Oh My Gosh!, Was Belle, Belle?, Shadow and Henry? 3X02 Lost Girl – Main Show




Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas are engaged. Maybe Lana and Ginnifer could have a double wedding!

This just in! A very cool fan congratulations video to Ginny and Josh’s engagement: http://t.co/Xdp6tuj8Mq

Here is the great Ginny and Josh FB page I mentioned:


Viewing numbers: 8 million viewers (adjusted), just under the Season 3 premiere of 8.52 million. No Breaking Bad finale this time.

Email points:

From Aleana

” The actor who plays Peter Pan aka Robbie Kay is amazing but I do wonder is Peter Pan is just going to play mind games with just Emma and Henry”


From Holly

” Loved how Team 7 played big brothers and did not trust Charming right of the bat. Maybe they had heard things about his twin brother??”

“The ending scene with Pan and Emma and him saying that Henry hadn’t forgiven Emma for giving him up had me growling. Pan’s very manipulative, and his line about Emma being an orphan at the end of this really makes me a little nervous, I really hope they aren’t foreshadowing too much. I mean sure Charming lied and he did get nicked by one of the Lost Boy’s arrows, I’m really hoping that there’s a cure for him on the island.

I’ll wrap it here. Looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts on this episode.

Big Love to everyone.



From Marilyn

Hi Jeff and Colleen,
I thought you might get a good laugh out of this article from Entertainment weekly about a pop-up animated graphic of the Wonderland white rabbit that occurred during the Once broadcast. It sure escaped my notice when I watched the show Sunday.


Take care,


From Maii

Hey guys! Wonderful podcast as always.. They are truly going back to what made the show amazing in season 1.. Plus I like the focus on the main characters because I feel like we sort of lost sight of them in season 2.. This episode was amazing..didn’t you guys love the moment where Hook is asking Emma about our world’s version of him? He’s like I figure he’s sexy and Emma is like yeah nope “I take it by your tone perms are bad” I would pay to see this hook watching the Disney version of Peter Pan

Everyone going back to who they were is just incredible.. Few things I noticed

Regina.. Normally I’m not a big Regina fan but I am really liking her this season. She’s like a weird mix of the person in early season 2/ pre Daniel and the evil queen.. But yeah she is being very trigger friendly with the magic, I think it’s that she feels she needs to protect herself, she’s with her enemies and honestly? If you think about it there’s no one on her side.. (There was rumple kind of but he left, and hook while he is a villain he’s always been more on the Charmings side) so I think we’ll see her and the charmings having to trust each other and maybe finally coming to a real cease fire.

Emma and Snow.. This episode killed me with their parallels..

They were both lost and needed to have someone who believed in them and knew who they were from the start show them who they were..
Charming – he knew she was the true leader but she needed to believe it. As well Hook- back in Tallahassee he tells Emma “An orphans and orphan” meaning he saw through her from the first moment they met

And there was some paralelling between Charming and Hook too (and seriously how awesome is that blossoming bromance?)  They both wanted/want to prove themselves worthy of Emma/Snow .. Charming with the dwarves and Hook with Charming

 And the Rum sharing scene was great bc we see Emma actually bring flirty (wouldn’t you like to know?) and he answers her completely serious (Perhaps I would) and that freaks her out and she runs away like she did in Tallahassee

And is anyone curious as to what Hook did to Rufio?

Keep up the good work!
Xoxo Maii

From Katie from Florida

Hi Jeff and Colleen!

I love both episodes of season 3! I can’t wait to see what happens next! My favorite scene so far is the one between Snow and Emma, when Emma admits she is an orphan. I don’t currently have any theories, although I did guess correctly that the doll was Rumple’s.  However, Colleen I think you mentioned on the first  thoughts for Heart of the Truest Believer, that you wondered how Tamara and Greg knew about portals. Tamara told Greg that Neal had told her all about the magic beans when she showed them to him. I am sure that Neal told her about portals then and how he fell through one when he was a boy.

From Florida


From Brad

 Good Evening Jeff and Colleen, 
Here is the rundown for things I learned in the episode Lost Girl
#1. Ripped shadows all have creepy eyes.
     #2. Dropping the magic mirror brings you 14 years bad luck. 
     #3. Regina’s engagement gifts are terrible! 
     #4. Be careful in Neverland, “It’s a trap!”.
     #5. Hook and David are becoming bros.
     #6. Rumpelstiltskin’s doll may be related to Talky Tina. 
     #7. Regina knows how to use Darth Vader’s force choke – Thanks Jeff!
     #8. Ruffio exist in this version of Neverland! 
     #9. A handsome look and chiseled chin do not fool the dwarves.  
     #10. Wasting Rumpelstiltskin’s time also comes with a price.
     #11. Not even Prince Charming can escape the “we need to talk”. 
     #12. Don’t eat the blue berries in Neverland.
     #13. Pan is the most treacherous villain Hook has ever faced.
     #14. Emma is not into wax mustaches and perms. 
     #15. Excalibur is a weapon even the Dark One cannot destroy.  

    That’s it for this time. Have a great weekend!


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