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Nimue Analysis

Main Show

Episode Number: 304

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Per Adam, the title card should have read 500 years, not 200 years.

Ex-Dark Ones look like tall Jawas


Email points:

From Trace

Hi Colleen and Jeff,

First…let’s start this email out right! COLLEEN was right! Way to go girl. Let’s give credit where credit is due. Wow, what a jammed packed episode full of Once Upon a time goodness…so much history came together. I just love when past moments and important items and scenes from the past come back and mean something now. We’ve been waiting so long for the Dark One History and it did not disappoint. I did almost have a brain hemorrhage about the timeline with that 200 years ago craziness, but thank goodness everyone-Adam and Eddy did come out and say it was mistake and should have been 500 yrs ago. Whew…makes waay more sense now. I pretty much have decided to give up on the time line and just enjoy the show. This was a great episode. Here are my thoughts on Nimue.

I loved Hook being so brooding and angry about Emma and Merlin really is the only person that truly understands how he feels. I really think they did great job of making us feel the love story for Merlin and Nimue in a short period of time. I am truly invested in their relationship and really felt so sad for how it resolved. I think Emma saying that she felt that Nimue still loved Merlin though twisted, is going to mean something later. I know the big question is how did Nimue get to drink from the Holy Grail? I wonder if it’s kinda like the Excalibur? Once Arthur pulled the sword anyone could touch it and not poof into dust-so maybe once Merlin got the cup, anyone else could drink if they got it? Just an idea. Emma and Merlin on a quest was great. That whole story was perfect. I loved Emma fighting against the darkness and her realization that she is not nothing and beat the darkness-so epic! Jennfifer Morrison was on point this episode!! Arthur has lost his ever loving mind for sure. He is a new level of crazy. I think he has surpassed Jackhole Colleen…he’s really gone whackadoo. And how did he get so magical? WTF Scooby gang, and Regina in particular. You trusted Zelena???? Really? And if that wasn’t bad enough, you let Snow White guard her? Ugh…the bad ass Snow of the past would NEVER been taken in by this and she would have fought back for sure. Thank goodness all of you came to Camelot to help…what? Have they helped her at all? Seems they have only made things worse since they got there. And I feel there is more to come since now she has to save them all from cray cray Arthur and a mind controlled Merlin…get ready CaptainSwan shippers, I really think Hook is in trouble!

Things that made me go hmmm…why didn’t that smoldering goo burn through the table when he melted the helmet? And…how were they supposed to use it….they left the ladle in the room…hehe. When did Arthur and Zelena plot their plan? She should NEVER be left alone-and if she’s mute-how did they plot at all? Zelena is awesome though…her scenes and lines are hilarious. Where’s the dwarfs??? Why aren’t they helping? Where is granny? And why has Robin been reduced to a side dish?

Big Love to you and all the Oncers! 2 hours everyone-I can’t even stand it-I’m having friends over and we’re having meat pie, onion rings, kale salad, rum runners and chocolate iced donuts! Talk you all next week, Trace


From Brad

Hello Jeff and Colleen, even though the Darkness is very tempting, never forget that taking the right path feels damn good too. Now unto the things I learned this week on the episode, Nimue.

#1. When drinking from the
Holy Grail, take a second
look to make sure the
remains of your vaporized
friend are not still floating

#2. Nothing says revenge like
planting flowers.

#3. Merlin only believes in eco
friendly wedding bands.

#4. Don’t eat the soup offered
from Artie’s cauldron.

#5 Before the opera of the
nineteenth century, there
was the Phantom of

#6. The sisterhood of the
traveling Dark One’s, would
be an amazing remake.

#7. It’s all butterflies and roses
until your lady goes all
immortal on you.

#8. If things don’t work out as
the Dark One, Nimue could
audition for the Geico

#9. Vortigan could have used
some Neutrogena on that

#10. Being the Dark One is
easy, until you try and agree
on which television show to


Who thought it would be a great practical joke to place the Holy Grail in the middle of a desert?

Why was Merlin powerless to see Nimue future?

Did the Holy Grail allow Nimue to take a drink so that she would become the ultimate darkness? Sometimes clearly seeing the two sides of good and evil, makes it easy to stay away from the grey area. Was this a way to keep some kind of balance?

What if every Dark One escaped into their own entity? Kind of like all the ghost escaping in Ghostbusters.


The Apprentice was dressed in a red robe just like Mickey Mouse in Fantasia, minus the hat of course.


If Colleen’s theory about Emma only pretending to be dark, so that she can covertly defeat the Darkness, than this theory could work.
Emma would have needed a heart to cast the curse and who’s the only character that’s missing in modern day Storybrooke? Merlin. I believe he sacrificed his heart for the greater good, knowing that in doing so, the Darkness that Nimue created could finally be defeated and put to rest.

Emma will become the new Merlin and take on the position of using the ultimate power for good. She will be what he was to all those that came to him, a savior.



#1. When your wife is right, it
sort of makes you right.

#2. Everyone must see Galaxy
Quest. It’s better than it
should be.

#3. Robin of Oxley is an
Arthurian legend not many
people have heard of.

#4. Details are Colleen’s job.

#5. Original Fire by Audioslave
is a great song.

That’s it for now, don’t forget to check on the brooms.

– Brad


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