Forum is ready, now. For Reals. :)

So, there are 2 Categories;

General – which is for Non-OUAT discussions, and

Once Upon a Time – which is for – wait for it, Once Upon a Time, and in that category is –

General OUAT Discussions – (TV ratings, magazine articles, new cast photos, etc), theories that may involve the entire show, and not just an episode, Note: If you are posting Spoiler Topics, you must notate that it is Spoilers (Reminder: Spoilers are information no included in ABC released sneak peek or promo vids. Remember that some Behind the Scene photos that ABC releases of future episodes some would consider spoilers, so be conscious of that,
OUAT Episode specific discussions – There are topics for all episodes, and for future episodes there is one for spoilers and one for No-Spoilers,
OUAT Fan Creations – This is where OUAT fan videos, drawings, gifs, costumes, knitted dolls, fan fiction (Try to make sure its family friendly), etc. Anything fan created dealing with OUAT can be discussed here.

I have assigned fun rankings as you post more replies. Anyway, go get it gang;

You can get to it from the ‘New OUAT Forum’ link above, or Note: This link may not be active until 8AM PST.

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