Once Upon a Time Season 6 Spoilers: Regina & EQ squares off

More Once Upon a Time Season 6 Spoilers waiting ahead.

Warning! Once Upon a Time Season 6 Spoilers ahead

Once Regina split off from her Evil Queen self, you knew it wouldn’t be that easy for Regina. So far in Season 6, the Evil Queen has been trying to thwart Regina’s new life as a “hero” at every turn. Here’s hoping there is a clash coming soon to sort it all out.

“After a week off of the air due mostly to the American Music Awards, “Once Upon a Time” is going to be coming up with a new episode this weekend. Over the course of “Changelings,” you are going to see an hour of programming that in particular will be huge for the characters of Belle and Rumpelstiltskin … but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should forget about Regina and everything that she is going through!”

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Once Upon a Time Season 6 Spoilers

Here are some Twitter teases from Adam Horowitz

Rumbelle shipper’s hearts have been broken over and over throughout Once Upon a Time. Maybe now love will return to Rumpel and Belle. Is that even possible in a dramatic TV series?

It appears that the Aladdin storyline seems to be taking much longer that the quickly tied up Jekyll and Hyde story. I’m wondering where Jafar is and if we’ve already seen him (in other forms) this season.

Seeing Archie Hopper back is very nice. I still wonder if we will see is Gepetto’s parents be magically changed from puppets to humans again. Paging Blue Fairy!

I still wonder if this is the next to the final season of Once Upon a Time. The Land of Untold stories (TLOUS) storyline hasn’t taken a front seat this season. It’s as if TLOUS is there if the script needs to tie up a loose end or segue to another story.

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