3X02 Lost Girl – First Thoughts


Rumpelstiltskin is a cutter – a shadow cutter. Was this the only (special?) place to cut/detach a shadow? Did the Dark One dagger help or hinder the shadow cutting?

Where did Rumpel’s shadow going to hide the Dark One dagger so “No one can find it. Even me!”? Hopefully his shadow won’t hide it anywhere in Storybrooke (especially the clock tower).

We think that Rumpel hiding his dagger was a further sign of his cowardice, and his fear of death.

Rumpel felt pain when he detached his shadow. Are there other negative repercussions to detaching his shadow? Colleen thinks that is removes the dark side that hide weaknesses in a person.

Hook is working very hard to make himself more important to the survival of the group in Neverland. We think there is a correlation to the show, “Survivor”.

The Magic Mirror was back – briefly.

Snow had a Braveheart moment – briefly.

Regina had a “Gold”en Deal moment, then a “Hans Gruber” in Die Hard moment.

When was Regina exiled in comparison to the moment of Regina threatening to exile Snow, Charming and Team7.

One of the core themes was identity, and denying who you really are.

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