking King Arthur who Nimue was. Are you telling me that the whole history of Dark One’s has been in Storeybrooke THE ENTIRE TIME and nobody was looked at it!!!!! Why haven’t these chronicles been studied and memorized by this point? It would have been much more tolerable if they spoke of it as a myth or legend that needed to be found.


#1. Jeff keeps a list of Once’s
magical laws and updates it

#2. Rock music is very

#3. Red Thursday is a thing.

#4. Real life applications can be
found in the movie Liar Liar.

#5. Oz is a sexy place.

That’s it for now.

And just a heads up, don’t mind all the dust at Granny’s. It’s only Merlin’s remains.

Take Care



From Katie from Florida

Hi, Jeff and Colleen!

Jeff, you have mentioned before that you think that the smoke means different things like curses and specific people depending on the color. I agree with you. So far, I have purple for a Dark Curse, Red for Dark One Hook, Black for Evil Queen Regina, Gray for Dark One Emma, and Green for Wicked Zelena.
This was a great episode! You made some great points in First Thoughts. This episode would have been better for the second hour he other weekend. It looks like the next episode is going to be intense. Here are some of my favorite quotes: “We save each other. That is what our family does.”- Snow, “Fine you’re being stupid, so stop it!”-Regina, “Once you go green you never go queen.”-Zelena, Regina saying Henry made her best self., “I have spent too many yours trying to mend your heart. Now I need to protect mine.”- Belle
Snow: “Emma we love you.”, Emma “You don’t trust me.”, Charming “We don’t trust the darkness.”

from Florida


From Trace

Hi Colleen and Jeff…hope I’m not too late.

First, Brad’s emails made me laugh so hard last week, thank you! Relationships surely took a hit this episode. Though my Rumbelle heart took a shot, I don’t believe it’s over…quite yet. Belle did what she needed to do…she chose herself for once, and if there is any chance for these two, she needs to make peace with herself and the years she was hurt. As much as Rumple has changed, his turn seemed fast to him, but to her-it’s been years of mental abuse. Then again, was that even Belle? Evil Hook could be trying to get to Rump. Can never tell anymore for sure. And, ohhh Hook. He was right, he cannot fight the darkness at all. Here are my thoughts on Broken Heart.

I think maybe they haven’t named the baby because they are waiting for a hero to name her after? …perhaps her mother will come through in the end and sacrifice herself for her daughter and they will name her Zelena…? I really am so over this baby storyline, it was no unnecessary and I feel is dragging down their story-which is why it has to mean something big or why even do it! Loopholes…why again did it take almost 200 years and total depotchery by Rump to find a portal to Bae…he had the way the whole time? Nimuwe has been in his head, he went to Camelot even-I feel like the whole story is starting to mean nothing. I can’t believe Merlin is dead! RIP Merlin. There goes my theory that he was Lillys father…if we even go back to that story. No one is ever really dead in this show except Neil, and we do have that ale to chat with people in the underworld-so maybe we’ll see Merlin again. Nimue admitted she loved Merlin, that has to mean something right? It’s the second time they made a point about that. Hook is a great Dark One…super sexy and super evil. His crazy eyes and tussled hair…ahhhh-let’s just take a moment here Colleen…………ok, moving on. I had hoped for a Bonnie and Clyde Captian Swan style, but knowing that Emma is really still good and can fight the darkness was even better, I love Rumple getting his moment, even though he lost Belle for now, and that he really didn’t win-the dark one always has a back door motive, just needed his blood. Or…what if Hook is pulling an Emma and trying to beat the darkness with a plan of his own…I mean he could have killed Rumple sooo easy and he knew they needed Nimuwe to help them and he did get her there, so maybe he’s pulling a bait and switch of his own…? And they both just left the sword there? Ok, Back to Belle…I actually feel like she led Rumple on a bit. She had her moment when she pushed him over the town line…she’s been waiting at his side, and even carried that giant rose around-then when he finally became the man she had been wanting-she’s like naaah, I’ll just move on now. I’m a bit tired of the on again off again, but do hope they find a good healthy way to be together-let’s just hope this doesn’t send Rumple toward wanting the darkness back again! The underworld is about to descend on Storybrooke. I don’t believe we are going there, I think its coming to us…I think everyone’s coming through that portal, remember everyone, in mythology the underworld is not Hell, all people that die go to the underworld-so not just evil is coming…

I can’t wait for Sunday!!! Wow, this went so fast-Big love to you both and all the oncers! TTYS, Trace


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