Now that Emma is the Dark One, how will she remember she’s the savior?



The savior

The hero

Her parents struck a deal with a Sorcerer’s apprentice to send the darkness away from her

She is special, powerful, and now she is the Dark One


So the question remains

Now that Emma is the Dark One, how will she remember that she is the savior?

We’ve seen this type of storyline before;

Most of Season 1 the inhabitants of Storybrooke didn’t know who they really were, until people, a magical storybook and events began to break their conjured amnesia.

Remember Emma played a very important role as the savior, but now she needs a savior.

In Season 5, Who will be Emma’s savior and remind her of who she really is? Will it be Henry (as he did in Season 1)?


Will it be Hook? Remember, it was Hook that was tasked to go to New York and bring her back to Storybrooke after the “missing year”.


Will voices from the beyond (Graham or Neal) speaking to her and guiding her away from the darkness?

Breaking the grip of the darkness isn’t easy,

“The darkness likes how you taste. It doesn’t mind the bitter. And now that it’s started the meal, it’s gonna finish it. You can no more fly from your fate than can that swan.” Rumpelstiltskin

but we believe that there is hope for Emma.

Since Emma has taken the dark power as a sacrifice to spare Regina, and not yearning for it like Rumpel, will Emma have an easier time of breaking it’s spell?

Will there be an object that will “jog her memory” that could be used? What would it be?

Will Emma wrestle with the goodness and the darkness in her or will the darkness choke out the goodness and make it powerless?

Will good actions by Emma break the power of the darkness one act at a time (Like she broke the curse one action at a time in Season 1)?

Thanks to Brad Pogras in the creation of this blog post.

That’s what I think, what do you think? What are your theories? Leave your comments below.

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