“I’ve Stopped Watching ‘Once Upon A Time’!” and 5 Reasons Why That’s A Bad Idea


Now, *I* haven’t stopped watching “Once Upon a Time” (even though I struggled with Season 2), but many others have and that’s why I’m writing this post.

1. It’s not just about ‘ships or a particular character – it’s about the story. Would you stop reading a book because the story goes a certain way? No, you would be committed to the story to see how it ended. The same thing applies to Once Upon a Time.

2. The story may not have gone where you thought it should, but the story isn’t over yet. I’m not saying you will get your wish as far as where the goes, but if you give up before the whole story is told, you’ll never know where it went to get to the end.

3. (Most of) the characters in Once Upon a Time are still on the show and the story arcs are full (Evil characters can be redeemed, and Good characters can go bad – like real life) and fascinating. Watching Lana Parrilla act her way from the Queen of all Evil in Season 1 into a powerful, kind, forgiving woman season 4 that would make any person that never cheered for her during Season 1 get on their feet and cheer loudly for her now.

4. Some Disney fans struggle with Once Upon a Time, because they want the retelling of the animated features – that won’t happen (and I’m happy about that). One of great things is that it’s like the camera kept running after the Disney animated classics ended – and we see our heroes and villains in real life. What an amazing thing to see the Evil and or Good characters answer or regret decisions they made. Characters from the stories we remember in real life that we know. It causes them to be characters we can relate to, instead of “perfect” heroes that never make mistakes.

5. You (and your viewing numbers) have left/are leaving Once Upon a Time when they need you most. There has always been the talk of OUAT being canceled (Even going back to Season 1, btw), but it can’t go on forever. I’m convinced that Adam and Eddie have an end game story, and they will need all the previous watchers to return to give them a better chance to finish the story.

If you continue to watch, Once Upon a Time – continue reading

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6 thoughts on ““I’ve Stopped Watching ‘Once Upon A Time’!” and 5 Reasons Why That’s A Bad Idea

  1. obisgirl

    I agree with all of this post. What attracted me in the beginning was the story, how the show is basically one giant fanfiction AU of these stories that most of us grew up knowing. I don’t want a carbon copy of fairytales and would never expect a carbon copy on Once, because it’s that not show. And hopefully, it never will be.

    ‘Shipping for me came much later. It started with rumbelle, that took a nose dive recently but I’m still very much interested in the over all arc and where things are going. I’m not just watching for one character either. I watch for all them because I’m honestly curious how all the pieces fit together.

    Adam and Eddy don’t write ‘ships anyway, they write characters and in Emma and Regina’s case, it’s not about who they’re with but about who they will become as characters.


    I watch ONCE because it is one of the few shows I can watch with the kids and grand-kids. They understand some of the greater moral and ethical issues and it gives us great talking points about values at night when they go to bed.

    What I do see on the internet as to why a lot of fans are bailing as they see some of the stories not reflecting their race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. They might see hints of it but then are disappointed when the story goes no where. People of color see their characters brought on then gotten rid of quickly never having a meaningful storyline. ie Rupunzel, Ursula and Marion even Billy the Mouse. All had throw away one episode story lines. PoC want to see diversity and are disappointed at how ONCE treats the character, actor, actresses and actors. I am reading more and more of their disappointment on various forums. I can understand their disappointment as we live a diverse society and they want ONCE to reflect their life. ( They do not buy the justification that ONCE is based on European fairy-tales. )

  3. obisgirl

    I understand the need for representation within the show, but Once is a story-driven show.

    I think Oncers need to ask themselves when it comes to this subject, is what makes sense for the story? Is it relevant to have this character be a PoC? What is the purpose?

    I don’t think just having a PoC appear for one episode (Rapunzel) is going to satisfy anyone. He or she has to be given a bigger role important to that plot. That’s the only way it’ll work.

    Me, I’m going to continue watching the show regardless. Why? Because I love the story and I’m honestly curious what is the end game here. I didn’t stop watching the show when Neal died the second time and the lack of PoC isn’t going to make me stop watching either. I enjoy Once for the story and right now, it’s pretty damn interesting.

  4. Nicole

    I read the above article, and if people don’t want to use their time watching a show that they no longer enjoy or feel hasn’t respected their favorite characters, ships or the actors themselves, they shouldn’t be talked down to like they have to. We stopped letting our daughter watch towards the end of season 2, because OUAT no longer reflected something we wanted our child exposed to. The above article was actually posted on April 6th. On April 12th, “Heart of Gold” aired with Zelena molesting Rumple in his hospital bed, messing with his oxygen tube and causing him to temporarily die. I never watched that episode and never will. A lot fans were triggered by that scene and reported becoming physically ill. No one should subject themselves to something that can harm them in order to support/thank Adam and Eddy, who have made more than their share of disrespectful remarks in interviews and Twitter… including using a certain F-word. If someone *wants* to watch, fine, but those that don’t want to watch should not be looked down upon for it. Long time fans, who loved season 1, but are upset with things that have come after, have a right to their opinions and choices too.

    1. Admin of Storybrooke ;) Post author

      I’m not looking down on anyone, I’m presenting my opinion. If your opinion matters, so does mine, right?

  5. ChaosTheory

    I used to love the show because I love seeing different retelling of fairy tales. I stopped watching because the show changed its premise. Instead of creating new versions of famous characters, it instead just brought on slightly-altered Disney icons (and a few from other popular media like “Wicked”). It’s not about retelling classic fairy tales anymore, it’s just a giant Disney commercial.

    Then there’s the way they screwed Rumpelstiltskin and Regina’s characters, after their arcs should’ve been completed, because they were popular villains. And killing off Emma’s established love interest who she had years worth of history with, for the sake of a popular fanfic pairing. And the maddening inconsistencies. And a sea of other flaws that could easily have been forgiven if there weren’t so damn many of them.

    This is not quality television. This is the “Eragon” of television.


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