Fairy Tale Corner – Snow White

Let’s all welcome Aleara to the audio family here at the Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast! We are branching out, and this is one of the ways. We will be setting up the Fairy Tale Corner where Aleara will be reading many classic fairy tales.

The first is Snow White. Enjoy. Note: These version may be different than we remember them (Disney version, for example), so be aware.

2 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Corner – Snow White

  1. story dude

    Aleira really loved the story. 1. Forgot that the prince did not actually kiss her to break teh curse. 2. Thought that the dancing shoes thing was in Cinderella. Guess I was wrong there. Anyways great reading! Cannot wait till the next one!

  2. Loveisfree42

    I really enjoyed the story! I’ve never heard the Grimm story of it, and it’s interesting to find out where so many things we grew up with began. Moral of the story : ALWAYS use the Hiemlech maneuver


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