How to Introduce Someone New to OUAT and OUAT S4 Blu Ray Review – 290


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How to Introduce Someone New to OUAT and OUAT S4 Blu Ray Review

Episode Number: 290

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We paid tribute to listener Marlene Howland at news of her passing


We interview ‘Magnigicent’ Matt Solis and ‘Just as Magnificent’ Joshua J from the Magnificent Geeks of Galaxy Podcast and talk about Matt’s Newbie Oncer status, Regal Con memories,
Joseph Campbell’s Heroes Journey,
Lost and Star Wars in OUAT and more!

How to introduce someone new to Once Upon a Time

1. Give your elevator speech “It’s a show about Fairy Tale characters that are sent to our world. It’s like the Disney animated films you remember, but with a twist – from the writers of Lost”
2. Find some part or parts that they can connect to;
A. Disney characters that face and deal with their decisions,
B. It has Easter Eggs from Lost,
C. It has Easter Eggs and themes from Star Wars,
D. It has the most incredible actors ever
3. Watch the Pilot with them or ask them to watch the Pilot and follow up with them to wander any questions they might have
4. Ask them to watch all of Season 1 before making a decision whether they like the series or not
5. Refer them to

We review the OUAT S4 Blu Ray Discs.

We discuss;

Whether owning the discs or streaming the episodes is the best way to watch past episodes?
Which bonus extras were worth it?
Were the Bloopers ‘Super’ or not?
Which deleted scenes were the best? Which deleted scene should have won an Oscar for the OUAT actor in it?
Were the commentaries worth buying the set? What were some of the tidbits they uncovered?
Should there be a checklist and a set ‘way’ to record commentaries?
Do you own the Blu Ray Discs or DVDs of Season 4? If you own the DVDs, why?

If you have not purchased the Season 4 discs, please use our affiliate link to purchase them.

Want to visit Storybrooke, but can’t? Check out the OUAT Fan PC Periscope Tour of Steveston/Storybrooke


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