If Rumpel is no longer the Dark One, will Belle and he ever be together again?

Rumbelle shippers have been down a tough road with Rumpel and Belle, and the only question they have after the Season 4 finale is…

If Rumpel is no longer the Dark One, will Belle and he ever be together again?



Short answer: Yes!

Even after all Rumpel’s mistakes, lies and stumbles, Belle has been the one person he has come back to.


From the moment Belle’s true love’s kiss pulled back the Dark One’s mask to reveal the real Rumpel, he knew Belle was special – he needs her.


As Rumpel is now free of the power and influence of the Dark One’s power, he will need someone to help him remember who has was before the dagger. Who better than Belle?

Since Belle has been reading and researching so many things that have helped the rest of the characters in Storybrooke, I would imagine she might have come across something in some of her books that will help Rumpel in his journey back.

Have you ever seen the movie 50 First Dates? There have been a few times that I thought the writers may use the plot device of someone helping someone remember who they were/are, and this may come into play this time. Belle could be the one to help Rumpel learn to be the man he should have always been.

Remember, he did get dating advice from Charming, so Rumpel can learn from others.

To me, it is almost written in stone that Rumpel and Belle will end up together, so Rumbellers have hope! 🙂

What do you think? Leave your comments and thoughts below.


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