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A Fairy Tale Partnership

Who mystified you with “Lost”? Who put you on the Grid with “Tron: Legacy”? And who is going to take you to the fairy-tale world and back again this fall? In all three cases, the answer is the writing team of Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis. In the years since their first meeting as film students, the duo has contributed to some of the most imaginative blockbusters to entertain audiences on screens big and small.

Now they are about to premiere their most enchanting project yet – “Once Upon a Time,” debuting October 23 on ABC. Imagine a fairy-tale world, the Enchanted Forest … and then imagine that its inhabitants get kicked out of it by the nefarious Evil Queen and get sent to the one place where there are no happy endings: our world. Now the denizens of the small town of Storybrooke, Maine, have no idea who they really are and the Evil Queen is triumphant, unless the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming accepts her destiny and unravels the curse.

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