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Quick Note from our podcast hiatus: We really enjoyed ‘Our Decay’ last night. They are building some great momentum now.


Stand out moments-
Hades (Greg Gremann is fantastic!) & Zelena scenes


Regina & Zelena scenes


Great Rumbelle dramatic setup. No more secrets.
More Oz was fun, but it looked like they filmed on The Great Movie Ride set at Walt Disney World
Prediction: Even though Henry is following the ‘Author’ rules, he will be tempted to break the rules to write someone out of trouble (Cruella so Emma can resolve what made her the Dark Swan?)
Snow’s determination to defeat Hades and go back (Will Zelena stop her from defeating him?)
It was cool to see The Blue Fairy, too

So many great moments
That final scene just ended – so great. It was an Empire Strikes Back moment.


Final questions;
Where were the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion?
Who taught Dorothy to be a badass?
Did Regina magically make her hat appear when it really got misty in the forest?
Did Zelena take off the red top of the Baby bottle in the forest and through it off camera?
Yes, I remembered the ‘witchy-poo’ bike from the episode ‘Kansas’


What do you think?

One thought on “Our Decay – OUAT – Blog Thoughts

  1. Danielle G.

    Hi Jeff and Colleen!

    I enjoyed the episode to, I do hope this is the start of Zelena changing. We miss your podcast to! My friends daughter says hello, I am myself taking Social Media Hiatus, I deleted my FB, tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter. There is so much drama online I just had to get away from it.


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