Storybrooke for Sale? Sad times for Steveston.

Is Storybrooke for sale? From the looks of things in the Vancouver seaside village, Steveston B.C., it could use some of Rumpelstiltskin’s magic.


If we turn back the clock, when “Once Upon a Time” TV show first brought it’s cameras, lights and stars, Sandi Swanigan (who runs the City of Richmond’s department in charge of coordinating with the film industry) said, “It’d be really exciting if, in three years, one of the things Steveston is known for – beyond its shops and fish and chips – is it’s the town in Once Upon a Time”. Yes, the fans of the show make pilgrimages to Steveston, but the fishing industry (which is vital to the town) was on the decline.

We have listeners to the podcast that keep an eye on the town for us, and it is sad to see all the For Sale signs going up more and more for vital locations for “Once Upon a Time”.

Take, for example the Nikka Fishing and Marine building that doubles for the Storybrooke Free Public Library. From a story in the Richmond News dated September 22, 2014 “A landmark Steveston fishing supplies shop will be closing its doors next month, putting yet another nail in the coffin of the village’s fishing industry.”


There has been some interesting discussions within the town as to what to do with the now abandoned Nikka Fishing and Marine building, a suggestion of “…exploring the idea of using the soon-to-be-abandoned Nikka Fishing Marine building, which is the fictional library for Storybrooke in the television series Once Upon a Time” has been made.

Another shop that can be seen in the background of “Once Upon a Time” is for sale or lease.


And, as shown before, the Cannery Cafe which doubles as “Granny’s Cafe” is also for sale, as well.

Colleen and I visited Steveston a few years back and were the first Once Upon a Time Podcast to broadcast live there (We set up in the Steveston Hotel Cafe and watched Robert Carlyle go by in the cast transportation van). We love Steveston, and want to see it thrive. Let’s hope that things change soon for that wonderful town.

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One thought on “Storybrooke for Sale? Sad times for Steveston.

  1. Dennis Obrat

    The production groups come into Steveston – without any concern for local business.
    Take up limited village parking and divert traffic – they do not directly contribute to the local economy. They may put Steveston on “the map” – but that and two bucks gets you a cup of coffee!


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