011 OUAT Fan Podcast – True North

Welcome to the 11th episode of the Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast. This is a podcast dedicated to the hit ABC TV show, Once Upon a Time.


The podcast is hosted by Jeff and Colleen Roney, a married couple from Orange County, CA.

In this episode, we;
Discuss why we may not answer Tweets right away,
All the cool things that have happen here,
Play and discuss the awesome voicemails.

Here is the link to the book Malini mentioned:

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Thanks for listening. Jeff and Colleen.

9 thoughts on “011 OUAT Fan Podcast – True North

    1. admin Post author

      You can shorten sentences, if you like, but we definitely want to hear from the listeners. 🙂 I wasn’t in too much trouble. 🙂

    1. Patti B.

      I love when The Numbers show up! In fact, one of my sons had 8 for a number on his hockey jersey & I didn’t want him to change it. (Both boys play center so I don’t know if the position has anything to do with their number.) One of the boys now has 49, and I told him he should get 42. They think I’m crazy.

  1. Patti B.

    Actually, I disagree with the person who said we haven’t seen effects of the curse upon people attempting to leave. I think Cinderella ‘s car crash (can’t remember her Storybrooke name) was the curse stopping her from leaving.

    While we’re talking about the curse, it would be awesome if the solution to breaking it was similar to Dorothy getting home from Oz. Although I don’t think Storybrooke is a dream everybody is having, I think it’s something simple they have been able to do all along – it’s just that no one has thought of it because they don’t remember who they are and that there is a curse in the first place keeping them in town. Whatever it is, I definitely think Emma will help find it and encourage the townspeople to stand up for themselves. It’s not that she will physically save everyone – she will show them how to save themselves!

    Anybody have any thoughts on that?

    1. Manny

      Hey, Pattie B
      You bring up a great point, and raise yet another question….but, first of all, I agree that bad things HAVE already happened to those who have tried to leave, but the writers have skillfully hidden them in plane sight. I believe that Emma (who we forget is 100% FairyTale Character, born in FairyTale Land) is now trapped in Strorybrooke after returning Henry to Storybrooke,(despite Henry’s repeated affirmations that she can leave whenever she wants,but now has failed twice). Emma crashes her car into the “Welcome to Storybrooke” sign because of a wolf in the road and Ashely/Ella(Cinderella) crashes Ruby’s car and goes into labor! Emma’s police car stalls at the border of Storybrooke not allowing them to leave and I’m guessing that was the extent of their hardship…… maybe because kids were involved? IDK?…… BUT!, The question you raise…….. Are the towns poeple capable of saving themselves while under the Dark Curse? Or, will Emma have to (as Henry keeps repeating) return ALL of the happy endings, as she is doing,….one by one until the Curse is weakened enough for ALL in Storybrooke to remember who they are….first?? Because!…… So far, Sheriff Graham is the only one to fully remember his FairyTale past….. (and we all know what happened to him). Now, you would think that as Emma returns “Happy Endings” to each fairytale story that, that in itself, would return their FairyTale pasts to them immediately!…. but, that doesn’t seem to be the case,….at least not as fast as it did Graham!, in a flash!.Then, again, maybe ALL in Storybrooke have to be “kissed” by Emma at some point? the “Savior” as one kisses the Pope’s ring?? Sean/Prince Thomas and Ashely/Cinderella did not react as though their FairyTale pasts had been returned to them even though their “Happy Ending” had been returned, by Emma, in fact, they were still relating to one another through the false pasts givin to them by the Dark Curse as Ashley asks him, “Are you back” rather than “Hey! what happened to you at the well!? and where the hell ARE WE??!!…..lol Sean reacts regretfully and apologetic yet had done nothing wrong! as well as not asking “Where the hell are we?!!…. Emma reunites Michael with his children and it seemed as though they didn’t recognize eachother… wouldn’t you expect “PAPA!!…HANZEL,GRETYL!!” and tears and hugs!, but no…”?” So I’m left to assume they were relating to one another through the false pasts of the Curse as well….And while we’re on the subject….. I also have to believe that Regina intentionally sought Foster care facilities outside of Maine…(Boston) in order to keep that family from finding eachother and having to keep her side of the deal that she made with Michael/Woodsman back in FairyTaleLand as the Evil Queen, remember?…. She told the Woodsman/Michael that they could be “A Family” again….IF, they could find one another. Regina knew if she chose a Foster care facility in Maine that those kids could very well show up back in Storybrooke…. and thus, the final battle continues making it look like it’s between Regina and Emma, when in reality it’s between Regina/EQ and Mr.Gold/Rumple, now that Regina realizes that Gold is going to use Emma to break the Dark Curse!

      Thanks For That Thought! You led me right down that road!

      Isn’t this a Great! Show?


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